Air Force begins testing new hydrogen fuel production solutions in Hawaii

Hydrogen Fuel - Air Force Hawaii - Pearl Harbor-Hickam

Project to focus more heavily on hydrogen as an alternative fuel The United States Air Force has begun a new demonstration project focused on hydrogen fuel. The Air Force has developed a new hydrogen production facility at Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam in Hawaii. The hydrogen produced at the facility is used to power a variety of vehicles equipped with fuel cells. The facility is part of a project that is aimed at showcasing how hydrogen fuel can be effectively used to power a new generation of vehicles that produce no…

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Air Force takes the lead in solar energy

Military continues to show aggressive support for renewable energy The U.S. military has been increasing its support for renewable energy for some time. The Department of Defense considers energy to be a matter of national security and has gone so far as to identify climate change as a dangerous issue for the whole country. In order to become more energy independent, the Department of Defense has tasked the various branches of the military with embracing renewable energy more aggressively. Solar power has become one of the most heavily supported forms…

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Military leads in renewable energy financing

Clean energy finds a strong advocate in the US military The U.S. military is making major strides in its pursuit of renewable energy. The Department of Defense has very ambitious plans when it comes to using clean power and abandoning fossil-fuels. The agency believes that energy is a matter of national security and that climate change represents a major threat. As such, it has tasked the various branches of the military to increase their adoption of renewable power. This means that the military has been spending more money on clean…

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Air Force continues adoption of solar energy

Solar Energy - U.S. Air Force

Air Force bases becoming home to new solar energy systems Solar energy is growing more popular within the U.S. Air Force. A growing number of Air Force bases are beginning to embrace solar energy systems, with many of the neighborhoods in and around these bases being equipped with solar panels. As with other branches of the U.S. military, the Air Force is beginning to focus heavily on adopting various forms of renewable energy in order to reduce its reliance on fossil-fuels. This endeavor is backed by the Department of Defense,…

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Biofuel program from the Air Force finds an ally in Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola teams with U.S. air force for biofuel program

Military sees promise in biofuel The U.S. military has taken a stern interest in renewable energy. This interest is largely backed by the Department of Defense, which has considered energy to be a case of national security for the better part of a year. The federal agency recently highlighted climate change as a serious concern, thus adding further support behind the renewable energy initiatives being undertaking by the military’s various branches. Some of the military’s renewable energy initiatives have been more successful than others. In the case of the Air…

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Alternative energy plans for Department of Defense go into overdrive

Department of Defense Renewable Energy

Department of Defense taking aggressive steps on the issue of alternative energy The U.S. military has become one of the world’s most aggressive supporters of alternative energy. The Department of Defense, which is also the world’s largest consumer of fossil-fuels, considers energy as a matter of national security and has been laboring to help the country break free from its reliance on oil and coal. To this end, the agency, through its various military branches, has been investing heavily in alternative energy projects of all kinds, with a keen interest…

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World’s largest solar energy system activated by US Army

Solar Energy US Army project

Army flips the switch on the world’s largest solar energy system The U.S. military is quickly becoming the world’s largest and most aggressive supporter of alternative energy. The U.S. Army has just activated a new solar energy system in New Mexico, which is not only the largest the organization has ever used, but also the largest of its kind in the world. The solar energy system is called the White Sands Missile Range Solar Power System. The system is expected to save the Army more than $930,000 each year in…

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Hawaii and US military make alternative energy news

Alternative Energy News US Military Hawaii

  Hawaii’s second largest employer – the US military – is behind the push for more alternative fuels and green advances in the state. The Department of Defense (DOD) has spent $6.5 billion in the year 2011in Hawaii alone and backs up the state’s green goals, making big alternative energy news. Investing in the future The Pentagon is set to spend billions to back up green initiatives, and military presence in HI means spending some of that money there. The military is a boon for the Hawaiian economy and the…

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Department of Defense biofuels initiative could have serious benefits

Renewable Energy Costs to Drop

Department of Defense eyes economic potential of biofuels The U.S. Department of Defense has emerged as one of the strongest supporters for alternative energy in the world. As the largest consumer of oil, the agency has classified energy as a matter of national security as political tensions in the Middle East grow. The agency is keen to help the country become independent of foreign sources of oil and believes that alternative energy holds the most promise in this endeavor. The Department of Defense has been making major progress in the…

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Hydrogenics chosen for military energy project in Hawaii

Hydrogen fuel Maritimes

Hydrogenics selected by Hawaii Center for Advanced Transportation Technology The Hawaii Center for Advanced Transportation Technology has awarded Hydrogenics, a leading developer of hydrogen fuel cells, with a contract to develop and deploy new outdoor energy systems for the U.S. Air Force and Navy base in Hawaii. Hydrogenics has been garnering acclaim within the fuel cell industry lately because of the company’s innovative technologies, especially within the realm of PEM fuel cells. PEM fuel cells are becoming increasingly common in the world of transportation because of their relatively small size…

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U.S. Army advances its Net Zero program by testing solar power in war zones

Solar Energy - Solar Panel Recycling

Not one to be left out of a surge for new ground, the U.S. Army has announced the next stage of its Net Zero solar energy program. The Army is following in the steps of its counterpart branches of the U.S. military by exploring the uses and applications of alternative energy. While the Air Force and Navy conduct tests with hydrogen power, both the Army and Marine Corps are working to incorporate solar power into their operations. Last year, the Army began issuing backpack solar kits to soldiers in Afghanistan.…

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