Alternative fuel program launched in Pennsylvania

Alternative Fuel Program - Water dripping from leaf

State announces new program to support clean vehicle adoption The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection has announced that is has begun accepting new applications for the state’s Alternative Fuels Incentive Grant Program. The alternative fuel program offers financial backing for those interesting in purchasing alternative fuel vehicles, including those powered by hydrogen. The program itself is designed to promote these vehicles among businesses, many of whom are being pushed to comply with increasingly strict emissions regulations to help Pennsylvania combat climate change. Funding will help companies embrace clean cars The…

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UPS to use landfill gas to power trucks

The world’s largest package delivery company will be powering two of its fleets with renewable natural gas. According to package delivery giant, UPS, over the next six years the company will be using landfill gas to power over 140 of its delivery trucks in Memphis, Tennessee and Jackson, Mississippi. The two fleets will be supplied with approximately 15 million diesel gallon gas equivalents of renewable natural gas (RNG) from landfills, as part of its agreement with Memphis Light, Gas and Water and Atmos Energy Marketing LLC. UPS intends to significantly…

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UPS to add more alternative fuel vehicles to its fleet

UPS has plans to increase its fleet of alternative energy vehicles by almost 30 percent. UPS, one of the largest shipment and logistics companies in the world, has revealed its plans to add an extra 1,400 new compressed natural gas (CNG) vehicles to its alternative fuel fleet, which would boost the fleet by nearly 30 percent, and these vehicles would be deployed over the next year. CNG fueling stations will also be built to support these new vehicles. In total, 15 CNG refueling stations will be constructed in North America.…

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Survey finds when gas prices decline so does consumer interest in alternative fuel vehicles

The primary reason most consumers would consider an AFV is to save on fuel costs. A recent alternative fuel vehicles (AFVs) tracking study, conducted by the NACS (National Association of Convenience Stores), which examined U.S. consumer preferences in relation to vehicles powered by alternative fuel sources, has found that consumers are not as likely to considered switching to AFVs when the price of gas is lower. Since April, consumer interest in green vehicles has fallen. According to the NACS survey, 80 percent of participants who considered purchasing an AFV said…

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Alternative fuel source could come from landfill in Arkansas

The city of Conway has voted to search for methane gas under its landfill. Last week, Conway leaders agreed to drill pilot wells for the purpose of searching for methane gas beneath the city’s landfill, which, if found, would be purified and transformed into an alternative fuel source that could be sold, used to power vehicles or produce electricity. Conway’s mayor believes that it will “be a good investment for the city”. Methane gas is a natural byproduct of the million tons of waste that rots in the landfill. The…

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Alternative fuel vehicles popularity is determined by fuel economy

According to a new study, fuel economy is the chief consideration when selecting gas or alternative powered vehicles. A new consumer survey carried out by the non-partisan think tank, Fuels Institute, which analyzes market issues in relation to fuels, and was founded by the National Association of Convenience Stores (NACS), found that for consumers, the largest deciding factor when it comes to buying gasoline or alternative fuel vehicles (AFVs), is fuel economy. The cost of the vehicle also plays a huge role in a consumer’s purchasing decision. In regard to…

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Alternative fuel vehicles receive funding offer from US

The United States has offered over $4 million in funds to support green vehicles. As much as $4.5 million in funding has been offered by the US government, as part of its Clean Cities program, to back ideas that could assist in boosting the adoption of alternative fuel vehicles (AFVs). Any project involving the use of alternative fuel sources for vehicles to increase acceptance and uptake will be supported. Whether the vehicles are entirely electric, are plug-in hybrids, or run on propane, ethanol, flex-fuel or natural gas, all such projects…

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Standard Versus Hybrid Versus TDI Diesel: Which Is Better?

Wouldn’t it be great if manufacturers made one car that has everything we want? There’d be fuel efficiency, space, low cost, attractive features, and green technology — all in one package. If you want high fuel efficiency, you have to sacrifice power. If you want high power, you sacrifice MPG. If you need more cargo space, you’ll need a bigger vehicle, which means a bigger engine, which means lower fuel efficiency. If you want a “green” vehicle, you’ll pay a little more up front in order to save operating costs…

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Sitting in the Lap of Two Luxurious Electric Vehicles

Renewable Energy - Energy Cost

Stylish Electric Vehicles… You can say good-bye to the excuses of battery failure, lack of plug-in charging stations and the raised brows eyeing the odd egg-shape of tiny eco-mobiles. Innovations, evolutions and revelations have turned the sustainable energy world into a thriving force. We are teaming up and putting nature to the test. The wind, sun, water and earth have been hinting for years that they can handle it, and we are finally listening. Automobile companies are taking EVs to new levels. Just a decade ago, we were in awe…

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Researchers study the impact of electric vehicles

Hydrogen Fuel Cells - New Research

Electric vehicles expected to have significant impact on energy grid Electric vehicles are becoming more common in the world of transportation, especially as consumers become more concerned for  the environment. As more of these vehicles begin to hit the streets, understanding what impact they will have on an energy grid is becoming more important. The impact that electric vehicles have on an energy grid is a subject that gets little attention, but researchers from the University of Notre Dame have announced that they are attempting to get a better grasp…

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China may miss electric vehicles goals

China may miss goals established through 2012-20 New Energy Vehicle Industrial Plan China has ambitious goals concerning alternative energy and clean transportation. The country’s economy is growing quickly. Along with this economic development, citizens are finding it possible to afford vehicles of their own, thus many have begun purchasing new cars. The Chinese government is not inclined to allow reliance on fossil-fuels to linger longer than necessary, however, and recently launched an ambitious plan that would promote the adoption of electric vehicles. A new report from Bloomberg New Energy Finance…

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Intelligent Energy looks to break into Indian market

india telecommunication intelligent energy

Intelligent Energy preparing to commercialize hydrogen fuel cells in India Intelligent Energy, a leading producer of hydrogen fuel cells and other clean technologies, is looking to break into the Indian market. India has been showing more interest in alternative energy recently, looking to reduce its impact on the global environment and its reliance on foreign sources of energy. Much of the country’s attention, in terms of alternative energy, is being directed at solar power, but hydrogen fuel is beginning to gain traction with the government. Company teams with Indian Oil…

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Long Beach Clean Cities Coalition to host meeting on clean transportation

Long Beach Clean Transportation

Long Beach Clean Cities Coalition community meeting will focus on hydrogen transportation and infrastructure Alternative energy is a broad topic that has gained a lot of attention in California over the years. The state has become a beacon for sustainability and clean energy in the U.S. and has served as a strong example regarding the potential benefits that can be had through the adoption of alternative energy. The city of Long Beach will serve as host for a community meeting, organized by the Long Beach Clean Cities Coalition, concerning the…

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Toyota announces ambitious plans for clean transportation

Toyota EQ

Toyota reveals plans for future vehicles Toyota continues its efforts to make clean transportation a more feasible reality. The company recently embraced hydrogen fuel as part of its future, but has now shied away from its work with other kinds of electric vehicles. This week, Toyota announced plans to introduce 21 new hybrid vehicles to the global market over the next three years. The automaker also has plans to launch a new electric vehicle later this year and a hydrogen powered vehicle by early 2015. New vehicles will be limited…

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UCLA and UC Berkeley release policy paper on electric vehicles

Electric Vehicle Sales

Policy paper calls for legislative action to support adoption of electric vehicles A new policy paper from the UCLA and UC Berkeley Schools of Law has been released and highlights the legislative actions that should be taken to ensure the mass-adoption of electric vehicles. Electric vehicles had once been considered a novelty, but have proven their capabilities and prowess over the past several years. Now, electric vehicles are often considered a viable replacement for traditional cars, especially for those that are concerned for the environment. Though consumers have been showing…

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Saab may be revived as a maker of electric vehicles

Electric cars

Defunct automaker Saab may soon be revived as a maker of electric vehicles if new investors have their way. Saab closed its doors in January 2012 after more than 65 years of business. The company had struggled financially for several years before it was closed down and hosted a sleuth of complicated, and sometimes tense, relationship with other automakers. General Motors purchased the company in 1990, but Saab was unable to live up to the larger automaker’s expectations. Saab closed its doors in January this year after a Chinese consortium…

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