Fate of renewable energy may be in the hands of Arizona voters

Renewable Energy - Vote - Politics - Arizona

Two ballots may decide the future of clean power Arizona voters may need to determine the fate of renewable energy in the state this fall. Lawmakers are currently preparing new ballot initiatives that intend to increase the state’s clean power targets. Both of the ballots are nearly identical: Both seek to require Arizona to derive 50% of its electricity from renewable sources by 2030. The issue, however, is that the ballots impose very little penalties on utilities that do not reach a certain mark with clean power. Ballots are identical…

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Nikola is gaining momentum with hydrogen trucks

Hydrogen Trucks - Image of Tractor Trailer

Automaker plans to build a new $1 billion manufacturing facility in Arizona Nikola Motor Company, a developer of clean trucks, has announced plans to build a new 500-acre manufacturing facility in Arizona. The new facility will cost approximately $1 billion to develop and is meant to boost the company’s development of hydrogen-powered trucks. Nikola is well on its way to commercializing large hydrogen trucks equipped with hydrogen fuel cells. The company plans to begin construction on its new manufacturing facility by the end of 2019. Arizona chosen for its promising…

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Tucson Electric Power to purchase solar energy at a record low price

Solar Energy - Arizona Landscape

Utility will be purchasing solar energy from a new project taking form in Arizona Tucson Electric Power has announced that it will be purchasing solar energy from a new project that produces enough electricity to power 21,000 average homes. The project combines both solar panels and energy storage solutions, ensuring that electricity is available at all times. Tucson Electric Power plans to begin purchasing electricity from the new project when it becomes fully operational at the end of 2019. The utility also plans to purchase electricity from another large wind…

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Solar energy capacity exploding in the US

Solar capacity is growing quickly throughout the country Solar energy is finding success in the United States. A new report from the Energy Industries Association shows that solar capacity throughout the country grew by 30% in 2014. The report predicts that this capacity will more than double by the end of 2016, providing enough electricity to power approximately 7.6 million average homes. Several states that have been investing heavily in solar energy are expected to benefit from this increase in solar capacity. Large companies are embracing solar power and homeowners…

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Nevada aims to lead the way in clean transportation

State approves $1.3 billion in tax breaks and financial incentives for Tesla Motors Nevada has approved $1.3 billion in tax breaks and other incentives for Tesla Motors. The automaker has been making significant progress in the U.S. in recent months, with many states showing support for the company’s electric vehicles. Recently, the company has been looking for a location to build its new Gigafactory, which will be responsible for the manufacture of new vehicles and batteries. The factory has a significant degree of economic potential and Nevada intends to be…

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Google invests in six solar energy ventures

Solar energy wins more support from Google Google has been showing a strong interest in renewable energy in recent years. The company has been feeling pressure from environmentalist groups and ongoing economic issues around the world and has been looking to invest more aggressively in solar energy. Clean power may represent a significant financial investment of Google’s part, but it also represents an alternative to fossil-fuels, which are becoming more expensive with every passing year. Clean power continues to garner Google’s attention Google has invested some $80 million in six…

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New solar energy power plant opens in Arizona

World’s largest concentrated solar energy system is now live The world’s largest concentrated solar energy system has been brought online this week. The Solana Generating Station, which was developed by Abengoa, is based in Arizona in the U.S. and boasts of a total capacity of 280 megawatts. Unlike similar solar energy systems, the Solana Generating Station features its own storage system with six hours worth of storage capacity. The energy system is being heralded as a major step forward for the concentrated solar power sector. Concentrated solar power continues to…

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New study highlights health benefits of solar energy

Study details often overlooked benefits of solar energy A new study from the Carnegie Mellon University suggests that more can be gained from solar energy than many may believe. For several years, critics of solar energy have argued that this form of power is not viable because of the high costs of its associated technologies. Solar energy advocates, on the other hand, have argued that these high costs are outweighed by the environmental and health benefits that are linked to solar power. This connection has been a subject of interest…

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New wind energy project to take root in Arizona

Arizona wind energy

Arizona wind energy project wins approval from federal government Wind energy is gaining prominence in the U.S. as the federal government continues to look for viable alternatives to fossil-fuels. Wind power has become nearly as popular in the U.S. as solar energy, and the federal government has been showing a great deal of support for wind projects that have been taking root throughout the country. The Department of the Interior recently announced the approval of a new wind energy project that will take place in Arizona. Project boasts of 500MW…

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New solar energy capacity comes online in the US in April

Arizona Solar Energy

Solar energy continues to gain momentum in the US Solar energy has been making strong progress in the U.S. in recent years. The country has been focusing on solar energy as a potential avenue throughout which it can abandon fossil-fuels. While this goal may be somewhat lofty and unattainable in the foreseeable future, the U.S. has been showing enough support for solar energy to make this goal feasible, at least. As the U.S. continues to throw support behind solar energy, the country’s capacity continues to grow. 33MW of new capacity…

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Solar energy hits major milestone in the US

Solar Energy Big Year

Solar energy sets a new record in March March signifies a monumental occasion in the U.S. in terms of renewable energy. The country has been showing more support for various forms of renewable energy, backed by growing concerns over climate change, national security, and energy availability. Solar energy, in particular, has become one of the major focuses of the U.S. government, as far as clean power in concerned. In March of this year, solar energy helped the U.S. reach a significant milestone in its support of renewable energy. Report shows…

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eBay adopts fuel cells for mega-data centers

ebay alternative energy uses for fuel cells

eBay powers data centers through hydrogen fuel cells Online retail giant eBay is looking to build its next generation of mega-data centers in Utah, Arizona, and Nevada. These states offer promising tax incentives and low latency for consumers that will be connected to the company’s network to make purchases. While these states may present eBay with several benefits, one problem remains: Powering these mega-data centers effectively. The data centers being built by eBay are expected to consume a large amount of electricity and the retailer is keen to ensure that…

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New legislation could damage the Aqua Caliente solar project

Aqua Caliente project

Lawmakers look to end federal loan program that has supported Aqua Caliente solar project Some U.S. lawmakers are looking to put an end to the Department of Energy’s Loan Guarantee program, which has supplied financial support to alternative energy projects for several years. Legislators are expected to vote later this week on the so called “No More Solyndras Act” which aims to protect the country from the failures of solar energy companies that rely on federal funds. Arizona’s Aqua Caliente solar project may be able to placate the concerns of…

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