Colorado looks to boost adoption of clean vehicles

Colorado Clean Vehicles - Colorado Welcome Sign

State launches new plan to support the success of clean vehicles The Colorado Transportation, Energy, and Public Health Departments have launched a new plan outlining stronger support for clean vehicles. The Colorado Electric Vehicle Plan, as it is called, aims to help the state comply with an executive order that was issued by Governor John Hickenlooper. The order calls upon the state to build more electric charging stations. This greater infrastructure support is meant to boost the adoption of clean vehicles, encouraging more consumers to purchase these cars. Colorado wants…

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Renewable energy plan released by Environment Colorado

Colorado - Image of Nature

New plan calls universities to embrace clean power Environment Colorado has released a new plan to help the state’s universities embrace renewable energy. The organization hopes to have universities move away from fossil-fuels. This new plan comes only two days after the Environmental Protection Agency announced plans to repeal the Clean Power Act. The federal initiative was created in order to support renewable energy throughout the United States. Now, the Clean Power Act is being considered insufficient. Universities are being encouraged to make use of renewable energy Universities throughout the…

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REC Solar begins production on its new solar panels

Solar Panels - Solar Energy Panel

Company has begun production on its TwinPeak 2 solar panels REC Solar, a company specializing in the manufacture of photovoltaic products, has become the largest solar manufacturer of solar panels in Europe. The company has now begun production on its new TwinPeak 2 solar panels, each of which can produce a maximum of 350 watts of electrical power. The new panels could further bolster the company’s position in the solar energy market, which is expanding at a rapid pace, especially in European countries that are showing a strong interest in…

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Colorado city sets sights on renewable energy to combat power problems

Renewable Energy - Pueblo, Colorado Courthouse

Homeowners voice concern over power outages and hope to see more renewable energy solutions Homeowners in Pueblo, Colorado, have come together to voice concern over the city’s apparent energy crisis. According to homeowners, as well as other locals, the city has been struggling with blackouts for some time. In some cases, these power outages have forced families to travel to motels and even homeless shelters in order to access the electricity they need. Local businesses have also expressed concern over increasing power bills, a problem that is creating a significant…

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Colorado to open its first public hydrogen fuel station

State’s first hydrogen station open to the public will soon be open in Golden, Colorado Colorado will soon open its first public hydrogen fuel station, which will be located in the City of Golden. The new fueling station is part of a large project being managed by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory. The project, called Hydrogen Infrastructure Testing and Research Facility, involves the development of new fueling stations in support of the imminent launch of fuel cell vehicles. These vehicles require a comprehensive infrastructure in order to be successful, and…

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Fracking agreed to be kept off November ballot in Colorado

A last minute deal made between two of the state’s top democrats lead to the withdrawal of two anti-fracking initiatives. On Monday, at a press conference, Democratic Representative Jared Polis announced that he would drop his support for ballot initiatives that would restrict fracking in Colorado, which came as quite a relief to fellow Democrats who were concerned that the ballot initiatives would have cost them votes in the fall elections. The congressman intends to support a new plan from Colorado Governor, John Hickenlooper. Rep. Jared Polis was a strong…

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New solar energy project takes root in Colorado

Xcel Energy wins contract to develop large-scale solar power plant in Pueblo County Xcel Energy, a leading energy company based in the U.S., has announced that it has received a contract from Community Energy. The contract involved the development of a new solar energy project that will be located in Pueblo County, Colorado. The project will be in close proximity to an existing solar power system that is being operated by Xcel Energy. The new project is expected to be the largest of its kind in Colorado, and is estimated…

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Colorado wind energy system reaches major milestone

Wind energy system attains another victory Xcel Energy, a leading wind energy company, has announced that its wind energy system in Colorado has reached a new milestone. Colorado has become something of an ideal home for wind energy projects, largely due to the support that the state government has shown for clean forms of energy. A great deal of effort has been made by Xcel Energy and similar companies to prove the merits of renewable energy. The new milestone may help add further momentum to the growing popularity of wind…

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Cost of solar energy drops significantly over the past several years

Solar energy is becoming less expensive When it comes to solar energy, or any form of clean power, cost is often a problematic subject. The cost of renewable energy is somewhat notorious. Those interested in embracing clean power, either for their homes or businesses, are immediately met with the massive costs associated with the purchasing of clean technologies as well as their installation. The perception that many people have concerning the cost of solar energy may be somewhat outdated, however. Xcel Energy unveils results of extensive bidding process Xcel Energy,…

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New wind energy system could take root in North Dakota

Xcel Energy seeks approval for fourth wind energy system in the state Xcel Energy, a leading wind energy developer, has announced plans to build its fourth wind farm in North Dakota. The company has been working to transform the Midwestern U.S. into a wind energy hub and has managed to find significant success in this endeavor. Much of this success is backed by the U.S. federal government, which has attributed a great deal of support to renewable energy in general and wind energy specifically. New wind farm could power 750,000…

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Summer camp helps students understand renewable energy and clean technology

Camp provides educational opportunity concerning renewable energy The Northrop Grumman Corporation, Colorado State University College of Engineering, and Cherry Creek Schools partnered over the summer to provide students with a unique opportunity to gain hands-on experience with clean technology and renewable energy. The partnership resulted in Colorado’s first STEM/Cybersecurity Summer Camp, which is meant to highlight the careers that exist in the science, technology, engineering, mathematics, and cybersecurity fields. Renewable energy was a relatively popular topic at the summer camp and proved to be an attractive concept to the 45…

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Xcel Energy looks to increase US wind energy capacity by 30%

Company has high hopes for wind energy Xcel Energy, one of the most prominent wind energy organizations in the U.S., has ambitious plans when it comes to expanding the country’s wind capacity. The company has announced plans to significantly increase the production of wind energy in the country in the coming years. The company will also be looking to make wind energy more accessible by reducing customer costs and introducing more protection against the rising prices associated with fossil-fuels. New projects to boost US wind capacity by 30% The company…

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Solar energy poised for major growth in Colorado

Solar Energy Colorado

Colorado Solar Energy Industries Association prepares to launch new initiative Solar energy is gaining ground in the U.S. and California may soon no longer be the reigning champion in its use. Colorado has taken an aggressive step in its adoption of solar energy, thanks to the Colorado Solar Energy Industries Association. The organization, which advocates the expansion of a solar energy market throughout the state, has announced a new plan it calls “The Path to a Million Solar Roofs.” The initiative represents the organization’s continued effort to encourage the adoption…

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Natural gas beginning to replace coal in the West

Hydrogen Fuel production

Study details the slow rise of natural gas A recent report released by the Western Resources Advocates, a resource and environmental policy organization, shows that coal power is diminishing in the Western U.S. The report, titled “Descending from the Pollution Plateau,” notes that carbon emissions in the region have been on the decline for the first time in nearly 30 years. Researchers suggest that the dropping carbon emissions are due to the slow and steady retirement of coal-based energy systems. These systems are beginning to be replaced by natural gas.…

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