Indian researchers use concentrated solar energy to produce hydrogen fuel

Concentrated Solar Energy - Researchers with Solar Panel

Research team aims to determine the economic feasibility of solar-produced hydrogen Researchers from the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay have begun a new study that is focused on determining the economic feasibility of solar-driven electrolysis used to produce hydrogen fuel. The study is meant to provide a framework for how solar hydrogen production could be used in an economically viable manner. Hydrogen has gained some popularity in India in recent years, but still has significantly less support that other forms of clean power and conventional fossil-fuels. Researchers were able to…

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Solar energy may be the solution to sustainable hydrogen fuel production

Hydrogen Fuel Production - Test Tubes

Using solar power to generate hydrogen is becoming a popular idea Finding ways to use renewable energy to produce hydrogen fuel has become very important in the clean power space. Currently, conventional hydrogen production is heavily reliant on the use of fossil-fuels, such as natural gas. This makes hydrogen significantly less environmentally friendly than it is meant to be because the production process is responsible for a large amount of emissions production. Now, however, concentrated solar energy may be the ideal solution when it comes to sustainable hydrogen fuel production.…

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South Australia plans to build a new concentrated solar energy system

Solar Energy - Sunrise and landscape

Government awards contract for new energy system to SolarReserve The South Australia government has awarded a contract for a new solar energy system to SolarReserve. Per the contract, the company will be responsible for the development of a 150 megawatt solar thermal power plant that will be built near Port Augusta. The project will take advantage of concentrated sunlight in order to generate heat and electrical power. The new solar energy system could help resolve some of South Australia’s problems with reliable power. State continues to support clean energy in…

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Nevada solar energy market may get a boost thanks to world’s largest solar project

Largest solar project in the world is being built in Nevada Nevada’s solar energy market recently suffered a grievous blow due to legislation being enacted within the state. The legislation requires solar customers to pay more for the electricity they consume through the use of photovoltaic systems. This legislation has had a dramatic impact on the state’s solar energy market, with some developers opting to abandon the state due to poor business prospects. Nevada is, however, home to what will become the world’s largest solar power project, which is expected…

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China invests in concentrated solar energy

Chinese utility purchases innovative technology from American company China is looking to take advantage of innovative technology in order to further boost its solar energy capacity. One of the country’s energy utilities has turned to BrightSource Energy, a developer based in California, signing a deal to purchase new technology from the company. The technology that the utility is purchasing is the same being used to power a solar farm outside of Las Vegas, Nevada. The technology leverages the power or mirrors in order to concentrate sunlight. Concentrated solar energy shows…

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Morocco turns on Noor 1 of the world’s largest concentrated solar power plant

The first phase of the new Ouarzazate solar energy plant has been switched on. Morocco’s massive solar power plant, which is scheduled to be fully operational by 2018, has successfully completed the first phase of its concentrated solar plant, located in the city of Ouarzazate. The nation recently announced that it has turned on Noor 1, the first of three sections of the facility, which, when combined, will make up the largest concentrated solar facility in the world. The plant will use crescent-shaped mirrors, not solar panels, to generate electricity.…

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Scientists combine solar energy and hydrogen fuel cells to create “hydricity”

Scientists are experimenting with hydricity, a new term for an increasingly common concept Scientists from Purdue University in the U.S. and the Federal Polytechnic School of Lausanne in Switzerland have begun experimenting with something called “hydricity.” This is a new term for something that is becoming relatively common: The combination of solar energy with hydrogen fuel cells. Specifically, this refers to the use of thermal solar power, which has been growing more popular throughout the world, especially in countries that have become heavily invested in clean energy. Concentrated solar energy…

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Green technology news: Solar energy could be going to the Moon

New solar energy system developed by research collaboration A new solar energy system has been devised by the Polytechnic University of Catalonia through collaborations with several other international organizations. While the development of a new photovoltaic system may not be something revolutionary, this particular system is designed to be used on the Moon. It is designed as a concentrated solar and heat system that is meant to produce electricity for a variety of purposes. One of the primary purposes of this new system could be to provide heat and electrical…

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New solar energy power plant opens in Arizona

World’s largest concentrated solar energy system is now live The world’s largest concentrated solar energy system has been brought online this week. The Solana Generating Station, which was developed by Abengoa, is based in Arizona in the U.S. and boasts of a total capacity of 280 megawatts. Unlike similar solar energy systems, the Solana Generating Station features its own storage system with six hours worth of storage capacity. The energy system is being heralded as a major step forward for the concentrated solar power sector. Concentrated solar power continues to…

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Concentrated solar energy system ready to go online in South Africa

New solar energy system set to go active in the near future South Africa’s first concentrated solar energy system is nearly ready to come online. The Khi Solar One system is based in the Northern Cape Province and is estimated to boast of a total capacity of 50 megawatts. The project comes from Abengoa, the Industrial Development Corporation, and the Khi Community Trust. The concentrated solar energy systems is expected to contribute heavily to South Africa’s overarching renewable energy goals and may help reduce the country’s reliance on fossil-fuels. System…

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New hydrogen fuel production method relies on concentrated solar power

Researchers develop new way to produce hydrogen fuel using solar energy Researchers from the University of Colorado Boulder have developed a new way to use solar energy to split water into its base components. This technique could herald the dawn of a new and cost-effective way to produce hydrogen fuel. Using solar energy to produce hydrogen is not a new concept, but doing so has proven difficult over the past few years due to technological constraints and efficiency issues. Researchers suggest that their new technique could lead to a major…

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Concentrated solar energy gaining momentum in California

Solar Energy California

California to be home to largest concentrated solar energy system in the world California has long been a bastion for solar energy in the U.S. The state has several policies that have provided strong support to the growth and adoption of solar energy and many of the state’s cities are turning to this form of renewable energy in order to break away from fossil-fuels. Now, the state is slated to become home to the  , which comes from solar energy companies Abengoa and BrightSource Energy. Concentrated solar power continues to…

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Concentrated solar energy systems may be free from materials constraints, new study shows

Solar Energy - Solar Capacity

Concerns regarding concentrated solar energy systems abound Recently, the Department of Energy’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory released a study that showed that no less than 80% of the country’s energy needs could be met through alternative energy. Concentrated solar energy is cited in the study to be a major contributor to this fact. Though concentrated solar energy systems have become quite popular, for them to reach the level of contribution noted in the study they more research and development must be put into these systems. This has caused some concern…

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