Price of carbon credits declines in California

Carbon credits fall in value California is currently home to one of the most ambitious cap-and-trade initiatives in the U.S. The state has long been an advocate for renewable energy and has been seeking innovative ways to curb emissions and promote the adoption of clean power among businesses. Many of the state’s largest businesses produce significant amounts of emissions on a yearly basis and California has been working to address this issue in recent years. Thus far, the California cap-and-trade initiative has been relatively successful, but it may soon encounter…

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Alternative energy news: EU passes emissions trading measure

Hydrogen Fuel Success

Emissions trading makes alternative energy news thanks to ambitious emissions trading measure Emissions trading has made alternative energy news headlines this week as the European Parliament passes a vote approving a plan to reduce the number of unsold carbon credits that are part of the European Union’s Emissions Trading System. The EU has become a somewhat active carbon trading region, backed heavily by the governing body’s interest in renewable energy and the mitigation of the effects of climate change. The new measure is meant to generate more activity among companies…

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China takes on renewable energy with an aggressive new plan

China renewable energy

China grows as a renewable energy advocate China has been making waves in the energy sector recently. The country is known as a strong advocate for renewable energy as well as a major consumer of fossil-fuels and home to some of the most polluted cities in the world. The Central Government has been wary of making a major shift away from fossil-fuels due to the heavy reliance that the country has on industry. A drastic transition could do significant harm to the country’s economy, which is why Chinese officials have…

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Renewable energy sees more support through California cap-and-trade program

California Hydrogen Fuel Market

Cap-and-trade program helps support adoption of renewable energy California is home to one of the first emissions trading markets in the U.S. The state launched its ambitious cap-and-trade program in 2006, but it was not until recently that the program began receiving any significant amount of attention. The program has been holding auctions for its carbon credits since late 2012, after spending years formulating plans to support emissions trading. The program has helped encourage businesses throughout the state adopt renewable energy and embrace more energy efficient practices over the past…

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Renewable energy may see more support through emissions trading reforms

New Hampshire renewable energy - green carbon footprint

RGGI could help direct more attention to renewable energy The U.S. Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI) is the first official cap-and-trade program to be launched in the country. The RGGI created an emissions trading market in the Northeastern region of the country and has helped significantly reduce carbon emissions in this region since 2003. Emissions trading has become a significant facet of sustainability that has managed to garner a great deal of support for the economic benefits it can bring to a country. The states involved in the RGGI have…

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South Korea has high hopes for renewable energy and emissions reduction

South Korea - Fuel Cells

Renewable energy continues to gain support in South Korea South Korea has been making moves to establish itself as a leading power in the realm of renewable energy. The country recently began adopting hydrogen fuel and solar energy more aggressively than it had in the past, hoping to break away from fossil-fuels and establish energy independence. Renewable energy is not the only way to move away from fossil-fuels, however, and the country is close to finalizing a new carbon tax and trading system that could reduce the emissions it is…

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Kazakhstan introduces KazakhCarbon system

carbon emissions KazakhCarbon

KazakhCarbon emissions trading system revealed On the heels of announcing plans to build an ambitious new solar energy system, Kazakhstan has revealed new plans to launch an emissions trading scheme by 2013. The country is following the example set by many others throughout the world, including China, Australia, New Zealand, and even California in the U.S. in pursuing its emissions trading system. The initiative is part of Kazakhstan’s ongoing plan to cut greenhouse gasses and become a more environmentally friendly country. The emissions trading system will be called KazakhCarbon. Emissions…

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Australian companies adopting solar energy in droves

Australia solar energy news

Solar energy could be t he key to financial stability More Australian businesses are making the switch to solar energy in an effort to save money. Energy prices are going up in the country due to the rising tensions, political and otherwise, surrounding fossil-fuels. As it becomes more problematic for oil to find its way to Australia, the cost of the commodity increases. This is beginning to put excessive strain on businesses that could receive the energy they need through renewable sources. Provincial governments throwing more support behind solar energy…

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Carbon trading initiative gets boost in South Korea

South Korea carbon trading

Government announces new emissions targets to assist in carbon trading initiative The South Korean government has announced that it will be increasing its emissions reduction target for 2013. The country has been growing stronger as an advocate for clean energy and has taken strides to reduce the carbon emissions it produces in an effort to improve the environment. The government is set to launch an ambitious carbon trading initiative in 2015 and wants to push for a significant drop in harmful emissions before carbon trading starts in that year. New…

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