Wind energy has begun to outpace coal in Europe

Wind Energy - Turbines in Fog

European wind energy space continues to show magnificent growth Wind power has gained significant momentum throughout Europe over the past year. In 2016, energy developers in Europe installed more wind turbines than any other form of power, beating out coal in terms of new installed capacity. Many European countries have begun showing favor for wind energy due to the vast potential it holds. These countries have access to strong wind currents that have, until recently, gone unused for the purpose of generating electrical power. Wind capacity grows by 8% in…

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Dong Energy to abandon coal in favor of renewable energy

renewable energy - Coal

Dong will be moving away from coal in the near future Dong Energy, a Danish energy company, has announced that it will be divesting in coal in the near future. The company has begun to focus intensely on renewable energy and has established itself as the largest wind power producer in Europe. In October of last year, Dong announced that it would withdraw from the oil and gas sectors, showing greater favor for clean power. According to CEO Henrik Poulsen, renewable energy is the future and now is the time…

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New project aims to bring more fuel cell buses to Europe

Fuel Cell Bus - Image of double decker bus in London

Project will help demonstrate the capabilities of fuel cell buses A new clean transportation project has been launched in Europe. Through this project, Europe is expected to receive 144 fuel cell buses. These buses will be supported by the growing hydrogen infrastructure in the region. Through the project, an additional seven hydrogen stations are planned to be built in prominent markets. The fuel cell buses are part of the overarching Joint Initiative for Hydrogen Vehicles across Europe (JIVE) initiative. Developing new hydrogen stations is a priority for the project One…

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Nearly 5,000 hydrogen fuel stations to be operational globally by 2032

Hydrogen Fuel Stations - Image of man pumping fuel

Report shows that efforts to build new hydrogen fuel stations are gaining momentum Information Trends has released a new report that predicts that there will be nearly 5,000 hydrogen fuel stations in operation throughout the world by 2032. Many automakers have plans to begin ramping up the production of fuel cell vehicles in the coming years and these vehicles will need the support of a comprehensive infrastructure in order to find support. Currently, very few hydrogen fuel stations are available to the public, which has limited the clean transportation plans…

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Clean transportation market is heating up

Clean Transportation Market Heating up

Automakers are feeling more pressure to embrace clean transportation Competition in the clean transportation space is heating up. A growing number of automakers are beginning to move away from conventional vehicles in order to make cleaner alternatives. Many companies have been developing hybrid vehicles for some time, but they are beginning to show more favor for all-electric cars. This shift is being powered by stricter emissions regulations in popular markets throughout Europe and in the United States and China. Electric vehicles are expected to become more common In the U.S.,…

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Europe leads the way in establishing a comprehensive hydrogen infrastructure

Hydrogen Infrastructure - hydrogen fuel station

Hydrogen infrastructure in Europe is growing quickly Europe is leading the way in the development of new hydrogen fuel stations, but it is lagging behind the United States in the sale of fuel cell vehicles. The European Alternative Fuels Observatory notes that Europe’s hydrogen market is growing at a healthy rate. Currently, 75 hydrogen stations are in operation throughout the region, more than double what can be found in the U.S. The United Kingdom, Denmark, France, Germany, and the Netherlands currently have the most hydrogen stations open to the public….

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Acciona aims to expand Spain’s wind energy market

Pamplona could become a leader in Spain’s wind energy market A Spanish town named Pamplona could soon become one of the country’s greatest wind energy producers. The town has long been a tourist attraction for the famous running of the bulls event. Every year, people throughout the world flock to Pamlona to witness or participate in this event. Soon, The town may be better known for its use of wind energy rather than just its bulls. An energy company called Acciona has big plans for wind energy and believes that…

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Google steps into the wind energy market in Sweden and Norway

Google will be purchasing electrical power from wind farms in Sweden and Norway Google has entered into a deal to acquire two wind farms in Norway and Sweden. The deal is part of the company’s overarching plan to embrace renewable energy. Last year, Google revealed this plan, aiming to purchase some 842 megawatts of clean power. The company hopes to be entirely reliant on clean power in the relatively near future, and wind energy is expected to play a major role in accomplishing this endeavor. Company will add 235 MW…

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France continues to support the development of new hydrogen fuel stations

ITM Power wins contract to help build new fueling station in France ITM Power, a leading developer of hydrogen technologies, has successfully obtained a contract to build a new hydrogen fuel station in France. The contract comes from Hydrogene De France, a prominent energy operator focused on hydrogen fuel. The contract is valued at $1.6 million and construction on the new fueling station will begin in 2017. The project is being partially funded by the European Union. The EU has a vested interest in promoting the expansion of a hydrogen…

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Wind energy could become the best hydrogen fuel production tool

Wind and hydrogen are growing closer together as clean power becomes more widely adopted Hydrogen and wind energy may soon become close allies. In Europe, wind power is expanding aggressively, with Spain and Germany holding top positions in terms of total installed capacity. As wind power continues to grow, it may become a power source for hydrogen fuel production. Current production methods are heavily reliant on fossil-fuels, making hydrogen less environmentally friendly than it is meant to be. Using renewable energy to produce hydrogen can alleviate this problem, making hydrogen…

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New European project aims to expand hydrogen fuel infrastructure

H2ME 2 project seeks to bring 1,230  fuel cell vehicles to Europe A new pan-European initiative has been launched to expand the region’s hydrogen fuel infrastructure. The initiative is called H2ME 2 and will take place over six years, bringing together 37 partners from throughout Europe. H2ME 2 aims to bring 1,230 fuel cell vehicles to Europe, with some 20 new hydrogen stations being built to support the adoption of these vehicles. The infrastructure initiative will also work to test the capabilities of new electrolizer technology that can be used…

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Portugal wind energy, solar, and hydro cover the country’s electricity needs for 107 hours

Portugal has achieved a major victory in renewable energy Portugal has reached a major milestone in terms of renewable energy and sustainability. The country has been entirely powered by renewable power for more than four days. During a 107 hour period, Portugal derived all of its electricity from solar energy systems, wind farms, and hydro energy. This means that for four consecutive days, Portugal produce no harmful emissions when generating electrical power. The announcement of this milestone comes only days after Germany announced that clean power had supplied the entirety…

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The Netherlands may ban traditional vehicles to support clean transportation

European countries are beginning to fight climate change by focusing on the transportation sector Climate change is becoming a very concerning issue for Europe, and some countries are beginning to focus on the transportation space as a way to fight emissions. In Europe, vehicles account for 12% of the harmful emissions that are produced in the region. The Netherlands is considering a ban on the sale of traditional vehicles powered by gasoline or diesel, hoping that the ban would encourage the adoption of clean vehicles that produce no harmful emissions….

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China is beating the EU in wind energy capacity

China has overtaken the EU in wind installations thanks to projects developed in 2015 China has made impressive progress in expanding its wind energy capacity over the past year. The country has overtaken the entirety of the European Union in terms of total installed wind capacity, according to the European Wind Energy Association. In 2015, China reached the 145 gigawatt milestone, making it a leading force in the wind power sector. During 2015, China installed three times more wind capacity than what had been installed in the EU. EU will…

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Germany and France are leading the way in solar energy

Solar energy is gaining momentum in Europe Germany and France may become leaders of solar energy in Europe, despite their traditionally cloudy climates. In Germany, thousands of buildings have had solar panels installed, with these energy systems providing approximately 7% of the country’s energy last year. France is seeing similar results, especially as solar energy begins to grow more prominent throughout the country. Both Germany and France are growing more aggressive concerning solar power, which may secure the growth of this sector in the coming years. World leaders are looking…

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Wind energy is on its way to becoming a major force in Europe

Wind power could become the largest source of energy in Europe Wind energy may become Europe’s largest source of electrical power by 2030. The European Wind Energy Association has released a new report that shows that wind power is on its way to surpass the generation capacity of traditional forms of energy. Within the coming decade, wind power could see explosive growth throughout the region, especially as more countries begin showing support for this form of energy and become more environmentally friendly. Report highlights the growing potential of wind energy…

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