JIVE 2 project seeks to bring more buses equipped with fuel cells to Europe

Fuel cells - Bus Moving in City Street

New project launches to deploy hydrogen-powered buses Clean transportation in Europe is gaining more momentum thanks to the launch of the JIVE 2 project. The project will be leveraging a $25 million grant from the Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking, which will help it deploy new buses equipped with hydrogen fuel cells. JIVE 2 will be deploying 152 of these buses across 14 European cities. These cities will be located in France, Germany, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, and the Netherlands. European cities are working to make transportation cleaner The JIVE…

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Hydrogen fuel continues to gain momentum in Scotland

Hydrogen Fuel Buses - Scotland

Scottish Cities Alliance will continue to work toward developing smart cities and embracing hydrogen fuel The Scottish Cities Alliance has reaffirmed its partnership through the next four years. The coalition is comprised of the cities of Aberdeen, Dundee, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Inverness, Perth, and Stirling. It focuses on supporting economic growth throughout Scotland. With commitment to the partnership being secured, the Scottish Cities Alliance intends to focus heavily on the promotion of “smart cities” as well as the use of hydrogen fuel and fuel cell systems. New technology can help improve…

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Haskel to aid Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking’s H2Ref Project

Support Given to Fuel Cells

Haskel will be working on a project that could benefit hydrogen stations Haskel International has announced that it will be working with the Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking in order to develop new clean technology. Through this partnership, Haskel will be working on the H2Ref Project. This project is focused on the research and development of refueling technologies for hydrogen fuel stations. Haskel has extensive experience with pressure pump and valve manufacture, which may be very useful for efforts involving the expansion of hydrogen infrastructures. Partnership continues to show…

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New project aims to improve hydrogen fuel cells

Hydrogen Fuel Cells - Green Vehicle

Intelligent Energy will lead a new program focused on fuel cells Intelligent Energy, a company specializing in hydrogen fuel, will be leading a new program focused on demonstrating cost reductions for fuel cells. The program has been dubbed Digiman and Intelligent Energy will be using digital manufacturing techniques in order to make fuel cells more affordable. Fuel cells have become somewhat popular in several sectors, but their adoption has been relatively slow, largely due to their high cost and the lack of a supporting hydrogen infrastructure. Digiman program aims to…

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New European project aims to expand hydrogen fuel infrastructure

H2ME 2 project seeks to bring 1,230  fuel cell vehicles to Europe A new pan-European initiative has been launched to expand the region’s hydrogen fuel infrastructure. The initiative is called H2ME 2 and will take place over six years, bringing together 37 partners from throughout Europe. H2ME 2 aims to bring 1,230 fuel cell vehicles to Europe, with some 20 new hydrogen stations being built to support the adoption of these vehicles. The infrastructure initiative will also work to test the capabilities of new electrolizer technology that can be used…

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ITM Power to participate in renewable hydrogen fuel production project

ITM Power wins grant to use surplus wind energy to generate hydrogen ITM Power, a leading developer of hydrogen fuel cell technology, has announced that it has been awarded with a $5 million grant from the Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking for a new project. The project involves using surplus wind power to produce wind energy. ITM Power will be delivering its acclaimed electrolyzers to the Orkney Islands, which is home to a considerable level of wind energy capacity. The islands generate approximately 46 gigawatt-hours of renewable electricity every…

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New pan-European project aims to advance hydrogen fuel cell technology

Intelligent Energy will be working with other companies on VolumeriQ project Intelligent Energy, a leading developer of hydrogen fuel cells, has announced that it will be leading a new pan-European project alongside Johnson Matthey, a multinational specialty chemicals and sustainable technologies company, as well as several other organizations. The project, called VolumeriQ, will seek to develop new fuel cell technology that is suitable for mass production by 2020. These fuel cells are meant to be used in vehicles that many automakers are currently developing. Hydrogen fuel cells continue to gain…

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Hydrogen fuel buses are gaining momentum in Europe

Five bus manufacturers join together to launch fuel cell buses in European cities Five European bus manufacturers have signed a joint Letter of Understanding during a recent event hosted by the Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking. The Letter of Understanding involves the use of hydrogen fuel cells in new buses that will be launched by the Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking in the future. The manufacturers intend to launch as many as 1,000 fuel cell buses in major European cities by 2020. Fuel cells are becoming prominent in…

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Hyundai hydrogen fuel vehicle chosen again for demonstration in Europe

Hyundai’s ix35 is again chosen to demonstrate the capabilities of fuel cells Hyundai’s ix35 hydrogen-powered vehicle has been chosen, yet again, to demonstrate the capabilities of fuel cell technology in transportation. This is the third time the vehicle has been chosen by the Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking to showcase hydrogen-powered transportation in Europe. Hyundai is currently the only automaker that has begun to mass produce its fuel cell vehicles and has been promoting the idea of clean transportation quite aggressively over the past few years. EU officials will…

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Hydrogen fuel gains more momentum in Europe

New consortium forms around hydrogen fuel cells Hydrogen fuel may begin gaining significant momentum in Europe thanks to a new consortium called the H2TRUST. The consortium is comprised of nine European organizations, including Air Products, McPhy Energy, SOL SpA, and the European Hydrogen Association, as well as others. The consortium was co-founded by the Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking, which exists to promote the use of hydrogen fuel and fuel cell technology throughout Europe. The commercialization of fuel cell technology will be one of the top priorities of H2TRUST.…

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Hyundai chosen to demonstrate capabilities of hydrogen fuel

Hyundai hydrogen fuel

Hydrogen fuel to be championed by Hyundai Hyundai has been turning a lot of heads in the worlds of renewable energy and transportation recently. The South Korean automaker successfully became the first in its industry to begin mass production of a hydrogen-powered vehicles, the Tucson ix35. While the vehicle is currently limited to a small number of markets, Hyundai has plans to expand the availability of the Tucson ix35 in the near future. The automaker has long been promoting the capabilities of hydrogen fuel in transportation and has, for the…

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FCH JU issues call for innovative fuel cell technology projects

Fuel Cell Technology future

FCH JU offers $172 million in funding for projects that push the boundaries of technology The Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking (FCH JU), a public-private organization committed to the development of fit-for-use hydrogen fuel cell technologies, has issued a call for proposals concerning innovative hydrogen-based projects. The FCH JU issues this call every year in the aim of shedding light on new technology that could be a benefit to the fuel cell industry and the world’s need for alternative energy sources. This year, the organization is offering more than…

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AFC Energy to build new fuel cell plant in the UK

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Industry

AFC Energy awarded grant for new fuel cell energy system AFC Energy, a leading developer of alkaline fuel cell technology, has been awarded a promising grant from the European Union. The EU has been growing more interested in fuel cell technology recently, hoping that alternative energy will help countries throughout Europe meet sustainability and emissions reductions standards more easily. Per the grant, AFC Energy has been tasked with building a massive alkaline fuel cell system in the United Kingdom’s Essex. New energy system to generate more than 1MW of electricity…

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EU seeks public opinion concerning hydrogen fuel

hydrogen fuel and fuel cells

Agency looks to acquire public opinion concerning hydrogen fuel The European Commission, the legislative branch of the European Union, has launched a new public consultation initiative regarding the fuel cell hydrogenand  sectors. The initiative aims to collect public opinion concerning the use of hydrogen fuel and fuel cells and how they may be applied to the Horizon 2020 initiative. Horizon is a Euro-Mediterranean government initiative that aims to significantly reduce emissions in the Mediterranean region by approximately 80%. This will be done by focusing on reducing the pollution caused by…

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Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking aims to solve the problem of hydrogen fuel storage

Hydrogen Fuel cell breakthrough

Storage identified as a major issue keeping hydrogen fuel from progressing The Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking (FCHJU), a European initiative aimed at promoting hydrogen fuel cells, has announced that it will be investing nearly $3 million in the development of new storage technologies for hydrogen fuel. Storage is one of the key issues stopping hydrogen fuel from attaining widespread acceptance. Lack of efficient storage methods and technologies has served as a major stumbling block for hydrogen fuel cells, but the FCHJU believes that it has found a way…

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