Geothermal energy may be coming to the University of Utah

Geothermal Energy - University of Utah

University seeks to make use of clean power The University of Utah is looking to make more use of geothermal energy. The university is currently working to finalize a deal that will see approximately half of its electricity come from clean power sources. Currently, both Cyrq Energy, a company based in Utah, and Berkshire Hathaway Renewables have submitted proposals to provide the university with renewable energy. These companies are looking to bring some 30 megawatts of clean power to the University of Utah over the next 25 years. Geothermal energy…

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Geothermal energy could help Central America prosper

Geothermal Energy - Landscape in South America

IRENA highlights the potential benefits of geothermal power in Central America Geothermal energy could be key to helping Central America become a low-carbon economy, according to the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA). Central America is home to vast geothermal resources, much of which has gone untapped. This is beginning to change, however, and many Central American countries have now established themselves as leaders in geothermal installations. IRENA suggests that low-carbon economic development could be accelerated in these countries if governments embrace new policies. Countries could tap into geothermal energy for…

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New geothermal energy system could take form in Scotland

Geothermal Energy - Thermal Sprinig in Park

Plans to develop a new geothermal system are advancing in Scotland Plans to develop a new geothermal energy project in Glasgow, Scotland, may become reality next month. The United Kingdom Geoenergy Observatories Project is looking to build Glasgow’s Geothermal Energy Research Field. The new system would help gather information on the viability of geothermal power. This form of energy has begun to gain more attention in the United Kingdom in recent years. This is largely due to the country’s overarching interest in clean energy. Scotland may become a leader in…

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Washington looks to build up its geothermal energy capacity

Geothermal Energy - Natural Source

New legislation aims to streamline the use of geothermal energy in the state Washington legislators have passed a new bill that aims to streamline the state’s use of geothermal energy. The state has shown some interest in this form of clean power recently, but has been slow to embrace geothermal power when compared to its neighbors. Washington already uses a heavy mix of clean power sources, but is now looking to ensure that geothermal energy plays a larger role in its sustainable future. Washington has been somewhat slow in developing…

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Los Angeles will be receiving power from geothermal energy sources

Geothermal Energy Hot Spring

LADWP forms agreement to make use of geothermal energy The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP) has formed a new agreement to make use of geothermal energy. This is expected to help Los Angeles accomplish its environmental goals within the coming years. By 2025, the city intends to become coal-free, relying completely on renewable energy. The agreement to acquire geothermal energy was approved by the City Council and finally signed by Mayor Eric Garcetti shortly thereafter. Geothermal energy will be coming from projects in Nevada Per the agreement,…

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Ambitious geothermal energy project in Iceland successfully completes its first phase

Geothermal Energy - Volcano in Iceland

Iceland Deep Drilling Project has completed drilling into a volcano Geologists and engineers in Iceland have successfully completed the first stage of the Iceland Deep Drilling Project, focused on gauging the economic feasibility of unconventional geothermal energy resources. The project involved drilling deep into the heart of a volcano. Drilling such a borehole is quite risky, but the project has managed to reach its target depth. Now, researchers will determine how the volcano can be used to generate geothermal energy in an effective manner. Project drills 2.9 miles into a…

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Geothermal energy is gaining more ground in China

Geothermal Energy - Hot Spring

Oil company begins to break into the geothermal energy market Sinopec, a large state-run oil company in China, has plans to move into geothermal energy. The company recently began drilling hundreds of wells throughout China. Instead of tapping into oil reserves, however, these wells are designed to leverage the potential of geothermal energy. This energy will be used to provide heat for homes in various parts of the country. This heat will not be generated through the use of fossil-fuels, making it environmentally friendly. Northern provinces are experiencing the benefits…

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Iceland to develop one of the world’s largest geothermal energy systems

Geothermal Energy - Thermal Spring

New geothermal energy project is being developed in Iceland Iceland has begun development on what may become the world’s deepest geothermal borehole. The country is drilling the borehole into the heart of a volcano. The borehole will be at a depth of 3.10 miles, significantly deeper than other geothermal boreholes in the country. Iceland is currently one of the leading producers of geothermal energy and the country is eager to embrace this form of power more aggressively in an effort to reduce reliance on fossil-fuels. New project could generate up…

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Geothermal energy could one day power colonies on Mars

Colonizing Mars may no longer be a dream of science fiction With all the major technological advancements coming from prominent organizations throughout the world and companies like SpaceX, humans getting to Mars may not be a dream of space-lovers for much longer. Mars has been in the news many times in recent years, largely due to projects focused on its colonization. At some point in the future, Mars may serve as a new home for humanity, but before that can happen, several challenges must first be overcome. SpaceX aims to…

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Kenya set to expand its geothermal energy capacity in coming years

Kenya is establishing a lead in the geothermal power sector Kenya has become one of the world’s leaders in geothermal energy production. The Kenya Electricity Generating Company has located 14 sites that have geothermal potential. The company believes that geothermal power could become a valuable source of energy for the country and it may help Kenya become more environmentally friendly. Geothermal systems tap into the inherent power of the earth, making use of a mixture of heated water and steam under pressure to generate electricity. Many Kenyans lack reliable access…

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Cornwall seeks to boost geothermal energy capacity

Region offers businesses to take part in geothermal development Businesses specializing in energy development are being invited to bid for a share of more than $13 million in geothermal energy projects that will be taking place in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly in England. The projects are associated with the Cornwall and Isle of Scilly Growth Program, which will come to an end in 2020. The majority of the funding will be coming from the European Regional Development Fund and will be issued by the Cornwall council. Geothermal power…

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Scientists seek out new sources of geothermal energy

Researchers are looking for new ways to make use of geothermal energy that could benefit cities Cities may become new sources of geothermal energy in the future. Scientists from Germany and Switzerland have developed a way to measure the groundwater temperature that may lurk beneath the surface of many large cities. Urban environments typically have higher temperatures than what can be found in rural areas. This has to do with how structures trap heat, as well as other factors, and could hint at the potential for cities to be valuable…

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Geothermal energy to expand in Turkey

Organizations invest $125 million into the country’s geothermal energy sector to ensure its growth Geothermal energy in Turkey has gained more financial support, which may help it thrive in the country. The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development and the Clean Technology Fund have made an investment of $125 million into Turkey’s geothermal energy sector. The funding is part of a program, called PLUTO, through which both organizations attempt to support the adoption of renewable energy and clean technologies. The PLUTO program aims to develop five new geothermal sites in…

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Countries come together to promote geothermal energy

Global Geothermal Alliance has been launched by a partnership of 36 countries Several countries have joined together to promote the use of geothermal energy throughout the world. The Global Geothermal Alliance has been formed by a coalition of 36 countries, which believe that geothermal energy can be an adequate alternative to conventional forms of power. The coalition aims to see a six fold increase in geothermal energy production by 2030, focusing on developing economies that may be able to benefit most from this form of clean power. Coalition aims to…

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Geothermal energy is gaining more attention in Montana

Legislation could increase geothermal energy capacity in Montana Montana may soon be tapping into its geothermal energy resources thanks to new legislation introduced by Senator Jon Tester. The state is home to a great deal of geothermal potential, which could be used to ensure Montana’s energy independence and make the state more environmentally friendly. Senator Jon Tester believes that developing the state’s geothermal resources will also improve the economy, creating new job opportunities for many people throughout Montana. New legislation will make it easier for companies to compete for leases…

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DOE invests in new geothermal energy projects

Federal agency adds $18 million worth of new geothermal projects to its portfolio The U.S. Department of Energy has added new geothermal energy projects to its portfolio. Some $18 million worth of geothermal projects are now being supported by the federal agency. The agency has invested funds into 32 new projects. This may be a sign that the federal government is beginning to show more support for geothermal power, which has seen relatively little government support when compared to other forms of renewable energy. Geothermal has received little attention in…

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