New offshore wind energy project gains momentum in Germany

Offshore Wind Energy - Wind Turbines on Water

Offshore project reaches two major milestones A new offshore wind energy system being developed in the German North Sea has reached two significant milestones. Called the Deutsche Bucht Offshore Wind Farm, the project is being developed by Northland Power and Vestas. With a maximum capacity of 252 megawatts, the offshore wind farm is among the largest of its kind being developed in the North Sea. The project is expected to become operational within the relatively near future. Developer reaches financial close on project and development officially begins Northland Power has…

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New offshore wind energy project will not require subsidies from Germany government

Wind Energy - Wind Turbines and Clouds

Germany will be building its first wind energy system that will not use government subsidies Germany is preparing to build its first offshore wind energy system that is not dependent on government subsidies. The project comes from Bundesnetzagentur (BNetzA), which has approved bids on the project coming from various organizations. The company intends to develop some 1,490 megawatts worth of wind energy capacity in the North Sea. The organizations that would be involved in this endeavor would be providing electricity from these wind farms at approximately $4.67 per megawatt-hour. Wind…

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Germany’s wind energy market grows aggressively in 2016

Wind Energy Market - Wind Turbines in Germany

Wind energy market in Germany leads installation growth Germany is quickly becoming the largest wind energy market in Europe. The country has invested heavily in the wind sector over the past few years in an effort to become environmentally friendly and reduce its reliance on fossil-fuels. According to data from WindEurope, and industry group, Germany installed more wind capacity in 2016 than any other European country. This has established Germany as a leader in the region’s wind energy market. Germany installed 12.5 GW of new wind capacity last year The…

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Germany producing hydrogen fuel from excess wind energy

Germany is leading the way in developing the world’s first hydrogen economy Germany has taken the lead in establishing a hydrogen economy, which is one where hydrogen fuel is one of the most prominent energy sources in use. While the country is still quite reliant on fossil-fuels and other forms of conventional energy, it has invested quite heavily in hydrogen fuel and the development of a comprehensive hydrogen infrastructure. Germany has been supporting the establishment of a hydrogen economy with other forms of renewable energy, particularly wind power. Partnership seeks…

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Germany continues to lead the way on renewable energy

Germany sees a major shift in its energy structure thanks to solar and wind power Of all the countries that have shown interest in renewable energy, few have been able to match the enthusiasm of Germany. The country is currently undergoing an energy transition, through which is it distancing itself from fossil-fuels and embracing clean energy. Both solar and wind power have changed the country’s energy structure, and promise to continue doing so as Germany’s support for these two forms of renewable energy grows. North Sea becomes home for promising…

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Germany sets new renewable energy record

Germany has reached a new milestone in its adoption of clean energy Germany has again set a new record in terms of renewable energy, according to the Fraunhofer Institute. The country has become one of the most active markets for clean energy in the world and has regularly set records in terms of renewable energy production. Over the past few years, Germany has served as an example for what can be accomplished with an aggressive focus on clean energy. The country’s energy grid is considered to be one of the…

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Wind energy reaches new heights in Europe

Germany, Ireland, and UK break records with wind production Germany, Ireland, and the United Kingdom have all set records when it comes to wind energy production due, in part, to winter storms that brought powerful winds to Europe. Hurricane Xaver was the key behind record-setting generation and while the storm caused an estimated $2 billion in damage, it also served as a significant source of wind power. Germany experienced the greatest benefits, in terms of wind power, from the storm, while Ireland and the United Kingdom were able to harness…

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Solar energy reaches new heights in Germany

Germany breaks its own solar energy production record Germany is widely considered to be the world’s leader when it comes to solar energy. The country was one of the first to introduce an aggressive feed-in tariff to support the adoption of solar power among homeowners. While this initiative has been relaxed in recent years, solar energy continues to show strong growth throughout the country. This week, the EEX Transparency Platform, a data analysis division of the European Energy Exchange, has announced that the country has broken its previous energy generation…

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Alternative energy news: Germany opens new hybrid wind energy system

New Tubrines - Wind Energy in Alaska

Alternative energy news made in Germany with launch of new energy facility Germany has established itself as a major advocate for renewable energy. The country has made waves throughout the world of alternative energy news through its staunch support of solar power. In recent months, however, the country has begun pulling away from solar and attributing more focus to wind energy. Germany is keen to see the majority of its electrical power come from renewable sources and has been making strong progress in this endeavor for several years. Germany opens…

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E.ON injects hydrogen fuel into Germany natural gas grid

Natural gas station

E.ON completes successful hydrogen fuel demonstration E.ON, the world’s largest investor owned electric utility based in Europe, has completed a new power-to-gas demonstration in Falkenhagen, Germany. The demonstration was meant to show that hydrogen fuel could be injected into the existing natural gas grid of the German state. This demonstration is part of an overarching project that is represented by a power-to-gas facility. At this facility, hydrogen fuel is produced in order to be fed into the Falkenhagen natural gas infrastructure. Facility uses Hydrogenics technology to produce fuel The facility…

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Offshore wind energy hits milestone in Germany

Offshore wind energy

2012 proves powerful years for German wind energy Offshore wind energy has reached a major milestone in Germany. The country’s Alpha Ventus pilot project, which is a joint venture from many of the country’s utilities, is among the most ambitious offshore wind energy projects in the world. The project was launched in 2010 and took 12 months to become fully operational. Though the project had been fully operational throughout 2011, it was in 2012 that it achieved a major accomplishment for the German energy sector. Alpha Ventus feeds 267GW into…

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Siemens to provide turbines for new wind energy project in Germany

Wind Energy Germany

Siemens wins contract for German wind energy project Siemens, a multi-national engineering and electronics conglomerate, has been making waves in the world of wind energy for some time. The company is behind some of the most ambitious wind energy projects in the world coming from a wide range of counties. Siemens has announced that it has been awarded a contract for an offshore wind energy project in Germany. The project will take root in the North Sea and is expected to be fully active in 2015. Project to produce 288…

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EnBW wind energy project wins funding

Wind Energy Farm

European Investment Bank approves loan to EnBW The European Investment Bank has announced the approval of a $663 million loan for a new wind energy project in Germany. The project comes from EnBW, an innovative alternative energy company with a keen focus on wind power. The company has dubbed the project EnBW Baltic 2 because it is the second offshore wind farm that will be built in the Baltic Sea. EnBW claims that this will be the largest wind energy project in the world, once it is completed. Germany continues…

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Alternative energy drive major drop in electricity prices

Geothermal energy leads to savings

Proving a win, win for alternative power. Alternative energy is often considered an issue of the environment and sustainability. As such, it is often surrounded by controversy because it is regularly connected to climate change. Though this controversy has proven to be a hindrance to the progress of alternative energy, many countries have shown tenacity in incorporating renewable fuels into their energy plans. As alternative energy grows in popularity throughout the world, many are beginning to see it as an economic issue because of its ability to significantly cut energy…

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