Volkswagen aims to bring new electric vehicles to China

Electric Vehicles - Volkawagen Logo on Car

Automaker has a $11.8 billion plan to bring electric vehicles into the Chinese market German automaker Volkswagen has an ambitious plan when it comes to China’s clean transportation market. The company is looking to bring new electric vehicles to China in order to take advantage of the growing demand for such cars. Volkswagen will be investing more than $11.8 billion in this endeavor over the next seven years. China is currently the world’s leading market for electric vehicles. More of these cars are sold in the country than anywhere else.…

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United States Hybrid Electric Vehicles Industry 2015 Market Opportunities and Operator Business Model Report by

MarketResearchReports.Biz has announced addition of new report “United States Hybrid Electric Vehicles Industry 2015 Market Research Report” to its database. The United States Hybrid Electric Vehicles Industry Report 2015 is a professional and in-depth study on the current state of the Hybrid Electric Vehicles industry. The report provides a basic overview of the industry including definitions, classifications, applications and industry chain structure. The Hybrid Electric Vehicles market analysis is provided for the United States markets including development trends, competitive landscape analysis, and key regions development status. Download Sample Copy of…

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A tire pressure gauge can help improve fuel economy of hybrid cars

There is more than one way for hybrid vehicle owners to get the best fuel economy. Car makers and government regulators can promise consumers that driving hybrid cars will help improve their fuel economy, but the reality is that if hybrid vehicle drivers want to get as many miles per gallon of fuel as they can out of their electric motor and gas engine vehicle, keep more money in their pocket, and be friendlier to the environment, it is primarily up to them to be more conscious of their driving…

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Toyota recalls over 600,000 of its hybrid cars worldwide

On Wednesday, Toyota said it would be recalling 625,000 of its hybrid vehicles, mostly its Prius v model. The Japanese motor company announced the global recall of its hybrid cars due to a software glitch that has the potential to, in rare cases, shut down the hybrid system while the car is in operation. In other words, the defect could bring the vehicle to a sudden stop while it is being driven. Although the cars have been recalled, no accidents or injuries have been reported. Toyota says that the problem…

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Wind energy upgrade offered to owners of electric vehicles

A new program allows cooperative members to power up electric or hybrid vehicles with electricity generated by wind. Great River Energy, the Minnesota based utility and non-profit electric cooperative, unveiled a program called Revolt, an innovative program – and the first of its kind – that permits qualifying participants to upgrade the current electricity they use to power their hybrid or electric vehicles (EVs) with wind energy, at no extra cost. The Revolt program will enable consumers to throw more support behind renewables. While Great River Energy (GRE) already includes…

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Report shows sales of electric vehicles have shot up

New report highlights the growing attractiveness of clean vehicles The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders has released a new report that shows that the sale of electric vehicles has quadrupled in 2014. The report suggests that consumers are turning to electric vehicles more readily. Some consumers believe that these vehicles are less expensive than their conventional counterparts, while others are embracing clean vehicles for the sake of the environment. Whatever the case may be, electric cars are experiencing a period of strong growth. Demand for electric vehicles continues to…

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2013 Good Year For Electric Vehicle Sales

Anyone who thought the future would look like an episode of the Jetson’s will be glad to know that 2013 was great in terms of electric vehicle sales. According to an article by Scientific American, more than 90,000 fully electric cars and plug-in hybrids were purchased over the course of the year. Those sales are almost double from those of 2012. Factors that seemed to have affected sales include the bankruptcy filings of American electric vehicle start-ups Coda Automotive and Fisker Automotive, the latter of which received a loan from…

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Standard Versus Hybrid Versus TDI Diesel: Which Is Better?

Wouldn’t it be great if manufacturers made one car that has everything we want? There’d be fuel efficiency, space, low cost, attractive features, and green technology — all in one package. If you want high fuel efficiency, you have to sacrifice power. If you want high power, you sacrifice MPG. If you need more cargo space, you’ll need a bigger vehicle, which means a bigger engine, which means lower fuel efficiency. If you want a “green” vehicle, you’ll pay a little more up front in order to save operating costs…

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A glimpse at today’s and tomorrow’s luxury cars

Transportation has become an important part of society and like anything else in society; it is susceptible to the enjoyment of those that make up that society. Luxury has long been a term that has been used to identify a high class of vehicles. A luxury car today tends to offer something that simply cannot be found with conventional vehicles. Beyond the multitude of features that set luxury cars apart, there is a certain prestige that has come to drape these vehicles, adding to their attraction. Features and gadgetry Luxury cars…

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Is it really time to switch off the subsidy tap for the electric vehicle market?

electric vehicles - Wireless Charging

  As the US government looks at ways in which to reduce the federal budget a number of experts have stepped forward to suggest that the electric vehicle tax credit, which could cost taxpayers around $7.5 billion over the next few years, should be reviewed. We’ve also seen the UK government refusing to give medium-term confirmation of its plans for the current financial incentives to acquire electric vehicles and some other governments around the world seem keen to reduce their spending in this area. When economies were flying high, tax…

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Going Green in 2013: Alternative Vehicles for a New Year

Alternative Vehicles - 2014 M

Each new year begets a slew of new alternative vehicles and introduces the next wave of eco-friendly innovation. Clean transportation will continue to grow in 2013 with a greater selection of models and reduced prices. Here are some hybrid and electric vehicles available in 2013 that will color our planet a brighter shade of green. 2013 Tesla Model S Motor Trend named the 2013 Tesla Model S the car of the year, the first electric vehicle to receive the prestigious award in its 64 years. The Model S is “one…

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Electric cars are very popular in car sharing networks

Zipcar Electric Cars

  Car sharing networks may not take over the world, but they are preferred method of transportation for many younger drivers who may feel car ownership is optional. Electric cars are becoming more common in these networks thanks to low costs for power as apposed to gasoline-powered vehicles. Zipcar and electric cars Zipcar was recently purchased by Avis for double the stock asking price. The total deal was worth almost half a billion dollars. This company is the most notable in car sharing services. The youngest drivers, also known as…

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Toyota embraces hybrid and hydrogen vehicles over EVs

Renewable Energy Business

Toyota sees the future dominated by hydrogen powered vehicles Famed Japanese automaker Toyota is well known for its love of electric vehicles. The company has held a dominating presence in the electric vehicle market for several years and is often considered the most influential company in this sector of the auto industry. Toyota recently revealed some future models of its electric vehicles at the Paris Motor Show. Though these vehicles received a great deal of acclaim, Toyota Motor Europe CEO Didier Leroy announced this week that electric vehicles are not…

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BMW unveils its electric-gas hybrid i8 Spyder concept car

hybrid bmw i8 Spyder

Hybrid cars just got sexy BMW is looking to expand its portfolio of alternative energy vehicles and has begun branching off from its interest in hydrogen fuel cells. The automaker is one of the many in the industry that has been focusing on hydrogen recently. Fuel cells have become the primary focus for the industry due to the fact that they can match or exceed the performance of internal combustion engines. BMW believes that hydrogen will not be the only thing powering future vehicles and claims that gasoline will still…

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Human behavior, not technology, may be the key to alternative energy

Hydrogen Fuel Transportation

Technology may not be enough to break the world’s dependence on fossil-fuels, according to University of Oregon sociologist Richard York. For decades, the consensus as to why fossil-fuels are necessary has largely been focused on the lack of alternatives and the technology to make these alternatives viable. Now that technology has reached the point where such alternatives as solar, wind, and hydrogen are viable, progress toward breaking away from fossil-fuels is expected to accelerate. In a new report, York posits that this is not the case. York argues that the…

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U.S. Navy purchases electric charging stations for new pilot program

Electric Cars

The U.S. Navy has purchased more than $60,000 worth of electronic charging stations from OpConnect, a manufacturer of charging stations for electronic vehicles. Each of the stations purchased by the Navy is capable of charging four vehicles simultaneously. These stations will be installed at Navy bases in Washington D.C., Maryland, and California. The stations will be the backbone for a new pilot project from the U.S. military that will have personnel using electric vehicles for transportation. The Department of Defense has been aggressive in its pursuit for alternative energy after…

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