Auto industry could face a roadblock due to hydrogen fuel infrastructure

Hydrogen fuel infrastructure may pose a problem for automakers around the world The global auto industry has been showing a great deal of interest in hydrogen fuel cells in recent years. Prominent automakers are hyping their own hydrogen-powered vehicles, with many aiming to release these vehicles commercially between 2015 and 2017. The common consensus within the auto industry is that a comprehensive hydrogen fuel infrastructure will exist in many of the world’s most prominent markets by this time, ensuring the success of hydrogen-powered vehicles. This may not be the case,…

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Hydrogen fuel company announces results of latest meeting with shareholders

Hydrogen fuel results

Shareholders expressing both faith in and concern for hydrogen fuel cells Plug Power, a leading developer of hydrogen fuel cells, has announced the results of its latest Annual Meeting of Stockholders, which concluded on July 1 of this year. These annual meetings are meant to provide an opportunity for stockholders to get in touch with Plug Power and develop a better understanding of how the company operates and its plans for the future. The meetings also provide the company with a chance to show off the advances it has seen…

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Mercedes-Benz shows more support for hydrogen fuel

Mercedes-Benz Citaro Hydrogen Fuel Bus London

Hydrogen fuel continues to receive attention from Mercedes-Benz Mercedes-Benz is one of the companies in the auto industry that has managed to attract a great deal of attention to hydrogen fuel cells. The German automaker brought attention to these energy systems by taking its own hydrogen-powered vehicles on a world tour in 2011. Since then, the company has been a strong advocate of hydrogen fuel and its uses in transportation, with these interests being backed up by its parent company, Daimler. Public transportation considered ideal field for fuel cells In…

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South Africa continues its focus on hydrogen fuel

South Africa hydrogen fuel

South Africa sets sights on hydrogen-powered vehicles Hydrogen fuel has become a major focus for the auto industry and South Africa believes that it can become a valuable market for a new generation of vehicles by focusing its efforts on clean transportation. South Africa has adopted a very strong advocacy for hydrogen fuel. As home to the world’s largest supply of platinum, a key material for fuel cell energy systems, the country already plays a pivotal role in the fuel cell industry. As hydrogen fuel becomes more important in transportation,…

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Hydrogen fuel may benefit from new investment in Plug Power

Plug Power - Hydrogen Fuel Cells

Investment to help power company’s plans with hydrogen fuel Plug Power, a leading developer of hydrogen fuel cells, has announced that it has received a large investment from Air Liquide, specialist in industrial gases. The fuel cell industry has been seeing an increase in investment activity in recent months. Investors appear to be growing more comfortable with the prospects of hydrogen fuel, especially as they continue to attract a great deal of attention in the auto industry. Air Liquide has long been involved in the hydrogen fuel sector and has…

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Hyundai joins hydrogen fuel initiative in the UK

Hyundai hydrogen fuel

Hyundai to take experience with hydrogen fuel to the UK Acclaimed South Korean automaker Hyundai has made major waves in the auto industry by being the first to successfully begin mass production on a hydrogen-powered vehicle. The automaker has become a very strong supporter of hydrogen fuel and its uses in transportation, as has much of the rest of the auto industry. Hydrogen fuel is considered one of the best options the industry has to comply with stringent emissions regulations that are being introduced by the governments of prominent markets.…

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Hydrogen fuel infrastructure may soon take form in the US

Hydrogen Fuel U.S. Infrastructure

Hydrogen fuel continues to be a major focus for the auto industry The auto industry continues to show strong favor for hydrogen fuel, undaunted by the technical and financial problems that are associated with fuel cells and the criticism coming from consumers concerning the capabilities of hydrogen-powered vehicles. While the auto industry has shown little concern for cost and consumer acceptance, infrastructure has been a very worrisome problem for automakers around the world, especially when it comes to their favored markets. Hydrogen fuel infrastructure is necessary in order for new…

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Hydrogen fuel cells highlighted in new auto industry report

Hydrogen Fuel Report Auto Industry

Report examines the emerging hydrogen fuel cell market in the auto industry Autelligence, a leading automotive research and analysis firm, has released a new report examining the prospects of the emerging hydrogen-powered vehicle market. Hydrogen-powered vehicles are becoming more popular as automakers around the world begin to embrace hydrogen fuel. These automakers are being pressured by the world’s governments to produce more environmentally friendly vehicles. Most of the world’s major automakers have plans to launch hydrogen-powered vehicles before the end of the decade, which could potentially be a major market…

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Hyundai continues making waves in the world of hydrogen fuel

Hydrogen Fuel Hyundai Tucson ix35 hydrogen powered car

Hydrogen fuel gaining ground with the help of Hyundai The auto industry has been toying with the concept of hydrogen-powered vehicles since the 1960’s. Efforts to develop such vehicles have been very limited in the past, largely due to the costs associated with hydrogen fuel cells and the lack of a comprehensive hydrogen fuel infrastructure. Now, however, hydrogen fuel seems to be a major focus for automakers, with Hyundai leading the charge in bringing hydrogen-powered vehicles to the market. The South Korean automaker has been making waves in the world…

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Hydrogen-powered vehicles get a powerful new advocate

Daimler - hydrogen fuel vehicles

Hydrogen-powered vehicles receive strong backing from newly formed alliance A new alliance has formed within the auto industry that could herald a bright new future for hydrogen transportation. Last week, Daimler, one of the world’s largest automakers and owner of Mercedes-Benz, reached out to Ford and the Renault-Nissan Alliance. The automaker had hoped to team with these companies in order to make significant advances in fuel cell technology, thus making hydrogen-powered vehicles more viable for the commercial market. In such a short amount of time, Daimler, Ford, and Nissan have…

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Hydrogen fuel cells may be common in transportation in near future

Hydrogen Fuel Cells Report

Report highlights potential for hydrogen fuel cells to go mainstream The auto industry has succumb to an intense fascination with hydrogen fuel cells. Many automakers throughout the world are faced with emissions regulations and standards imposed upon them by governments. These standards are pressuring these companies to develop vehicles that produce less CO2 emissions and consume less fuel. Hydrogen fuel cells have become the ideal energy system the continuing endeavor to comply with the world’s governments, and Toyota, Honda, and Hyundai are expected to be the first companies to bring…

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