Costa Rica hydrogen powered transportation take the spotlight

Hydrogen Powered Transportation - Costa Rica Flag

Costa Rican government has some big plans for hydrogen The government of Costa Rica is on a mission to decarbonize the entire country. As one of the first steps on this journey, President Carlos Alvarado has issued a directive that is meant to promote hydrogen fuel. The directive is meant to ensure that organizations within the environmental and energy sector develop an action plan that is meant to promote the research, production, and commercialization of hydrogen powered transportation. In doing so, Costa Rica aims to replace older forms of energy…

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Ajusa successfully fuels Hyundai ix35

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicle - Hyundai ix35 FCEV

Ajusa helps establish hydrogen fuel infrastructure in Spain Hyundai continues to make waves in the auto industry with its hydrogen-powered Tucson ix35. The South Korean automaker is expected to be the first major manufacturer to release a hydrogen-powered vehicles to the commercial market. While the ix35 is currently poised for a release at the end of this year, there are a few of these vehicles that are being used in a small handful of countries in Europe. Spain is one such country, where the ix35 is being used to test…

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Hydrogen-powered bus comes to Cleveland

hydrogen fuel bus

RTA and NASA bring hydrogen-powered bus to Cleveland, Ohio Cleveland’s Regional Transit Authority (RTA) has joined forces with the NASA Glenn Research Center to begin making use of a new hydrogen-powered bus that will serve the greater Cleveland area. The 40-foot bus is equipped with a hydrogen fuel cell that generates enough energy to power the bus along its travels. It is one of the very few of its kind in the U.S. and has the support of the federal government through NASA. The bus is part of a program…

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Hydrogen powered autorickshaws making the streets of Delhi cleaner

hydrogen powered autorickshaws are the new cleaner form of transportation

*This image is a regular autorickshaw, not a hydrogen powered autorickshaw Hydrogen powered autorickshaws could help solve the emissions problems of India Throughout India, autorickshaws transport people and goods from location to location. In the city of Delhi, tens of thousands of these autorickshaws operate at all hours of the day. They represent an important piece in the complex public transportation network of the city. Like buses and cars, the autorickshaws use conventional fuel to power themselves. As such, they contribute to the pollution problem of Delhi and the carbon…

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Vision Industries completes sale of 100 hydrogen-powered trucks

Tyrano hydrogen fuel cell truck

Fuel cells becoming popular in the distribution industry Heavy duty hydrogen fuel cells, those often used in large commercial transportation, are quickly becoming a popular option for companies in the U.S. Fuel cells have been seeing a great deal of use in the auto industry at large, but automakers have kept their focus on small energy units that are ideally suited for personal vehicles. Larger vehicles, such as trucks used for transporting cargo, require more powerful fuel cells. These large, hydrogen-powered cargo trucks are beginning to gain traction with distribution…

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CSA International begins testing safety of hydrogen fuel cells, raises concerns

Hydrogen Storage

When it comes to hydrogen-powered transportation, safety is a major priority. The safety of hydrogen fuel cells has been at the crux of the criticisms surrounding the technology. While cost and the lack of an expansive fuel network have kept the technology from mass commercialization, consumers have been wary of fuel cells because of the volatility of hydrogen gas. CSA International, a global product testing organization, has been conducting experiments on fuel cells and has found that the people’s concerns regarding safety may be well justified. The organization has not…

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Spain to get new hydrogen-powered trams from FEVE

Hydrogen Tram

FEVE, a Spanish transportation company, has unveiled a new tram that is powered by two hydrogen fuel cells. The company has chosen hydrogen as an ideal alternative to oil and other fossil-fuels. Hydrogen-powered transportation, is gaining popularity in nations that are looking to transform their public transit system into one that is more environmentally friendly. FEVE’s train is the latest development in the company’s pursuit of alternative energy. The tram will be able to carry up to 30 passengers and will have three storage tanks on board to maximize on…

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SunHydro’s plans for a hydrogen highway change as parent company looks to cater to the auto industry’s needs

Hydrogen Fuel Station Opens

Last year, SunHydro, a subsidiary of Proton OnSite, a hydrogen fuel cell manufacturer, built a hydrogen fuel station in Connecticut. The station was the first of nine that were planned to be built throughout the country as an attempt to kick start a “hydrogen highway” in the nation. SunHydro, however, has yet to build another station. The delay is due to executives from Proton OnSite changing plans concerning the stations in an attempt to better accommodate the needs of automakers who are launching hydrogen-powered vehicles in 2013. Without an appropriate…

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New law in California aims to promote alternative energy and generate new jobs

Los Angeles Green Jobs

As California continues to battle an economic crisis of its own making, state legislators have passed a new bill that may help the state bounce back by promoting alternative energies and their associated technologies. Assembly Bill 118, as it is known, was universally passed in the Legislature, granting the state’s Energy Commission to invest more than $100 million every year for the next seven years in alternative energy endeavors. Given the Commissions favor for hydrogen fuel, the state may soon see a boom in fuel cell manufacture and renewed efforts…

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Solar-powered hydrogen fuel station coming to Michigan

Solar Farm Example

Michigan may soon be getting its own hydrogen fuel station, as the state’s Mass Transportation Authority adopts hydrogen as its favored alternative energy. Earlier in the year, the agency had placed an order for a fleet of buses that ran on rechargeable lithium-ion batteries. The buses were meant to be an answer to the environmental concerns in the state while also cutting operating costs associated with public transit. After seeing buses that ran on hydrogen, however, the agency cancelled its previous order and purchased a fleet of fuel cell buses…

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London’s iconic double-decker buses to run on hydrogen fuel cells

Hybrid London Double Decker Bus - Hydrogen Fuel

The UK is getting a new fleet of hydrogen-powered buses, which will be powered by a fuel cell system designed by Mercedes-Benz. London’s iconic double-decker buses are to be equipped with fuel cells to make them emissions free. The system to be used with the buses will make them the most energy efficient in all of Europe. Government officials anticipate that the fuel cells will help cut back on pollution, a major issue considering the UK will host the next Olympic Games. The cost of the initiative totals $30 million.…

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UK’s first hydrogen refueling station to open in September of this year, thanks to Honda

Honda Hydrogen Fuel

The United Kingdom’s first commercial hydrogen fueling station is scheduled to open in Swindon this September. The station will take root at Honda’s South Marston plant and will be open for public use at all hours of the day. Honda boasts as the first car manufacturer to introduce a fuel cell vehicle to the commercial market in the form of the FCX Clarity. The fueling station is a major step forward in the UK’s efforts to establish an infrastructure that will support hydrogen powered transportation. Forward Swindon, an organization focused…

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