Renewable energy investments continue to grow rapidly

Renewable Energy Investments - Jar of Coins

Report highlights the grown of clean power investments throughout the world Renewable energy is beginning to outpace coal, natural gas, and nuclear power, in terms of global investments. According to a new report from the International Energy Agency, investments in clean energy have grown quickly due to the rapidly falling costs associated with generating electricity using clean technology. Notably, both solar and wind have become the most heavily supported forms of clean power in the world. These two types of renewable power have attracted the majority of investments being made…

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Electric vehicles are thriving in Norway

Electric Vehicles - Flag of Norway

Norway is a leader in clean transportation adoption Automakers throughout the world are competing to establish a market lead with their electric vehicles. Some are finding more success than others in certain countries, but nearly every automaker is finding success with their electric vehicles in Norway. According to a report from the International Energy Agency, more electric vehicles are sold in Norway than any other country in the world. The country is even ahead of China in terms of sales, despite the fact that China holds the title as the…

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Solar energy capacity set to break records in China

Solar Panels on Rool - Solar Energy reaching toward the sky

China’s solar capacity is swelling quickly Despite prevailing curtailment issues, China is on track to install a record breaking amount of solar energy capacity this year. The country’s solar power sector has been growing at a very rapid pace, making China the world’s leading solar market. The rate at which solar capacity has been growing has lead many analysts and energy researchers to boost their forecasts by as much as 80%. These researchers and analysts believe that China’s solar energy capacity will only continue gaining momentum well into the future.…

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Solar energy is dominating the global energy sector

Global Solar Energy Sector - Earth and Sun

Solar power is having an impact on other forms of clean energy The current solar energy boom could have a major impact on the world’s overarching energy industry. The International Energy Agency has released its latest World Energy Outlook report. The report suggests that by 2040, the world will need to add the equivalent of China and India’s current energy capacity in order to meet the demands of a growing global population. Solar power is the fastest growing segment of clean energy that currently exists. If this sector continues to…

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Global solar energy capacity to surpass nuclear capacity by end of year

Global Solar Energy Capacity

Report highlights the rapid growth of the solar energy sector The world’s solar energy capacity may soon surpass global nuclear energy capacity, according to a new report from GTM Research. Solar power has been attracting strong support throughout the world in recent years. Several countries have embraced this form of clean energy in order to become environmentally friendly. They have also done so to take advantage of various economic prospects that are offered by new solar energy projects. This is all happening as many countries begin to move away from…

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Solar energy outpaces other forms of power in terms of growth

solar energy growth

Report shows that the solar sector has made monumental progress Solar energy is the fastest growing segment of clean power, according to a report from the International Energy Agency. The report shows that the solar sector has seen monumental growth over the past year, largely due to the efforts of companies specializing in the development of photovoltaic technologies. Many of these companies are based in China, which is home to a thriving solar energy sector. Chinese companies have helped reduce the cost of photovoltaic technologies by aggressively producing solar panels.…

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Solar energy has become the fastest growing form of power

Solar Farms - Solar Panels

Report shows that solar energy has grown aggressively Solar energy has become the fastest growing source of clean power, according to a new report from the International Energy Agency. Last year, the solar sector saw aggressive growth throughout the world. According to the report, solar energy accounted for two thirds of all new energy capacity installed globally. The solar sector has found success by attracting strong government support, but much of its success is due to a boom in photovoltaic installations and the falling cost of solar technologies. Solar installations…

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China leads the world in wind energy installations

Wind Energy - Wind Energy Installments - Wind Farm

Report shows that China has established a lead in wind energy installations China continues to lead the world in terms of installed wind energy capacity, according to a new report from the Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC). The report predicts that Asia would lead growth in the wind power sector, largely due to the growing number of countries that are investing heavily in clean energy. China, in particular, has become a prominent supporter of wind power, establishing a powerful position in the wind market. China installed more than 54 GW…

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Wind energy market continues to see aggressive growth in China

China’s wind capacity is skyrocketing China has become very aggressive with its wind energy market. The country has been building two wind turbines every hour, according to the International Energy Agency. The organization notes that this is the world’s largest program of wind turbine installation, more than double over what is being seen in the United States. The growth of the wind energy market is so profound that wind power is able to cover the entirety of China’s annual increase in energy demand. China remains heavily reliant on fossil-fuels While…

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UK’s first floating solar energy system is activated

Development on a new solar power system has been completed in the UK Development of a floating solar energy system has been completed in the United Kingdom. The system is located near a farm in Berkshire and some $300,000 has been invested in its development. The system floats atop a reservoir and boasts of a maximum energy capacity of 200 kilowatts. This is the first floating solar array to be activated in the United Kingdom and the system has already received some strong praise from renewable energy advocates and others.…

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Solar energy may be the world’s primary power source by 2050

IEA predicts that solar power will play a major role in the global energy make up in the coming years Solar energy may be the world’s primary source of electrical power by 2050, according to the International Energy Agency. The organization has released a report that highlights the advance of photovoltaic technology and the growing prominence of concentrated solar power systems, suggesting that solar power will make significant strides in the coming years. Solar power is already receiving a great deal of support throughout the world, and as photovoltaic technology…

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Report claims renewable energy can be cost competitive in every country

IEA report highlights the advances that have been made in the clean technology space The International Energy Agency has released a report that suggests wind and solar energy can be cost competitive in every country. The report highlights recent trends in the global energy market as well as advances that have been made in the renewable energy space in terms of technology. As wind turbines and solar panels have become more efficient, the costs associated with both wind and solar energy have decreased, making these forms of clean power more…

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Renewable energy may help the world avoid a costly problem

Cost of meeting the world’s energy needs will reach new heights by 2035 Accommodating the world’s energy needs is expected to become a very expensive problem, according to a special report from the International Energy Agency. Energy costs are growing more expensive at a rapid pace and energy consumption is also on the rise. Despite countries taking steps to embrace energy efficiency and cut down on their use of fossil-fuels, the cost of electricity continues to grow and this cost may become unmanageable by some countries in the future. More…

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22% of world’s power comes from renewable energy

Report from International Energy Agency highlights global clean energy capacity Last year marked the largest growth in global renewable energy capacity. Several countries throughout the world began adopting clean power at an accelerated rate. Some of these countries did so for environmental reasons, while others embraced the economic potential of clean energy. The International Energy Agency recently released a report noting the accelerating adoption of clean energy. The report notes that renewable energy capacity grew faster in 2013 than it has in any previous year. The clean energy sector grew…

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Renewable energy excelling at record speed

Green energy technology currently generates over 20 percent of electricity around the globe. According to a new report from the International Energy Agency (IEA), the capacity of renewable energy sources, such as solar and wind power, expanded at the fastest rate ever in 2013, producing 22 percent of the world’s electricity. Over $250 billion was invested in clean generating systems last year. That said, while the speed of growth has been tremendous, it is anticipated to slow down. This is partly due to politicians who are becoming uneasy about subsidy…

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The Politics of Renewable Energy

Renewable energy has captured the attention of the world. Many countries are looking for ways to break their reliance on fossil-fuels and reduce the harmful emissions that they produce every year. Clean energy has become a tool through which countries can establish energy independence and sustainability. The problem is, however, that the adoption of clean energy is slow and many prominent countries are not as eager to reduce their use of fossil-fuels as they claim to be. Politics is one of the reasons for this. In 2011, the Intergovernmental Panel…

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