SEIA releases new white paper calling for modernized energy grids to prepare for solar energy

Solar Energy - Solar Energy Panels

States may need to make efforts to modernize their grids in order to embrace solar energy The Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) has released a new white paper that calls for the modernization of the United States’ energy grid. Notably, modernization efforts should be taken more seriously in both New York and California. Both states represent very strong and increasingly popular solar energy markets. The problem, however, is that the energy grids in these states are not well suited for clean power. According to the SEIA, these states can do…

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Model shows that solar energy could help New York reach its power storage goals

Solar Energy - New York

CUNY releases new roadmap highlighting the benefits of solar energy and power storage Sustainable CUNY, an initiative launched by the City University of New York, has published a new roadmap that could help ensure that New York is capable of reaching its energy storage targets. The roadmap suggests that the use of solar energy technology could help bolster energy storage systems, providing these systems with a reliable source of electrical power. While the roadmap is designed for New York City specifically, CUNY believes that it can also be applied to…

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New York renters could soon have their own community solar energy systems

Community solar energy is coming to New York New Yorkers will so be able to tap into the power of the sun. Renters will have the opportunity to take advantage of community solar energy projects. These projects are designed with a very specific purpose, which is to provide access to clean power to everyone within a specific community. Through a new community solar initiative, energy developers will be able to team with building hosts. Those making use of this community project will be able to use electricity produced by the…

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Solar energy jobs continue to grow in the United States

Solar jobs in New York are thriving, according to Solar Foundation census information The Solar Foundation has released its 2015 census, showing that New York is ranked fourth in the country in terms of solar technology jobs. Nationwide, some 208,859 people work within the solar energy sector. Approximately 8,250 of these people are in New York. According to the Solar Foundation, solar jobs have grown throughout the country by 20% or more three years in a row. This is partly due to the strong support that the solar sector has…

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Solar energy is thriving in New York

New York shows aggressive support for solar power Solar energy in New York is growing quickly, according to a notice from the Governor’s office. The state has been working to develop an effective solar energy structure that will support its energy needs. New York’s strategy has been working well, as the state’s solar sector has seen triple digit growth over the past few years. This growth is expected to persist well into the future, especially as the cost of solar energy continues to decline over time. State’s solar capacity grew…

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Solar energy “gigafactory” coming to New York

SolarCity has plans to build a gigafactory of its own in New York SolarCity, a leading solar energy company, has plans to build its own “gigafactory” in New York. The company was founded with the aid of Elon Musk, one of the founders of Tesla Motors. Tesla has been working on developing its own gigafactory that will be responsible for the manufacture of next generation lithium-ion batteries that plan to be more efficient and less expensive than current models. SolarCity’s factory will have a similar purpose and may go a…

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SolarCity announces acquisition of solar energy company

SolarCity purchases Silveo for $200 million Leading solar energy company SolarCity has announced its acquisition of Silevo, a manufacturer of highly efficient solar panels. SolarCity acquired Silveo for some $200 million and plans to put the company’s technology to use in a facility located in New York. This facility will be responsible for manufacturing new photovoltaic products and is expected to begin operation at some point within the next two years. The technology from Silveo may help SolarCity further solidify its dominance in the solar energy sector. Solar power continues…

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New York embarks on ambitious journey with solar energy

Solar power continues to flourish in New York New York has grown quite ambitious concerning renewable energy in recent years. The state is quickly establishing itself as a leading power in the solar energy field, rivaling even solar-focused California. Now, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has announced an ambitious new initiative that will further increase the state’s focus on solar power. Through this initiative, the state will be offering $1 billion in new funding for solar projects. This funding is expected to be issued through the NY-Sun Initiative, which has…

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New York schools may promote solar energy adoption

Schools could be the key to promoting solar power As the New York State government continues its work to promote the adoption of solar energy, schools throughout the state are beginning to install photovoltaic modules on their rooftops. Schools are taking advantage of a new program launched by Governor Andrew Cuomo called “K-Solar.” The program is meant to provide schools with a monetary incentive to embrace solar power. Through this program, the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority and the New York Power Authority will work to spread…

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Solar energy initiative wins more funding in New York

NY-Sun program awarded with additional funding Solar energy has won a major victory in New York. The state has become one of the leading markets for solar power thanks to the NY-Sun initiative, but the initiative itself has been running out of financial support. The initiative has been the linchpin for several solar projects throughout New York and has helped bring solar energy to homeowners throughout the state. NY-Sun had initially been expected to expire in the near future, but the New York Public Service Commission has changed that. $216…

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New York landfill to become home to new solar energy facility

New York announces plans concerning massive landfill One of the world’s largest landfills is set to become home to a new solar energy facility. The landfill is called Freshkills Park and is located on Staten Island, New York. New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg suggests that the landfill holds significant promise when it comes to energy and has announced plans concerning the new solar facility that will take root on Staten Island and, eventually, replace the landfill. Landfill to support solar power The new solar power facility will encompass some…

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Non-profit group expands availability of solar energy

Group works to bring solar energy to low-income communities As renewable energy becomes less expensive, homeowners are beginning to look for ways to take advantage of the economic benefits that clean power offers. Solar energy has become one of the most attractive options for homeowners, but many have found that they cannot afford conventional solar energy systems. This is where non-profit groups like GRID Alternatives come into play. GRID Alternatives is working to make solar energy more accessible to low-income communities in order to increase the adoption of clean power.…

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Solar energy initiative wins backing of New York Senate

New York - wind energy

Lawmakers approve extension of solar energy initiative The New York State Senate has unanimously agrees to extend the acclaimed NY-Sun Initiative for an additional 10 years. The initiative is designed to promote the use of solar energy throughout the state and this is accomplished through the offering of financial incentives and other services. The NY-Sun Initiative also works with several participating organizations in order to reduce the cost of solar energy technologies that are available in the market, further making this form of renewable energy more accessible to a wider…

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NY-Sun Initiative wins extension from Governor Cuomo

Governor Andrew Cuomo - Renewable Energy

NY-Sun Initiative extended for another 10 years Solar energy has become one of the most favored forms of renewable power in the U.S. California has long been the leader in terms of the country’s use of solar energy, but New York is quickly becoming a formidable force in this sector that could end up dethroning the reigning champion. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has announced that the New York Sun Initiative (NY-Sun) will be expanded. The NY-Sun Initiative has been a welcome boon for the local solar energy industry as…

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GAL Manufacturing activates large commercial solar energy system

Rooftop solar energy panels

GAL Manufacturing home to one of New York’s largest rooftop solar energy installations GAL Manufacturing, a family-owned manufacturing company based in New York, is home to one of New York City’s largest rooftop solar energy systems. Construction on the system was recently completed, enabling the company to save approximately $50,000 each year on its energy bills. The solar energy system was designed by MC Solar Development and SolarCity and will be able to produce 237 kilowatts of electricity. The solar energy system will help meet a portion of the energy…

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SolarCity to expand throughout New York

New York SolarCity Alternative Energy

SolarCity announces plans for expansion SolarCity, one of the largest providers of solar energy in the U.S. has announced that it will be expanding its operations in the state of New York. The company has opened new facilities in Long Island and Westchester County with plans to expand to Albany early next year. SolarCity notes that the move is largely due to the state’s policies concerning solar energy. These policies have made it possible for solar installations throughout the state to take root more easily. NY-Sun initiative drives popularity behind…

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