China and India are on their way to meeting their Paris Agreement goals

Climate Change - Moving Toward Meeting Paris Agreement Goals

China and India may meet their Paris Agreement goals before other countries Both China and India are well on their way to meeting the goals established by the Paris Agreement. The agreement calls upon several countries to make significant cuts to emissions production and embrace renewable energy more aggressively. Analysis from Climate Action Tracker shows that policies in both China and India are helping these countries target emissions. Both of these countries are outpacing the United States in terms of emissions reduction, partly due to shifting support of the Paris…

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Cost of solar energy is now lower than coal in India

Solar Energy - Solar Panel Near Water

Price of solar energy continues to fall in India The cost of solar energy in India has hit a record low. This form of power is now less expensive than electricity generated from fossil-fuels. Currently, the cost of solar energy is 18% lower than the electricity produced through the use of coal-fired plants. India has established itself as a very attractive market for solar energy, which has attracted numerous developers to the country. The swell of new solar projects has helped lower the cost of solar-generated electricity throughout the country.…

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European countries are struggling with the Paris Agreement

Paris Agreement - Image of Paris with Eiffle Tower

Only three countries are on track to comply with the Paris Agreement Sweden, Germany, and France are the only European countries that are pursuing policies that will allow them to meet the commitments they made through the Paris Agreement, according to a recent study from the EU Climate Leadership Board. The European Union, as a whole, has pledged to cut carbon emissions by 40% by 2030. Some countries seem to be taking this pledge more seriously than others, however, which could lead the region to mission its emissions reduction targets…

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Clean Power plan has been struck down by new executive order from President Trump

Clean Power Plan - US President Donald Trump

Trump signs executive order to repeal Clean Power Plan President Trump has signed an executive order to repeal the Clean Power Plan, which was first enacted by the Obama Administration. The Clean Power Plan was designed to place a greater focus on renewable energy and help curb emissions through lowering the consumption of fossil-fuels. Trump has been critical of the Clean Power Plan, promising to repeal the initiative in an effort to help revitalize the coal industry and lighten restrictions on fossil-fuels as a whole. EPA will work to withdraw…

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US could soon pull out of the Paris Agreement

Paris Agreement - Image of Eiffel Tower

Trump Administration may be preparing to distance itself from the Paris Agreement The United States may soon pull out of the Paris Agreement, which it was ratified late last year. The Paris Agreement was originally drafted in 2015 and went into effect on November 4, 2016. The initiative has brought many countries together in an effort to reduce emissions production and embrace renewable energy. President Donald Trump has been an opponent of the Paris Agreement and he is expected to pull away from the endeavor in the near future. Trump…

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Renewable energy space may not be affected by Trump presidency

Renewable Energy News - Donald Trump

The global renewable energy sector may continue to thrive even without support from the US The global renewable energy community has expressed concern over the changing political landscape in the United States. Donald Trump has become the President of the United States and he has vowed to revitalize the coal and oil industries. At the same time, renewable energy may lose some support from the federal government, as incoming federal officials intend to show more support for fossil-fuels and limit environmental regulations in the coming years. Despite this, however, renewable…

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Renewable energy is quickly becoming less expensive than fossil-fuels

Renewable Energy - Solar and Wind Farm

World Economic Forum shows that solar and wind are quickly reaching a price parity with fossil-fuels Renewable energy has made major strides this year. Throughout the world, more countries have committed to supporting clean power projects, with some of the world’s leading superpowers choosing to work together in order to curb emissions production and build new renewable energy systems. Over the past year, both wind and solar power have become much less expensive than they were in the past. Now, according to the World Economic Forum, 2016 has become the…

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Methane emissions are growing, which may be accelerating climate change

Report shows that methane emissions are growing very quickly Rising carbon dioxide emissions are often cited as a major contributor to climate change, but methane may actually be much more problematic for the environment. Scientists from Stanford University have released a new report, which highlights the growth in methane emissions and the potential effect this can have on climate change. The report notes that methane emissions hit new heights in 2014 and 2015. Moreover, methane emissions have been growing since 2007 and researchers are not entirely sure why this is…

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Wind energy market could supply 20% of the world’s electricity by 2030

New report highlights the potential of the global wind energy market Wind energy could end up playing a very major role throughout the world in the coming years. The Global Wind Energy Council has released a new report highlighting the potential future of this form of renewable power. According to the report, wind power could supply as much as 20% of the world’s electricity by 2030. Growth in the wind power sector will, of course, be powered by investments and government policies that support the clean energy sector as a…

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France to invest more than $300 million into solar energy

French Development Agency will commit $325 million for the global development of solar energy French President Francois Hollande has announced that France’s Development Agency will invest some $325 million into the global solar energy sector over the next five years. According to Hollande, the investment is meant to bolster the global development of new solar power systems. The move is part of the International Solar Alliance, which aims to expand the use of solar energy in 122 countries that receive more than 300 days a year of sunlight. International Solar…

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HyperSolar to continue innovating in the field of hydrogen fuel

HyperSolar will continue making strides in improving technology in 2016 HyperSolar, a developer of hybrid technology that combines solar energy with hydrogen fuel, has announced that it will continue to build upon the technological breakthroughs it made in 2015. The company has made significant progress in improving its hydrogen production technology, which relies on solar energy to serve as a sustainable way to generate hydrogen. Over the past year, the company has reached significant milestones in voltage and catalyst performance, which it aims to capitalize on in 2016. Company has…

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World leaders embrace Paris Agreement to fight climate change

Governments have made a deal to work together to combat climate change in the coming years World leaders have agreed to a deal to fight climate change and mitigate the rise of global temperatures. Leaders representing a wide range of countries met in France to discuss the deal, now called the Paris Agreement. The deal had been gathering strong support before world leaders arrived in France to discuss it, with the United Nations suggesting that the agreement could have a major, beneficial impact on the global environment. Paris Agreement will…

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