Sydney sets 100% renewable energy goal

Sydney to become a renewable energy haven Australia has become a strong advocate of renewable energy. Various kinds of initiatives and clean energy projects have taken root within the country and Australia has plans to cut emissions through the use of these projects over the next several years. One of the country’s largest cities, Sydney, has adopted an ambitious goal concerning renewable energy. According to Allan Jones, the Chief Development Officer of Energy and Climate Change for the city, Sydney will rely entirely on renewable energy by 2030. Initiative aims…

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G20 countries take a step toward renewable energy and sustainability

Renewable energy may win out with agreement to cut fossil-fuel subsidies In early September, G20 leaders met in Russia for the 2013 Leaders’ Summit. During the event, heads of state from around the world come together to discuss global issues, such as the dismantling of nuclear weaponry and other subjects that could have global implications. Typically, political leaders are divided on the issues that are discussed at the gathering and little progress toward resolving global problems is made. This year, however, all G20 leaders have agreed to begin phasing out…

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Google continues to embrace renewable energy

Renewable energy continues to attract Google’s support Google has been an advocate for renewable energy for several years. The company has made major strides in embracing clean power and has even devoted significant sums of money to the development of renewable energy projects in the U.S. While Google is often considered a leader in the clean energy space, as far as businesses adoption is concerned, the company is often on the lookout for ways to reduce its use of fossil-fuels in order to become more environmentally friendly. Google to purchase…

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Cost of renewable energy continues to fall in the US

Price continues to be a topic of interest when it comes to renewable energy Renewable energy has managed to attract a great deal of support around the world in recent years. As more countries become conscious of their impact on the environment, as well as the economic implications of a reliance on fossil-fuels, they are looking for ways to incorporate renewable energy more effectively. While clean power has been winning acceptance among many, that does not mean it is free from criticism. On the subject of renewable energy, cost is…

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Renewable energy subsidies could end by 2025 in the US

Government subsidies help power progress in renewable energy Renewable energy in the U.S., as in other parts of the world, is heavily reliant on subsidies provided by the federal government. These subsidies help power progress in the renewable energy sector and support myriad projects that would not exist without adequate financial assistance. While subsidies have helped with progress, the fact that they are often tied to the government has been something of an issue in recent years. Because government subsidies are subjected to a great deal of bureaucracy, the financial…

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New renewable energy system under development in Japan

Modec currently developing hybrid renewable energy system Modec, a Japanese engineering firm, is currently developing a new system that harnesses the power of ocean and wind currents in order to generate electricity. The firm is currently developing a small-scale prototype of this system in order to demonstrate its capabilities and how it can be used to produce energy and send this power back to the mainland. The system is designed to generate electrical power offshore and will take advantage of the strong wind and ocean currents that can be found…

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Summer camp helps students understand renewable energy and clean technology

Camp provides educational opportunity concerning renewable energy The Northrop Grumman Corporation, Colorado State University College of Engineering, and Cherry Creek Schools partnered over the summer to provide students with a unique opportunity to gain hands-on experience with clean technology and renewable energy. The partnership resulted in Colorado’s first STEM/Cybersecurity Summer Camp, which is meant to highlight the careers that exist in the science, technology, engineering, mathematics, and cybersecurity fields. Renewable energy was a relatively popular topic at the summer camp and proved to be an attractive concept to the 45…

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Renewable energy may see more support through emissions trading reforms

New Hampshire renewable energy - green carbon footprint

RGGI could help direct more attention to renewable energy The U.S. Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI) is the first official cap-and-trade program to be launched in the country. The RGGI created an emissions trading market in the Northeastern region of the country and has helped significantly reduce carbon emissions in this region since 2003. Emissions trading has become a significant facet of sustainability that has managed to garner a great deal of support for the economic benefits it can bring to a country. The states involved in the RGGI have…

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Renewable energy receives more support in Texas

Texas Renewablee Energy

Texas lawmakers open new financing program for renewable energy When it comes to renewable energy adoption, financing can mean the difference between a project’s success and failure. Renewable energy is rarely an inexpensive matter and if there are no financing plans in place to support adoption, consumers may be disinclined to show favor for renewable energy in any way. In Texas, the matter of financing has been receiving strong attention. This week, the Texas Legislature has passed Senate Bill 385, which aims to establish new PACE programs for the commercial…

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Location may be everything in renewable energy

Renewable Energy - Location Matters

Location could have a major impact on the success of renewable energy When it comes to real estate, location is often considered the most important factor. Location can determine the overall value of a property, as well as its allure to potential property owners. As such, property that is located in high-value areas, such as that overlooking the coast, can fetch a significant price. Location is not only important in real estate, of course, as it also plays a major role in the realm of renewable energy. Location can determine…

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Renewable energy becoming popular with multinational companies

Renewable Energy Business

Large companies show support for renewable energy As renewable energy begins gaining significant momentum with governments around the world, interest in clean power among large businesses is beginning to peak. In the past, renewable energy had been entirely related to the concept of environmentalism. This concept has a somewhat controversial history, but has become a mainstream form of advocacy that considers climate change to be a significant danger. This concern is growing among governments, many of whom are embracing renewable energy in an attempt to mitigate or avoid the impact…

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Germany set to launch new renewable energy storage initiative

Germany Renewable Energy

Germany continues showing its strength on the renewable energy front Germany is quickly establishing itself as a leading power in the realm of renewable energy. As the country begins to make more use of solar, wind, hydrogen fuel, and other forms of clean power, the need for comprehensive and efficient storage systems is becoming more apparent. In February of this year, the country began focusing more heavily on improving the battery storage technology that was being used for its various solar energy systems. Now, Germany is set to debut the…

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Renewable energy could make utilities obsolete in the future

Renewable Energy US

Utilities may lose against the capabilities of renewable energy The world is becoming increasingly involved in renewable energy, so much so that traditional utilities companies may not be necessary in the future. The concept of renewable energy is quite simple: Electrical power that can be produced through the use of sustainable resources, such as sunlight, wind, or hydrogen. Renewable energy allows consumes an opportunity to produce the electrical power they need without having to rely on a utility. Traditional energy production involves the use of finite resources, which associated a…

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Report targets benefits of renewable energy in the EU

Renewable Energy Report EU

New report highlights renewable energy and efficiency in Europe Ecofys, a consultancy firm specializing in renewable energy and efficiency, has released a new report concerning carbon emissions in the European Union. The report was commissioned by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), which has been showing a great deal of support for renewable energy in recent years. The WWF has become a strong proponent of renewable energy and its ability to significantly reduce the level of carbon emissions that are released into the global environment. Emissions could be cut in half…

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Northeastern University researchers create powerful magnet not made from rare earth materials

Northeastern University in Massachusetts

Researchers from the Northeastern University in Massachusetts have discovered a new way to make high-powered magnets without using rare earth materials. Magnets are not often mentioned in talks concerning alternative energy, but they play a vital role in sustainability. Most electronic gadgets and power systems contain magnets. Electric motors are primary examples of how important magnets are in renewable energy systems as these motors would not be able to function without them. Researchers say that the discovery could reduce the price of high-powered magnets significantly. Researchers have developed a new…

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