New hydrogen fuel plant to take form in South Australia

Hydrogen Fuel - Globe showing Australia

New hydrogen plant will be built in South Australia in the coming months South Australia’s first hydrogen plant is set to be built in Port Lincoln in the coming months. The new facility is meant to be the largest of its kind in the world and will be making use of both wind and solar energy in order to produce hydrogen fuel. The hydrogen produced by the facility will be used to generate electricity that will then be filled into Australia’s energy grid. The facility is estimated to cost some…

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South Australia offering up grants for renewable energy projects

Renewable Energy Grant - Australian Money

Government aims to fund promising projects from four companies South Australia is continuing its efforts to embrace renewable energy and will soon have more efficient storage solutions. The state government has plans to issue grants ranging from $1 million to $3.6 million to four companies that will be leading these efforts. Currently, companies have submitted more than 80 proposals seeking funding for their renewable energy and storage projects. The grants will be issued as part of the South Australian renewable energy fund, which has some $150 million available. Tesla has…

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Tesla keeps its promise to build battery system in 100 days or less

Clean Energy - Tesla Car Battery

Company has built a large-scale battery system in South Australia Tesla has followed through with its promise to build the world’s largest battery system in South Australia. The company has successfully completed the construction of a 100 megawatt battery facility. The new facility will be capable of supplying some 129 megawatt-hours of electrical power. Tesla founder and CEO Elon Musk had promised the Australian government that the battery system would be completed within 100 days. Tesla was able to finish the project in less than two months. New battery system…

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South Australia calls for hydrogen infrastructure development

South Australia Hydrogen Infrastructure - Image of Brisbane Australia

Government seeks proposals for infrastructure projects The South Australian government has issued a call for proposals for hydrogen infrastructure projects. The government is also seeking proposals for infrastructure projects that would be focused on providing fuel for hydrogen-powered buses. This move is part of South Australia’s emerging efforts to establish a “hydrogen economy.” Australia, as a whole, has become heavily invested in hydrogen in recent years. The country intends to become a leading supplier of the fuel. South Australia is moving forward with its Hydrogen Roadmap The call for proposals…

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South Australia looks to expand its renewable energy and storage capabilities

Renewable Energy - Wind, Solar, Earth

Government calls for proposals for new projects The South Australian government is calling for project proposals from companies that may be interested in renewable energy. The state is looking to secure new projects that focus on clean power, bioenergy, and energy storage. Such projects will receive aid from the Renewable Technology Fund, which has some $150 million in backing. Companies are being invited to submit proposals for innovative projects that could help South Australia establish a greater foothold in the renewable energy space. Energy storage is becoming a major priority…

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South Australia plans to build a new concentrated solar energy system

Solar Energy - Sunrise and landscape

Government awards contract for new energy system to SolarReserve The South Australia government has awarded a contract for a new solar energy system to SolarReserve. Per the contract, the company will be responsible for the development of a 150 megawatt solar thermal power plant that will be built near Port Augusta. The project will take advantage of concentrated sunlight in order to generate heat and electrical power. The new solar energy system could help resolve some of South Australia’s problems with reliable power. State continues to support clean energy in…

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Tesla to build world’s largest battery system

Tesla Motors Store

New battery system will be developed by Tesla Tesla Motors has been tapped to build the world’s largest battery system. The system will be developed in South Australia and is meant to be 60% larger than other large-scale battery systems. The project is being developed with the aid of the Australian government as well as Neoen, a French renewable energy company. A portion of the electricity stored by the battery system will come from the Hordnsdale Wind Farm. Tesla expects that the battery system will be able to provide as…

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New fuel cell vehicles to come to Australia in 2018

Hyundai will be bringing new fuel cell vehicles to Australia Hyundai Australia has confirmed that a new fuel cell vehicle will be launched in the country in 2018. Recently, Hyundai brought its first fuel cell vehicle to the country. The automaker delivered 20 of these vehicles, which are currently being used by the Australian government. Hyundai has been working to develop a new vehicle equipped with advanced hydrogen fuel cell technology and intends to showcase its new vehicle during the 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea. Country will work to…

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Wind energy industry in Australia is seeing more support from individual states

Australian states are investing more heavily in wind power The wind energy industry is beginning to find more success in Australia. This is largely thanks to the efforts being made by individual states, many of whom are looking to meet new environmental goals. This week, a new 100 megawatt wind farm began operation in South Australia. The wind farm was developed by Neoen and Siemens, both companies that hold a strong position in the wind energy industry. The new wind farm is expected to contribute to South Australia’s continued efforts…

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Wind energy market continues to show promising growth in Australia

Wind power is making impressive progress in Australia Wind energy has been making significant progress in Australia recently and the sector reached a major milestone in May of this year. Pitt & Sherry, an analysis firm, notes that four Australian states have reported record wind power production in May. South Australia, Victoria, New Wales, and Tasmania have all reached a new high in terms of wind production, highlighting the continued growth of the wind energy market in Australia. 3.9 GW of electrical power was produced by wind farms in May…

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Australia reached 3GW of installed wind energy capacity

Country reaches new record in total installed wind power capacity Australia has reached a new milestone when it comes to wind energy capacity. Though the country have been showing less support for renewable energy in recent years due to changes in the government, wind energy has managed to maintain much of its support. New wind projects have emerged over the years and many of these projects reached completion earlier this year, increasing the country’s total installed wind energy capacity by a significant margin. 3GW of total capacity achieved with the…

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New wind energy record set in Australia

43% of South Australia’s energy needs met through wind power in July Wind energy has reached a new milestone in Australia. South Australia’s wind farms were able to meet 43% of the state’s energy needs during July of this year, according to the Clean Energy Council. Wind power has been gaining momentum in Australia recently as the country looks for ways to distance itself from fossil-fuels and reduce the emissions it produces every year. Though government support for renewable energy has been reduced somewhat, solar and wind are finding a…

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Solar energy reaches new milestone in Australia

Solar energy continues to gain momentum in Australia One million households in Australia are equipped with rooftop solar energy systems. These systems were installed through various initiatives, many of which came from the Australian government. The country is eager to embrace solar energy in order to reduce its reliance on fossil-fuels, the majority of which are imported from other countries around the world. Australia also intends to leverage the power of solar energy to reduce emissions throughout the country. Exactly how much electrical power these solar energy systems account for…

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Solar energy could help South Australia break away from oil and coal

Wind and solar energy are gaining ground in Australia The Australian Energy Market Operator has issued a new report concerning solar energy in South Australia. The report suggests that the state could receive at least 50% of its energy from solar power within the next 10 years. Other forms of renewable energy could also help the state reach this goal. The report notes that nearly one in five homes in South Australia are equipped with rooftop photovoltaic systems. Solar power continues to attract strong support Solar energy has become a…

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Solar energy makes strong progress in Australia

solar energy south australia

Australia proving the capabilities of solar energy Australia continues to be a strong example of the capabilities of solar energy. The country has been embracing solar energy aggressively over the past year, with several government initiatives designed to support the adoption of rooftop solar systems. Rooftop solar is having a major impact on the energy market in South Australia, the state with the highest proliferation of such energy systems. According to information from the Melbourne Energy Institute, rooftop solar energy systems are serving to reshape the energy market entirely. Rooftop…

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Clean energy drives down the cost of electricity in South Australia

South Australia Clean Energy

Clean energy influencing Australian energy market The field of utility energy is beginning to change drastically. As more countries adopt clean energy, the impact this practice is having on the cost of electricity is beginning to be seen around the world. German citizens recently saw the price of energy drop due to the country’s use of wind and solar power. This has also been the case in Texas in the U.S., as well as elsewhere. Now, Australia is seeing the impact that clean energy is having on the price of…

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