Report highlights the slowly growing hydrogen fuel infrastructure in the US

Hydrogen Fuel Growth - Graph

Only 39 hydrogen fuel stations are currently open to the public As of January 25, there are 39 hydrogen fuel stations available to the public in the United States, according to a report from the Department of Energy. The vast majority of these fueling stations, 35, are located in California. Two hydrogen stations are located in South Carolina, with another 2 serving the entirety of the Northeast. The report highlights the significant lack of infrastructure support that fuel cell vehicles currently have, but it also shows that more fueling stations…

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Solar energy sector prepares for total eclipse in the US

Solar Energy - Solar Eclipse

Eclipse will have a major impact on solar power production Several solar energy companies are preparing to suffer the impact of a total solar eclipse that will cross the United States later this month. The eclipse will make its way from Oregon to South Carolina, with the moon casting a shadow that is 70 miles wide. This will effectively halt all solar energy production along the path of the eclipse. Solar power production is expected to be cut by some 9,000 megawatts during the eclipse, which is approximately the same…

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Linde reaches new milestone with hydrogen fuel system in South Carolina

Linde technology has played a major role in a fueling station located in BMW’s South Carolina facility Linde, a leading chemical producer, has announced that it has reached a major milestone with its hydrogen fuel technology in South Carolina. The company’s technology is at work at the a BMW manufacturing facility in Spartanburg, South Carolina, where numerous materials handling vehicles have been equipped with fuel cells. BMW operates more than 350 forklifts to manage the facility’s production and logistics function. This represents one of the largest hydrogen-powered forklift fleets in…

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SCRA completes new hydrogen fuel production project

Gas-to-hydrogen project at BMW facility reaches completion SCRA, an applied research corporation, has completed a new gas-to-hydrogen project at a BMW facility located in South Carolina. The project received support from the U.S. Department of Energy and it had a focus of finding ways to economically convert landfill gases into usable hydrogen fuel. This type of hydrogen production method is becoming more popular, as it may represent an efficient way to supply the fuel to those that are making use of fuel cell energy systems. New hydrogen production methods could…

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New opportunities for solar energy are emerging in South Carolina

South Carolina legislation will benefit the solar energy sector Opportunities for solar energy are beginning to emerge in South Carolina. Last year, the state’s Legislature passed a bill that would allow for third-party solar leasing. The bill also established new regulations that would better manage the state’s energy grid. Essentially, the legislation will have an effect on rooftop solar installations as well as the development of other solar energy projects in the state. Utilities, solar companies, and conservation groups were instrumental in supporting the legislation. Legislation allows homeowners and businesses…

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South Carolina proves to be a leader in hydrogen fuel cell technology

Report recognizes South Carolina as a fuel cell leader The U.S. Department of Energy has released a report concerning the state of fuel cell support throughout the country. The report is released annually and tracks the progress that various hydrogen fuel projects have made, ranking states based on their support of hydrogen fuel cell technology. For 2013, South Carolina was recognized as a leader in fuel cell technology for the third consecutive year. The Department of Energy notes that the state is home to ambitious projects and strong political policies…

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Hydrogen fuel continues to win favor of BMW Manufacturing

Materials Handling - Hydrogen Fuel

BMW Manufacturing praises hydrogen fuel cells from Plug Power Plug Power, a leading developer of hydrogen fuel cells, and BMW Manufacturing, automaker BMW’s manufacturing division, have been enjoying a powerful partnership recently. Plug Power recently delivered a number of hydrogen fuel cells to BMW Manufacturing, where these energy systems were put to use in forklift trucks and other such materials handling vehicles. This was meant to move BMW Manufacturing away from the use of fossil-fuels, and this endeavor seems to be working very well as the company continues to order…

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BMW to receive hydrogen fuel solution from Linde

BMW Hydrogen Fuel Materials Handaling Vehicles

Linde to install hydrogen fuel system at BMW facility Linde North America, a member of the Linde Group and producer of industrial gases, has announced that it will be providing hydrogen fuel systems to a BMW Manufacturing facility in Spartanburg, South Carolina. BMW, along with several other automakers in the auto industry, has shown a strong interest in hydrogen fuel. Much of this interest revolves around the use of hydrogen fuel for transportation, but BMW also believes that this form of renewable energy could be useful for industrial purposes. The…

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Hydrogen fuel research may benefit from shift in auto industry

Hydrogen Fuel Research Auto Industry

Automakers come together to solve the problems of hydrogen fuel Last week, Ford, Daimler, and Nissan joined forces to make progress in the field of hydrogen fuel cell technology. Each of the companies has an ambitious goal in mind in terms of hydrogen transportation, but each has also been faces with challenges that threaten to derail these goals. The automakers decided to team up in order to overcome some of these challenges and introduce new standards to hydrogen fuel cell technology as a whole. This may be very good news…

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Offshore wind energy in South Carolina could be economic powerhouse

Offshore wind energy

New study highlights the economic potential of offshore wind energy There are currently plans for a major offshore wind farm to take root off the coast of South Carolina. Like other projects of its kind taking root throughout the U.S., this offshore wind energy project has been associated with vast economic potential. It has also been the subject of criticism, with skeptics claiming that the project would be a waste of government funds that could be put to better use in other projects that are taking form in the state.…

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Hydrogen economy in South Carolina may pay off, eventually

Clean Technology Market

South Carolina continues to establish its hydrogen economy In South Carolina, taxpayers and a handful of companies have devoted more than $100 million to establishing a hydrogen economy in the state. State officials claim that a hydrogen economy will have a dramatic and positive impact on the state as a whole, stimulating the economy and removing the need for fossil-fuels. Thus far, the initiative has created approximately 200 jobs, two new hydrogen fuel stations, and a number of research projects that aim to make fuel cells more viable for use…

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Hydrogen-powered buses coming from SRS laboratory in South Carolina

Aiken South Carolina

The future of hydrogen-powered transportation may be blossoming in Aiken County, South Carolina. A number of buses equipped with internal combustion engines running on hydrogen have emerged from the Savannah National Laboratory at SRS. The facility that birthed the fleet of buses is relatively new, but its scientists have very ambitious aims. Led by Dr. Ted Motyka, researchers have been experimenting with ways to incorporate hydrogen into conventional technologies. The buses uses an internal combustion engine that has been tweaked to make use of hydrogen rather than gasoline. The vehicle…

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Ford H2 shuttle buses are a big hit!

Columbia, South Carolina, is the latest to join a growing number of cities spanning the world that are using hydrogen fuel cells to power their public transit systems. On Wednesday, the city showed off its new H2 shuttle bus that will operate throughout the city on several routes over the next year. Officials are showing their support of clean energies and say that incorporating alternative fuel technologies will help the Midlands move toward an energy efficient future. The new Ford Hydrogen V-10 E-450 was on display at City Hall on…

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