SunPower’s solar panels break world record

SunPower claims to have the most efficient panels in the world. The American solar energy company announced that it can produce highly efficient solar panels that can convert 22.8 percent of the sun’s light into electricity and can generate 70 percent more energy in the same space, compared to less efficient panels, over the first 25 years. According to SunPower, that is a new world record, reported Fortune. Panels with greater efficiency use less material. The more efficiency solar panels have, the fewer materials are required to make them. The…

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Solar power plants to be built in China by Apple

Apple Inc. to work with SunPower Corp. to build 40 MW of solar energy projects in Chinese province. The two companies intend to build two solar power projects in Sichuan province, which will result in a total capacity of 40 MW (megawatts) and, once complete, the project will be owned by Apple and SunPower’s project development joint venture, Sichuan Shengtian New Energy Development Co Ltd. The projects are expected to be completed in Q4 2015. It is anticipated that the projects will provide as much as 80 million kWh (kilowatt-hours)…

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Verizon invests $40 million in new solar energy project

Project will help lower Verizon’s production of carbon dioxide emissions Verizon, one of the largest and most influential telecommunications companies in the U.S., has announced plans to invest $40 million into a new solar energy project. The project will be managed by Verizon itself and the company will use it to produce electrical power for eight of its network facilities. Verizon expects that the new solar power project will lower its production of carbon dioxide and make the company’s operations more environmentally friendly. Solar energy is becoming the most popular…

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Solar energy company receives funding to expand leasing program

SunPower acquires funding that will be used to expand leasing program and accelerate adoption of solar power SunPower, a manufacturer of photovoltaic technologies, has secured $42 million in funding. This money is to be used to expand the company’s solar leasing program. These leasing programs are becoming very popular among homeowners that are interested in renewable energy. The programs allow homeowners to install solar panels on their properties without having to deal with the upfront costs associated with the purchase and installation of these energy systems. Funding comes as a…

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Investors are showing strong support for hydrogen fuel cells

Stocks are surging for some fuel cell developers Fuel cell stocks are beginning to surge ahead as several companies enter into ambitious and promising deals that could have a major impact on the fuel cell market as a whole. FuelCell Energy and Plug Power have been seeing a great deal of attention in the stock market recently, largely due to the moves that these companies have made in the business sector. Both companies have also been winning more government support, which has helped create a sense of certainty among investors…

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Solar energy companies inch closer to completing ambitious project

Solar project begins generating electricity MidAmerican Solar and SunPower, two prominent solar energy companies, have announced that the first portion of one of the largest solar energy systems in the U.S. has begun pumping electrical power into the California energy grid. The Solar Star project, as it is called, is only supplying approximately 57 megawatts to the energy grid, but the project itself is estimated to be able to produce more than 579 megawatts. The energy system’s total capacity is expected to go online at some point in 2015. Project…

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Solar energy reaches new milestone in Australia

Solar energy continues to gain momentum in Australia One million households in Australia are equipped with rooftop solar energy systems. These systems were installed through various initiatives, many of which came from the Australian government. The country is eager to embrace solar energy in order to reduce its reliance on fossil-fuels, the majority of which are imported from other countries around the world. Australia also intends to leverage the power of solar energy to reduce emissions throughout the country. Exactly how much electrical power these solar energy systems account for…

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Solar energy leasing program launched in Australia

SunPower launches new solar energy leasing program SunPower, a solar energy company based in the U.S., has announced its partnership with Australia’s Community First Credit Union. Through this partnership, SunPower is set to launch a new financing initiative for its leasing arrangements in Australia. The company has been working to establish a stronger foothold in the country in an effort to take advantage of the abundant sunlight that Australia is exposed to on a daily basis. This exposure has made the country one of the most attractive solar energy markets…

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Australia to be a hub for solar energy innovation

Solar Energy popular among homeowners

SunPower heads to Australia to herald new generation of solar energy SunPower, a leading developer of solar energy systems based in the U.S., has announced that Australia will serve as its hub for developing new systems and perfecting existing technologies. Solar energy has been seeing major progress around the world as more countries become interested in clean power. Some of these countries are adopting solar energy to mitigate their impact on the environment, but most are doing so for the sake of their economies. Through Australia, SunPower believes it can…

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Apple makes progress on solar energy front

Apple Solar Energy Farm

Company continues its march toward a future powered by solar energy Technology superpower Apple has been taking an aggressive stance on renewable energy in recent years. The company is often criticized for being a major consumer of fossil-fuels, thus contributing to emerging environmental problems. Like other large companies, Apple is heavily reliant on fossil-fuels due to its gargantuan energy needs. Apple has, however, been showing strong advocacy for solar energy and has plans to continue making use of this form of sustainable power in the foreseeable future. New data center…

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Solar energy holds vast potential in energy market

Global Solar Energy Market

Solar energy continues to see progress around the world Solar energy has managed to establish itself as a promising market in the U.S. Companies investing in solar energy have seen strong growth over the years, especially as the federal government begins to show more support for renewable energy as a whole. The progress that solar energy is making is not restricted to the U.S., of course, as the energy has also been seeing promising growth in Europe, China, and other parts of the world. The full potential of the solar…

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SunPower announces commercialization of its record breaking Maxeon solar cells

Hydrogen fuel - solar cell technology

SunPower, a leading solar energy company, has announced that its record breaking solar energy cells have entered commercial production. The company’s Maxeon solar cells broke the world record for both efficiency and performance last year, showing that solar energy is a viable alternative to oil. The cells broke down much of the negative stigmas that surround solar power and the company believes that commercialization will further the favor of solar energy amongst consumers and businesses. The solar cells are capable of generating electricity with 24% efficiency, the highest level of…

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Advanced Energy Economy and American Council on Renewable Energy announce partnership to help Department of Defense meet its alternative energy goals

US Alternative Energy

Advanced Energy Economy (AEE), a business organization representing the entire advance energy industry, and American Council on Renewable Energy (ACORE), a non-profit organization which promotes alternative energy, have teamed to launch a new initiative. Together, the two organizations will explore how alternative energy can be used by the U.S. Department of Defense to achieve its goals. The focus will be on how to make the agency more energy efficient and save taxpayer money and examine how the use of alternative energy will impact the nation’s economy. The organizations will work…

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