CitySprint begins testing new fuel cell vehicles

Fuel Cell Vehicles - Hydrogen Powered Van

Company is examining how fuel cells can be used to power vehicles CitySprint, a leading same-day delivery company in the United Kingdom, has begun testing a new hydrogen-powered van. The new van is meant to help the company reduce its emissions output. During the test period, CitySprint will be assessing its performance to determine whether or not fuel cells would be adequate to power a fleet of delivery vehicles. Relatively few fuel cell vehicles are in use in the United Kingdom, but these cars are becoming more popular among delivery…

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Hydrogen fuel production project is gaining momentum in Orkney

Hydrogen Fuel Production - Image of Road in Orkney, Scotland

Project seeks to use clean power to generate hydrogen fuel A new hydrogen fuel production project is taking place in Orkney, a small archipelago north of Scotland. The islands have a great need for effective energy storage and hydrogen may be able to serve this purpose. Orkney is home to considerably wind and tidal resources that can be used to produce electrical power. Hydrogen could serve as a form of chemical storage, allowing excess electrical power to be saved for when it is needed most. Hydrogen could be used as…

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UK launches new program to support fuel cell vehicles

fuel cell vehicles - traffic in London

Hydrogen for Transport Program aims to promote the adoption of clean vehicles A new hydrogen-focused program has been launched in the United Kingdom. Called the Hydrogen for Transport Program, it aims to help promote the adoption of fuel cell vehicles throughout the country. The program is also meant to help establish a working hydrogen fuel infrastructure that will be capable of supporting new vehicles. ITM Power, a leading developer of fuel cells, has praised the program for its ambitious goals. The company has been working to promote fuel cells and…

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Riversimple successfully reaches its crowdufnding goal for fuel cell vehicles

Fuel Cell Vehicles - Crowdfuncing British Coin

Automaker has achieved its ambitious crowdfunding goal Riversimple, an automaker based in the United Kingdom, has ambitious plans to develop clean vehicles. The company has recently reached a major milestone with its crowdfunding goal, raising more than $1 million for its efforts to develop new vehicles equipped with hydrogen fuel cells. The automaker aims to produce 20 fuel cell vehicles, which will produce no harmful emissions. The successful crowdfunding campaign highlights a growing interest in clean transportation and in fuel cell vehicles specifically. New vehicle will be able to travel…

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New system combines rainwater with renewable energy to produce hydrogen fuel

Hydrogen Fuel Production - Clean Power Solutions Van

Clean Power Solutions develops innovative hydrogen fuel production system The United Kingdom’s Clean Power Solutions has developed a new system that can reliably produce hydrogen fuel. The new system is designed to be used to generate fuel on site, which could help some organizations overcome challenges associated with operating a fleet of fuel cell vehicles. These vehicles are becoming increasingly popular, especially in the materials handling space. More companies throughout the world are investing in fuel cell vehicles as a way to become more environmentally friendly and comply with increasingly…

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UK government commits more support to fuel cell vehicles

Fuel Cell Vehicles Support

Arcola Energy and Haydale Composite Solutions will work together to develop new fuel cell vehicles Arcola Energy, a developer of hydrogen fuel cells, and Haydale Composite Solutions, makers of gas storage tanks, have received the backing of the British government this week. The two companies will work together to develop a new drivetrain for commercial vans and trucks. The drivetrain will be based on hydrogen technology, which will ensure that the vans and trucks produce no harmful emissions while operating, similar to passenger vehicles equipped with fuel cells. Funding aims…

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ITM Power signs new deal to supply Hyundai with hydrogen fuel

New contract will have ITM Power supply hydrogen fuel to Hyundai Motor UK ITM Power, a leading developer of hydrogen fuel cells and storage solutions, has signed a new fuel contract with Hyundai Motor UK. Through this contract, ITM Power will be providing the fuel needed to power the automaker’s fleet comprised of fuel cell vehicles. These vehicles were developed by Hyundai in an effort to promote clean transportation. These vehicles have to the United Kingdom, where they are largely being used by companies and government organizations interested in clean…

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Kia encourages UK to invest more in hydrogen fuel infrastructure

Automaker calls on government to raise investments for hydrogen infrastructure Automaker Kia is calling on the United Kingdom government to invest more heavily in developing a hydrogen fuel infrastructure. The UK has hopes of establishing itself as a leading clean transportation market. The country is already home to many electric vehicles and has a strong infrastructure capable of supporting these cars. As fuel cells become more popular in the auto industry, however, the UK will need more hydrogen stations in order to ensure its position in the clean transportation space.…

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Riversimple to lease its new fuel cell vehicles

Rasa will not be available for sale, but consumers can lease it Riversimple, an automaker based in the United Kingdom, has released more information concerning its upcoming clean vehicle and some may surprised by what has been revealed. The automaker has announced that it will not actually be selling its fuel cell vehicle, called the Rasa. Instead, the company will be leasing the vehicle’s mileage. This will ensure that consumers can still use the vehicle, but they will not be able to own it outright. Automaker hopes to make improvements…

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UK launches new fund to support the adoption of fuel cell vehicles

New fund aims to help ease the adoption of clean vehicles for fleets The United Kingdom government has launched a new fund to encourage more businesses and other organizations to embrace fuel cell vehicles. The fund is called the Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle Fleet Support Scheme and is backed by an investment of more than $2.5 million from the UK government. The initiative is meant to enable businesses, police forces, fire brigades, and other groups to add fuel cell vehicles to their existing fleets. These organizations can bid for funding…

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Riversimple is taking its plans for fuel cell vehicles to the next level

Automaker introduces two new models for its fuel cell vehicle Riversimple, an automaker based in the United Kingdom, has unveiled two new models for its upcoming Rasa vehicle, which is equipped with a hydrogen fuel cell. The company unveiled these models during the London Motor Show. One of the models will be a four-seat version of the Rasa, while the other will be a van, Both will tap into the power of fuel cell technology, which will make them environmentally friendly and highly efficient. Riversimple to trial Rasa later this…

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BOC to aid ITM Power in developing a hydrogen fuel infrastructure in the UK

BOC signs deal with ITM Power to supply hydrogen technologies and support BOC, one of the largest providers of industrial gases in the United Kingdom, has entered into a deal with ITM Power, a developer of hydrogen fuel cells. Through this deal, BOC will be providing the hydrogen needed to power ITM Power’s fuel cells that are being used in new passenger vehicles. BOC is a member of the Linde Group, which has been working to improve hydrogen infrastructure throughout the world. As a part of the Linde Group, BOC…

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UK project breaks two records with its hydrogen fuel cell vehicle

London Hydrogen Network Expansion project has managed to break previous records with its fuel cell vehicle The London Hydrogen Network Expansion project has set two new distance records in terms of powering fuel cell vehicles. Working with several partners, the project has managed to achieve the longest journey in the United Kingdom on a single tank of hydrogen fuel. The project’s fuel cell vehicle has traveled 400 miles before needing to refuel. The vehicle has also achieved a new record for continuous travel, trekking some 9,096 miles over the course…

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Riversimple to launch a new hydrogen fuel cell vehicle in the UK

Automaker is developing a new fuel cell vehicle to serve the United Kingdom Riversimple, an automaker based in the United Kingdom, has announced that it is developing a new 2-seat fuel cell vehicle. The new car is expected to be available in the UK later this year and will give consumers a new option when it comes to clean transportation. Called the Rasa, the vehicle will be equipped with a hydrogen fuel cell, which generates electricity through the consumption of hydrogen. The only byproduct of this process in water vapor…

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Intelligent Energy develops new hydrogen fuel cells for small drones

Developer to present new patent concerning fuel cells designed to power small drones Intelligent Energy, a prominent developer of hydrogen fuel cells based in the United Kingdom, will be presenting a new patent concerning fuel cells designed to power drones. The company already holds more than 1,000 patents concerning fuel cell technology, with another 1,000 pending. These fuel cell patents cover more than 400 different fields, offering energy systems to power nearly every need. The company’s latest patent is focused on energy systems that power drones, which could change the…

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ITM Power to build new hydrogen fuel station in the UK

New hydrogen fuel station will take form in Essex ITM Power, a leading developer of hydrogen fuel cells, has been granted approval to build a new hydrogen station in the United Kingdom. The station will be located in Essex, where it will provide fueling support for those using fuel cell vehicles. These vehicles are not yet commercially available, but automakers expect to bring fuel cell vehicles to the market in the relatively near future. The approval that ITM Power has received has come from the Havering Borough Council. ITM Power…

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