Solar power sets a new record in the United Kingdom

Solar Power Sets New Record

Solar power helps meet 24% of country’s peak energy demand Solar power has set a new record in the United Kingdom for the second time in a month. On May 26, the country’s solar power systems generated a total of 8.7 gigawatts of electrical power. This was able to meet 24% of the UK’s peak energy demand during the middle of the day. Earlier this month, the country’s solar energy systems were able to generate 8.48 gigawatts, the previous record in terms of energy generation. Renewable energy is playing a…

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Solar energy reaches new milestone in the United Kingdom

Solar power outpaces coal in energy production Solar energy has reached a major milestone in the United Kingdom. Over the past six month, solar energy systems have generated more electricity than coal for the first time ever. An analysis from Carbon Brief shows that solar panels generated approximately $7,000 gigawatt-hours of electricity from April to September. This is approximately 10% more than the energy generated through the use of coal. Production of solar power is quickly growing in the UK This milestone highlights the UK’s increasing interest in solar energy…

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United Kingdom solar energy reaches new milestone in May

Carbon Brief shows that solar power surpassed coal in terms of energy production Renewable energy reached a new milestone in the United Kingdom last month. According to Carbon Brief, a research and analysis firm, solar energy surpassed coal in terms of electrical production in May of this year. This represents the first time solar power has managed to accomplish this feat, but may not be the last. The United Kingdom solar energy sector has been growing aggressively in recent years, with the government showing strong support for this form of…

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Largest solar energy system in the UK gets connected to the grid

Landmead solar farm has been successfully connected to the National Grid The United Kingdom’s largest solar energy system, called Landmead, has officially been connected to the National Grid. The solar farm produces as much as 46 megawatts of electrical power, which is approximately enough to provide energy to 14,000 British homes. The land that the solar power system is located was originally used for grazing sheep. Now, the land will be used to produce electricity from sunlight while also serving as a grazing ground. Solar farm was developed by First…

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Solar energy capacity grows in the UK

1 GW of solar power was installed in the UK during the first half of the year The United Kingdom’s solar energy capacity is showing healthy signs of growth. According to a report from the Department of Climate Change, more than 1 gigawatt of solar power capacity was installed throughout the country in the first half of this year. The UK managed to outpace Germany for the first time in regards to solar installations and this momentum may carry on into the future. Solar power has received significant support from…

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UK consumers favor solar energy over utilities

Study shows that UK citizens are ready to abandon utilities The British may be ready to abandon old forms of energy and embrace clan power, according to a market analysis from Edelman, a leading public relations firm. The United Kingdom has been showing an increased interest in solar energy in recent months, with the government providing more financial support for this form of clean power for the sake of the environmental and economic growth. Notably, UK consumers have begun to show a great deal of favor for renewable energy in…

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Yingli Solar tapped to bring solar energy technology to the UK

Grid Essence UK teams with Yingli Solar to bolster new projects Yingli Solar, one of China’s largest solar energy companies, has been selected by Grid Essence UK, a renewable energy organization, to supply seven projects with photovoltaic technology. The United Kingdom has become quite enamored with solar power in recent years, partly due to the economic prospects that it represents. While the UK government has begun to focus more heavily on wind energy, several independent energy developers in the country supportive of the continued development of solar power throughout the…

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UK solar energy capacity expected to double this year

UK Solar Energy Expected to Double

UK solar energy sector continues to grow The United Kingdom is becoming a very powerful solar energy market. Solarcentury, a developer of solar energy systems based in the UK, is scheduled to complete the construction of 70 megawatts worth of solar power projects by the end of this month. The company has built 12 utility-scale solar energy systems within the United Kingdom so far, all of which have contributed to the country’s total solar capacity and have helped the UK become one of the fastest growing solar markets in the…

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Solar energy finds a new advocate in the UK

Solar Energy Growth UK

BRE National Solar Energy Center formed A new clean energy organization has taken root in the United Kingdom called the BRE National Energy Center. The organization has a very specific focus on solar energy and the adoption of photovoltaic solar panels throughout the country. Though the BRE National Energy Center was officially launched earlier in January, the organization’s National Solar Energy Center will not become active until sometime in April of this year. This division will handle much of the solar energy focus that the overarching organization represents. Organization will…

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Westmill Solar Cooperative to open largest community-owned solar energy system

solar energy - transparency

Westmill Solar Cooperative solar energy project the largest of its kind in the world The Westmill Solar Cooperative, a community-based alternative energy conglomerate, has announced that it will be opening the world’s largest community-owned solar energy project in the United Kingdom. The solar energy project will be located in Oxford and will encompass some 30 acres of land. The Westmill Solar Cooperative suggests that the project will reflect the interest the UK public have in regards to sustainability and alternative energy, thus reinforcing speculation that alternative energy is becoming more…

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