Wind energy industry in the US shows great promise

Wind Energy - Wind Turbines in USA

New analysis highlights the economic impact on the wind energy industry Navigant Consulting has released a new analysis of the wind energy industry in the United States. The analysis shows that the wind sector is set to have a major economic impact in the country. This is despite concerns regarding federal energy policy. Advocates of clean power have expressed worry that the federal government will show less support for wind energy in the coming years. This is due to the promises made by the Trump Administration to reduce regulations on…

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Wind energy is gaining more momentum in Denmark

Wind Energy - Denmark Flag Blowing In Wind

Wind energy continues to experience strong growth in Denmark Denmark has made major strides in embracing wind energy in recent years and the country has reached a new milestone in terms of electrical production through its wind farms. According to information from WindEurope, Denmark generated enough electricity from its wind energy systems last week to meet all of its energy needs. The majority of the country’s wind capacity comes from its onshore systems, but Denmark also has several offshore wind farms in operation currently. Wind farms generate enough electricity to…

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Deepwater Wind to develop the largest offshore wind farm in the US

Offshore Wind Farm - Offshore wind turbines

United States will soon have a larger offshore wind farm The largest offshore wind energy system in the United States may soon be eclipsed by another massive project that aims to further increase the country’s wind capacity. The Long Island Power Authority has granted approval for the development of what will become the country’s largest offshore wind energy project, which is being constructed by Deepwater Wind. The company already operates the current largest offshore system in the country, but the new project is expected to dwarf its predecessor by a…

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China’s Jiuquan Wind Power Base goes unused as demand for wind energy falls

Wind Energy - Image of Gobi Desert

Massive wind energy system is not producing electricity One of China’s largest wind energy systems has rarely been used in recent months. The Jiuquan Wind Power Base is located on the edge of the Gobi Desert, where wind currents are notably strong. The wind farm is comprised of more than 7,000 turbines and is capable of generating enough electricity to power a small nation. While the wind energy system has vast potential, it now stands inert and low demand may be the reason for this. China is working to embrace…

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North Carolina seeks to shut down wind farm due to national security concerns

North Carolina - Wind Farms

Lawmakers are looking to halt development on a large-scale wind energy project Lawmakers in North Carolina are looking to put an end to a wind farm that is nearing completion, citing national security risks. The wind farm costs approximately $400 million to develop and is located relatively close to a long-distance surveillance radar installation. Legislators have come together to send the incoming Trump administration a letter requesting that action be taken on the issue. The future of the wind farm is currently uncertain. Project’s wind turbines could interfere with nearby…

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Scotland reaches a new wind energy record

Wind Energy - Spinning Wind Turbine

Wind energy in Scotland continues to break old records Scotland’s wind energy systems have reached a major milestone recently. The country has been investing heavily in the development of new wind farms for some time in an effort to distance itself from fossil-fuels and become more energy independent. Recent political tensions have encouraged a further focus on clean energy, but the Scottish government is also interested in reducing the emissions the country is responsible for and to help the country become more environmentally friendly. Wind turbines generate 74,000 MWh of…

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Study predicts wind energy may play a major role in reducing emissions in the UK

New study from the Edinburgh University highlights the emissions reduction capabilities of wind energy A new study from the Edinburgh University suggests that wind energy will play a major role in reducing greenhouse emissions in the United Kingdom. Researchers have found that wind farms throughout the United Kingdom have offset some 36 million tons of carbon emissions over a six year period. This is equivalent to removing 2.3 million vehicles from the road, according to researchers. The study is based on figures from the National Grid, comparing energy production from…

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German developer to build a new wind energy system in Texas

E.ON is bringing a new project to Texas to further wind energy goals E.ON, a leading energy developer based in Germany, has announced that it will be coming to Texas to build a new wind farm. The company has seen major success with its efforts in Germany, where wind energy has been growing at a very rapid pace. Texas, however, represents one of the fastest growing wind markets in the world and is home to the largest, and most successful, wind markets in the United States. E.ON sees significant promise…

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Wind energy market begins to show more promise

Wind power has had trouble finding a foothold in Ohio Wind energy develop is expected to pick up in Ohio, following a time where wind power projects have come to a standstill. The American Wind Energy Association notes that there are challenges that wind power faces in Ohio that are somewhat unique to the state. Some of these challenges have to do with state policy, which shows favor for more conventional forms of electrical power. Another issue that has hindered the growth of wind energy is the fact that the…

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Many developers use Production Tax Credit to renovate their wind energy systems

Production Tax Credit is helping upgrade existing wind farms Many wind developers in the United States are rushing to tax advantage of an extension granted to the federal Production Tax Credit. The federal tax initiative is meant to incentivize the development of new wind energy projects. Since its extension at the beginning of this year, many developers have used the Production Tax Credit to create new wind projects, which have been taking form in many promising states throughout the country. Now, however, some of these developers are using the Production…

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Cost of offshore wind energy reaches record low

Prices for electricity generated by offshore wind farms continue to fall Offshore wind energy systems are often considered highly expensive, but as new technology become available, the cost of these wind farms is beginning to fall. In Sweden, a new record has been set for the world’s least expensive wind farm built at sea. The Vattenfall wind farm is now capable of selling electricity for proximately $50 per megawatt-hour. According to Magnus Hall, the chief executive of the Vattenfall wind farm, the deals the energy system has managed to establish…

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MidAmerican Energy to focus more heavily on wind energy market

Utility plans to build new 1,000 turbine wind farm Wind energy continues to see strong growth in Iowa. The state is among the leaders in wind power generation. Approximately 31% of the state’s energy comes from its wind farms. This is set to grow, as MidAmerican Energy, one of Iowa’s largest utilities, seeks to embrace renewable energy more aggressively. The utility has plans of generating all of its energy capacity through renewable resources in the near future. Wind energy will play a major role in the company’s ambitious plans, as…

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Offshore wind energy is making progress in New England

Region begins moving away from fossil-fuels in favor of clean power The New England region of the United States, which is comprised of six states, is leading the way in renewable energy adoption. The region has been moving away from fossil-fuels quite aggressively.  In 2014, two states in the region, Rhode Island and Vermont, used very little coal to generate electricity. Now, Rhode Island is set to play host to one of the country’s first offshore wind energy systems, called the Block Island Wind Farm. Block Island Wind Farm could…

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UK ban on wind energy subsidies could hurt the Scottish wind sector

Scottish officials seek to remove ban on wind subsidies The United Kingdom is being urged to reconsider its ban on wind energy subsidies. This ban concerns onshore projects and severely limits the financial aid that energy developers can tap into when building new projects in the country. The ban on wind subsidies may be having a very detrimental impact on Scotland, in particular. The Scottish government suggests that the ban on wind energy subsidies will cost Scotland some $3.9 billion and make some environmental goals impossible to attain. The wind…

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Offshore wind farms are gaining more support in Hawaii

Federal agency issues call for information concerning new wind projects The United States Department of the Interior is looking to promote the growth of wind energy in Hawaii. The agency has issued a request for information in order to determine the wind industry’s interest in developing new wind projects in the state. Of particular interest is offshore projects, which could become a very powerful tool for Hawaii in the future. Offshore wind farms hold vast potential in terms of energy generation. New wind projects could help create more jobs in…

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General Electric to participate in Vietnam wind energy sector

GE to build new wind farm in Vietnam to expand country’s clean energy capacity General Electric has entered into an agreement with the Vietnamese government to develop a new wind energy system. The new wind farm will help expand the country’s clean energy capacity and enable it to distance itself from fossil-fuels. The agreement follows President Obama’s recent visit to Asia, during which time several commercial agreements were formed between companies in the United States and those in Vietnam. Some of these companies will be working with the Vietnamese government….

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