Alternative Energy Industry Forecasts – China Focus: MarketResearchReports.Biz

MarketResearchReports.Biz has announced addition of new report “Alternative Energy Industry Forecasts – China Focus” to its database. This study focuses on China’s Alternative Energy industry forecasts. In the two past decades, the industry has been growing at a fast pace. The dramatic expansions of the manufacturing capabilities and rising consumer consumptions in China have transformed China’s society and economy. China is one of the world’s major producers for industrial and consumer products. Far outpacing other economies in the world, China is the world’s fastest growing market for the consumptions of…

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Alternative energy industry grows with new partnership

Fuel Cell Industry - Partnership

Legacy, LLC hired to represent hydrogen pioneers Alternative Hydrogen Solutions You may not have heard of Hy-Impact but Alternative Hydrogen Solutions, LLC is looking to change that by hiring Legacy Consulting, Inc to help build brand recognition and aid in visibility nationally. Legacy is a consulting and strategy firm from Little Rock, AR which helps build up the profile of clients in many industries including both commercial operations and in government advocacy for new and advanced products. Alternative Energy Industry benefits from partnership AHS feels the pairing with Legacy will be a…

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Societe Generale surpasses emissions reduction targets

Hydrogen Fuel gains hype

Societe Generale aiming for complete carbon neutrality Societe Generale, one of the largest banks in Europe, has surpassed the goals it has set for itself through its carbon neutrality plan. The bank, which is based in France, adopted this plan in early 2008, with a goal to reduce carbon emissions per occupant by 11% each year until the end of 2012. To accomplish this goal, the bank adopted a mix of alternative energy and internal carbon taxation. This proved to be a powerful combination, as it helped Societe Generale exceed…

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CleanWorld activates new waste-to-energy system

CleanWorld Alternative Energy News

CleanWorld turns waste into clean fuel A new clean fuel system has been activated in Sacramento, California, this week by CleanWorld, a company intent on delivering clean energy through the use of waste. Turning waste into energy has become a popular concept, especially as the world becomes more accommodating of alternative energy. Large cities and countries with dense populations produce massive amounts of organic waste. This waste is often discarded, but holds promising energy potential if it can be harness adequately. CleanWorld believes that its large biodigester facility will be…

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Green jobs are booming in the US

Renewable Energy - Green Business

Report highlights growth of green jobs The alternative energy industry in the U.S. is taking off and may be having some profound economic effects on the whole country. The U.S. Labor Department’s Bureau of Labor Statistics has released a new report concerning “green jobs.” These jobs are in the clean energy industry and can refer to anything from manufacture, maintenance, or office work, as long as it relates to solar, wind, hydrogen or other form of renewable power in some way. Green jobs are often considered as sustainable as the…

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Terra Firma announces development of renewable energy fund

renewable energy news

Terra Firma aims to assist in the adoption of clean energy Terra Firma, a private equity firm, has announced plans to establish a $5 billion renewable energy fund. The fund would help support a variety of energy projects throughout the world. Terra Firma has partnered with China Development Bank to make this fund possible. The two organizations are expected to begin raising money for the renewable energy fund within the coming weeks, reaching the $5 billion goal within a matter of months. Equity firm already well versed in clean energy…

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FuelCell Energy releases financial results for Q3 2012

Fuelcell Energy Industry Financial News

FuelCell Energy financial report highlights performance during Q3 2012 FuelCell Energy, a leading developer of fuel cell technology, has released a report concerning its financial performance in the third quarter of 2012. The company is among the few in the fuel cell industry that verges on the precipice of profitability. Profitability has eluded fuel cell companies in the past because of the financially unattractive nature of the energy systems they produce. Advances in fuel cell technology have alleviated many of the problems that existed with the energy systems, paving the…

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Crowdfunding may be coming to alternative energy

Alternative Energy Investments

Crowdfunding proves to be a viable way to fund projects Crowdfunding has become a popular tactic for many companies interested in introducing new technologies or products without having to rely on private investments from larger companies or taking out a loan. The concept is relatively simple: Encourage consumers to fund a project by providing them with an assortment of incentives for doing so. Crowdfunding has shown itself to be a viable way to drastically cut the costs of a project, if said project is capable of garnering a significant amount…

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FuelCell Energy fights for profitability in competitive industry

hydrogen fuel news

Fuel cell industry struggles in terms of profitability The hydrogen fuel cell industry is often plagued by skepticism and controversy regarding the efficiency and electricity generation potential of hydrogen-based energy systems. The cost of fuel cell manufacture is often cited as a major reason the industry has struggled to reach profitability. Many companies in the industry have promised to deliver cost effective and highly efficient fuel cells for decades, but none have yet made good on that promise. FuelCell Energy, a maker of stationary molten carbonate fuel cells, believes that…

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Department of Labor report shows job growth in the alternative energy industry

Clean technology

The latest employment report from the U.S. Department of Labor shows that green jobs are growing at a rapid pace. The report notes that in the past year unemployment fell to 8.5%, the lowest it has been in three years. This is due largely to the emergence of new jobs in the alternative energy industry. These jobs concern manufacturing new energy systems, maintaining these systems, construction projects and even research and development careers. The report suggests that the U.S. economy is showing promising progress toward recovery in the wake of…

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Electromagnetism could be the future of energy for the whole world

Alternative Energy News

Electromagnetism is one of the four fundamental forces of natural, and is the strongest among them. The force is, essentially, responsible for holding everything together. For decades, scientists have attempted to harness the force as a way to power machines and unlock the secrets of the universe. These efforts have been met with significant challenges, however, as electromagnetism has proven to be a very dangerous force. Scientists from Duke University and Boston College may have found a way to capture the force without harming living organisms. Using new composite materials…

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Sempra Energy teams with BP to show how effective wind energy can be

Biofuel research

The future of the wind power industry in the U.S. is still unknown. At the end of this year, a development tax credit provided to energy companies is scheduled to expire. This tax credit has made it possible for companies to develop wind energy systems in the country. Federal lawmakers have had several opportunities to extend the credit, but none have yet touched upon the issue, showing mild disdain for the lackluster progress seen in the industry. Sempra Energy, an alternative energy company based in California, is taking the issue…

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New round of funding for alternative energy projects announced by the Obama administration

US Hydrogen Fuel Initiative

Alternative energy is getting ready to take center stage in this year’s election. The Obama administration has announced a new round of funding worth $150 million. The funding will be going to various research projects involving wind, solar, geothermal, bio-based and hydrogen energies. The funds are coming from the Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy (ARPA-E). The agency is based upon DARPA, the Department of Defense program that produced the Internet. The government will be looking for cutting-edge projects to invest in, hoping that the funding will be enough to move these…

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Global Wind Energy Council report shows that China leads the wind energy industry

Wind Energy Market Investment

The Global Wind Energy Council has released their latest annual market statics report which examines the progress and growth of the alternative energy industry around the world. The report shows that most types of clean energy are making significant strides in adoption, but wind energy is beating them all out. The report notes that over 41,000 megawatts of electricity around the world in 2011, most of which came from wind farms in Europe. The report asserts that wind energy is doing much better than expected, especially considering the volatile state…

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10-year-old discovers molecule that could be used for energy storage

Science is a field fraught with complexity. Like a maze, science can be filled with dead ends that make it difficult for researchers to find the answers to some of the world’s most mysterious problems. Though science is, indeed, complicated, breakthroughs are sometimes in the places where they are least expected. In Missouri, 10-year-old Clara Lazen has proven this to be true. She discovered a molecule that scientists never though existed. The molecule can, potentially, store massive amounts of energy, or release this energy to cause explosions. Lazen discovered the…

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Researchers build world’s most efficient solar cell with the help of quantum dots

National Renewable Energy Laboratory

Researchers from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) in the U.S. have successfully created a quantum dot solar cell. The solar cell has the highest energized particle percentage output of any other solar energy device and could be used to expand the use of solar energy exponentially. According to researchers, the solar cell has an efficiency of 114%, which makes it the most efficient solar cell on the planet. With this new development, a new day may be dawning for the alternative energy industry. Solar power is gaining momentum in…

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