Solar energy systems could power all new homes in California

Solar Energy Systems - Solar Panels on roofs

State could become the first to require all new homes to be powered by solar panels California may become the first state in the country to require all new homes to have their own solar energy systems. The California Energy Commission is set to vote on the matter this week. If approved, the new measure will go into effect in 2020. For the past seven years, solar energy has been optional for new homes being built in the state. The measure is meant to accelerate the adoption of solar power…

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State awards $8 million for the development of new hydrogen fuel stations

Hydrogen Fuel Investment for Stations - Image of Gas Station

First Element Fuel will be developing new hydrogen fuel stations in California The California Energy Commission has awarded some $8 million to First Element Fuel. The funding comes from the Alternative and Renewable Fuel and Vehicle Technology Program, which aims to help promote clean transportation throughout California. With this funding, First Element Fuel will work to develop new hydrogen fuel stations in Redwood City, Studio City, Beverly Hills, and Mission Hills. These cities are likely to become popular markets for fuel cell vehicles, which currently lack comprehensive infrastructure support. California…

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Equilon to help develop seven new hydrogen fuel stations in California

Hydrogen Fuel Stations - Man Refueling Car at gas station

New hydrogen stations are set to be developed in Northern California Equilon Enterprises, a subsidiary of Shell Oil Company, will be aiding with the development of seven new hydrogen fuel stations in Northern California. The California Energy Commission has awarded a grant of $16,362,500 for this endeavor. The grant was provided through the Alternative and Renewable Fuel and Vehicle Technology Program. The initiative commits $100 million every year to projects focused on clean transportation and clean fueling technologies. Automakers are working to help build new hydrogen fuel stations Equilon will…

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New hydrogen fuel station opens in California

Hydrogen Fuel Station - Woman pumping gas

State’s 29th hydrogen fuel station has officially been opened The California Fuel Cell Partnership has announced that a new hydrogen fuel station has opened. This is the 29th hydrogen station that has been opened to the public in the state. The station aims to provide efficient services to those that drive fuel cell vehicles. These vehicles consume hydrogen to generate electricity. As a result, fuel cell vehicles produce no harmful emissions and are considered more environmentally friendly than their conventional counterparts. New fueling station has been developed by the Linde…

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HyGen to build new fueling stations for fuel cell vehicles

Fuel Cell Vehicles - Fueling Station

Company launches crowdfunding campaign to support fuel cell vehicles HyGen Industries, a supplier of renewable hydrogen fuel, has launched a new crowdfunding campaign. The campaign is meant to help the company develop a series of new hydrogen stations that will serve fuel cell vehicles. These vehicles are becoming increasingly common, but their popularity among consumers is struggling due to the lack of infrastructure support. New hydrogen stations are needed in order for fuel cell vehicles to appeal to consumers and HyGen believes it can help solve the infrastructure problem. HyGen…

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Shell and Toyota partner to build new hydrogen fuel stations in California

Hydrogen Fuel Stations - Partnership

Shell and Toyota will work to develop a larger hydrogen infrastructure Shell, one of the largest oil and gas companies in the world, has formed a partnership with Japanese automaker Toyota in order to build new hydrogen fuel stations in California. The partnership represents another small step in Shell’s ongoing efforts to focus on fuels other than oil and gas. Hydrogen is quickly gaining momentum in the transportation space and some believe that this fuel has the potential to displace traditional petroleum at some point in the future. California has…

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New solar energy project to be developed in California

State shows more support for solar energy State and local leaders in California have commissioned the Blythe and McCoy Solar Energy Centers, which have produced hundreds of construction jobs and may help the state accomplish its renewable energy goals. The project comes from NextEra Energy, which already has several solar power projects throughout North America. The Blythe and MCoy Solar Energy Centers will have more than 4 million solar panels, all of which will be equipped with tracking technology that will allow the panels to follow the sun in order…

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FirstElement Fuel launches initiative to expand the California hydrogen fuel infrastructure

Company will be building new hydrogen stations throughout California FirstElement Fuel, a startup specializing in offering hydrogen fuel to consumers, has launched its new True Zero Network in California. The network is meant to bring a series of new hydrogen fuel stations to California, which is expected to become a very prominent market for fuel cell vehicles in the coming years. During the first launch its the company’s True Zero Network, some 15 hydrogen stations were opened in various parts of the state. FirstElement Fuel now aims to open more…

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Toyota delays deliveries of its hydrogen fuel cell vehicle

Automaker has delayed the delivery of the Mirai in California Japanese automaker Toyota has been finding modest success with its new fuel cell vehicle, the Mirai. The company began selling the vehicle in late 2015, with California and Japan serving as the launch markets for the Mirai. In Japan, the demand for the Mirai grew so quickly that Toyota opted to increase production, but this has not necessarily been the case in California. Indeed, Toyota is beginning to limit the delivery of the Mirai due to concerns of lacking hydrogen…

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New Flyer receives grant for hydrogen fuel cell bus

New Flyer receives $2.1 million grant from the California Energy Commission New Flyer Industries, a manufacturer of heavy-duty buses, has announced that it has been approved for a $2.1 million grant from the California Energy Commission. The grant will help fund a demonstration project that involves the company’s Xcelsior transit bus, which will be powered by a hydrogen fuel cell developed by Hydrogenics. The project may draw more favorable attention to fuel cells and how they can be used in the public transportation space. Project aims to highlight the benefits…

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San Francisco invests more in hydrogen fuel infrastructure

Organization provides more funding for the development of new fueling stations The Bay Area Air Quality Management District has approved funding that will help develop 12 new hydrogen fuel stations in the Bay Area of San Francisco, California. The new fueling stations are expected to be fully operational early next year. The Bay Area currently has three hydrogen fuel stations in operation, but they serve in limited capacity. The new fueling stations are expected to further expand California’s growing hydrogen infrastructure, making it a more attractive market for fuel cell…

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University of California, Irvine, gets its first hydrogen fuel cell bus

New bus comes to university, powered by hydrogen fuel The University of California, Irvine, has officially launched its first fuel cell bus, which uses hydrogen fuel as a source of energy. The fuel cell that powers the bus was designed by Ballard Power Systems, a leading developer of hydrogen fuel cell technology. The bus is now part of the university’s transit system, called the Anteater Express. The new bus is the fifth of its kind to be put into service in California. Fuel cell vehicles continues to gain prominence in…

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California could benefit from HyperSolar hydrogen fuel production technology

HyperSolar offers comment concerning California’s plans to developed a hydrogen highway throughout the state California has plans to develop a hydrogen highway — an expansive hydrogen fuel infrastructure that will encompass much of the state’s popular roadways. The California Energy Commission recently announced plans to invest $20 million in the development of new fueling stations that will offer support to those with fuel cell vehicles. HyperSolar, a pioneer in the fuel cell industry, has offered comment concerning this plan. The company specializes in developing hybrid fuel cell technology, which involves…

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California invests $20 million in hydrogen fuel infrastructure

State agency plans to build 50 new hydrogen fuel stations in order to bolster the fuel infrastructure The California Energy Commission will be spending $20 million to build 50 hydrogen fuel stations that will comprise California’s “hydrogen highway.” The hydrogen highway is meant to serve as a fueling structure that extends along the state’s most popular highways. This will allow those with fuel cell vehicles to travel from Los Angeles to San Francisco without having to worry about running out of fuel during the journey. Lack of a working infrastructure…

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Hydrogenics wins two contracts for hydrogen fuel stations

Hydrogenics to provide hydrogen services to new stations in California and the United Kingdom Hydrogenics, a developer of hydrogen fuel cells and hydrogen production systems, has announced that it has won two contracts to supply technology and service to two new hydrogen fuel stations. One of these stations is located in California, with the other being based in the United Kingdom. These stations will serve to bolster the emerging hydrogen infrastructure in these two markets, preparing them for the eventual launch of fuel cell vehicles. New station in California will…

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Organizations team to expand the hydrogen fuel infrastructure of the US

Linde and Sandia National Laboratories form cooperative research agreement Sandia National Laboratories and Linde, a producer of industrial gases, have signed a cooperative research agreement that may help accelerate the development of clean technologies, specifically hydrogen fuel cells. The agreement will launch two new projects that aim to accelerate the expansion of a hydrogen fuel infrastructure, through the development of new fuel stations. These fueling stations are needed in order for fuel cell vehicles, which will become more common in the next few years, to find success. Linde expected to…

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