CO2 emissions have “postponed” next ice age by tens of thousands of years

Human-generated greenhouse gases emissions may delay the Earth’s next ice age by a minimum of 100,000 years. Carbon (CO2) emissions created by humans have been blamed for having many unpleasant effects on the planet, from severe droughts, to extreme weather, to pollution, to rising sea levels. However, a team of German scientists say that these CO2 emissions are likely the reason why there are no signs of a new ice age and why there won’t be one in the near future. The Industrial Revolution saved the planet from the onset…

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7 Smart Reasons to Drive Eco-Friendly Vehicles

Clean transportation incentive

If you aren’t convinced about the benefits of green cars, then consider the following: cars and trucks in the United States account for one million tons of carbon dioxide emissions per day, reports. Americans alone consume about 400 million gallons of gasoline each year, which doesn’t exactly help the problem. However, cars today are about 20 times more efficient than they were 20 years ago, in addition to the numerous hybrid and electric vehicles that are on the market. Yes, going green in today’s day and age isn’t only…

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Ocean Acidification Gives Us Another Reason to Use Alternative Energy

Ocean Energy - EU

Alternative Energy Guest Article… While skyrocketing carbon dioxide emissions get all of the attention, there’s an equally grave ecological problem: ocean acidification. Ocean acidification is climate change’s “evil twin,” and if we don’t curb our carbon footprint, the damage on the marine ecosystem will be irreparable, notes ocean conservation group Oceana. Unbalanced pH Nearly 70 percent of the Earth’s surface is covered in water and, according to the U.S. Geological Survey, 96.5 percent of our planet’s water is held in the oceans. Nearly 30 percent of the carbon dioxide that pollutes…

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Saudi Arabia continues to push for alternative energy

Saudi Arabia Renewable Energy

Saudi Arabia aims for energy independence Saudi Arabia has been making waves in alternative energy news recently. The country is one of the world’s top exporters of oil, but has begun seeing longevity problems with its production of the fossil-fuels. Growing tensions in the Middle East, more countries looking to renewable sources of energy, and other factors are making oil production more costly. It is becoming more difficult for Saudi Arabia to mitigate these costs through the sale of oil. As such, the country is making bold steps to become…

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