Offshore wind energy developers agree to terms issued by Maryland regulators

Offshore wind energy - Wind Turbine and Sky

Developers agree to terms that will ensure the future of their offshore wind energy projects Developers of two major wind energy projects in Maryland have accepted terms offered by regulators that will allow these projects to continue taking form. Agreeing to these terms will allow the projects to collect subsidies from the state, which will help ensure that the wind energy projects produce electrical power when they are fully developed. Deepwater Wind and U.S. Wind are the companies that have agreed to the terms, which were laid out by Maryland’s…

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One of the first offshore wind farms in the US to begin providing electricity to Block Island

Offshore Wind Farms - Wind Turbines on water off coast

New offshore project will be providing much needed energy to Block Island The first offshore wind farm in the United States is set to begin producing electricity for Block Island, off the coast of Rhode Island. The electricity will be distributed by the Block Island Power Company, which has been looking to distance itself from fossil-fuels for some time. The company has been importing nearly 1 million gallons of diesel fuel every year for decades. This has become an expensive endeavor, and Block Island is prone to frequent energy shortages…

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Deepwater Wind to develop the largest offshore wind farm in the US

Offshore Wind Farm - Offshore wind turbines

United States will soon have a larger offshore wind farm The largest offshore wind energy system in the United States may soon be eclipsed by another massive project that aims to further increase the country’s wind capacity. The Long Island Power Authority has granted approval for the development of what will become the country’s largest offshore wind energy project, which is being constructed by Deepwater Wind. The company already operates the current largest offshore system in the country, but the new project is expected to dwarf its predecessor by a…

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One of the world’s first offshore wind energy system goes live in the United States

offshore wind energy

Offshore wind energy system could provide power to more than 17,000 homes Off the coast of Rhode Island, one of the world’s first offshore wind energy farms has begun operation. Deepwater Wind, which developed the new wind farm, believes that the new offshore system can generate enough electricity to power 17,000 average homes. Jedd Grybowski, CEO of Deepwater Wind, notes that “We see this being a big industry, we see offshore wind producing a lot of energy for the United States, particularly here in the Northeast where the winds are…

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Country’s first offshore wind energy system to begin generating electricity

Block Island Wind Farm will soon begin operation The first offshore wind energy system in the United States is expected to begin operation in the coming days. The wind farm is located off the coast of Rhode Island and Deepwater Wind is behind the development of this project. Before it can begin feeding electricity into the energy grid, however, the project faces one last hurdle: It must win the approval of New England’s energy regulators. If approval is granted, the electricity that the offshore wind energy system generates will be…

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Deepwater Wind announces new offshore wind energy project in Maryland

Developer to bring a new offshore wind energy system to Maryland Deepwater Wind, developer of the first offshore wind energy system in the United States, has announced that it plans to build another wind farm off the coast of Maryland. The company’s Block Island Wind Farm is expected to begin producing electrical power and feeding it into the energy grid within the next few days. Deepwater Wind expects that the wind farm will show off the potential of offshore wind energy and intends to get a head start on developing…

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First offshore wind energy project in the US on track to generate electricity

Progress on first US offshore wind energy system is being made The first offshore wind energy system in the United States is on track to begin generating electricity. The wind farm is being built by Deepwater Wind and is taking form off the coast of Rhode Island. Offshore wind farms have faced opposition in the United States in the past. Many have questioned the environmental impact of these energy projects, expressing concern that offshore wind turbines could damage marine life. In recent years, however, offshore wind has gathered significant support,…

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First offshore wind energy system begins operation in the US

Deepwater Wind has successfully completed a stage of its ambitious offshore project The United States now has its first operational offshore wind energy system. Two large wind turbines have been installed off the coast of Rhode Island. These are the first wind turbines to be installed in U.S. waters. Deepwater Wind, a prominent wind developer, is behind the project, and expects to install three more wind turbines in the same area by the end of this month. The developer has ambitious plans when it comes to the development of offshore…

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Offshore wind energy is gaining momentum in the United States

U.S. continues to lag behind other countries in terms of offshore wind capacity The United States has established itself as a leading power in onshore wind energy. According to a recent report from the American Wind Energy Association, there are more than 49,800 wind turbines installed throughout the country, producing some 69,471 megawatts of electrical power. While the country has become a leader in wind energy, it is lagging behind in the offshore wind sector. Other countries have already launched large-scale offshore wind projects and the U.S. may be able…

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Dong Energy looks to build world’s largest offshore wind energy system in the US

Dong Energy proposes plans to develop large-scale offshore wind energy project Dong Energy is looking to build one of the world’s largest offshore wind energy systems. The project will be situated in the Atlantic Ocean, off the coast of Massachusetts. Wind energy has been growing quickly in the United States, especially when it comes to offshore power. There is significant potential in the wind currents that are found at sea, where wind turbines can generate large quantities of electrical power. Project could potentially produce more than 1,000 MW of electrical…

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America’s First offshore wind energy farm begins construction

The offshore wind sector in the U.S. is slow going compared to other regions in the world. Wind energy turbines located offshore is nothing out of the ordinary in Europe and China, but in America, while offshore projects have been proposed and planned, the actual development and building of these projects has been slow, which developers and industry experts have said is due to regulatory hurdles, opposition from those who are more interested in pursuing fossil fuels, and all of the troubles associated with setting up something new for the…

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Offshore wind energy project gets the funding it needs in the US

New project has reached its funding goal and will take root off the coast of Rhode Island The offshore wind energy sector in the United States has fallen on difficult times recently. The country’s Production Tax Credit, which had offered finical support to wind power projects, was allowed to expire, which placed many project in jeopardy. Offshore projects are notoriously expensive and only a very few of them manage to receive the financial aid they need to take form. Deepwater Wind has announced that its now project, the Block Island…

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Offshore wind energy gains ground in the US

US offshore wind energy may soon become a reality It may still be several years before offshore wind energy systems begin taking form in the U.S., but the land that these systems require is beginning to be auctioned off. The federal government has begun leasing land to project developers that have ambitious plans for offshore wind energy. One such developer is Deepwater Wind, which is the provisional winner of two leases encompassing a 10-mile area off the coast of Massachusetts and Rhode Island. Deepwater Wind wins leases for development land…

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Deepwater Wind slated to build nation’s first offshore wind farm in 2014

Offshore Wind energy

Deepwater Wind, an alternative energy company focused on wind power, has set a tentative schedule to begin construction of the first U.S. wind farm in 2014. The company plans to build the farm off the coast of Rhode Island to make use of the abundant wind streams coming from the Atlantic Ocean. The farm, once completed, may generate enough power to rival the nuclear power plants in the region, effectively negating the need for that type of energy. The company is currently awaiting further government approval to proceed with the…

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