Florida utility commits to solar energy

Solar Energy Projects - Solar Farm at Sunset

Duke Energy plans to develop at least nine new solar projects Duke Energy has announced plans to develop at least nine new solar energy systems in Florida. The utility will also be doing away with a controversial nuclear energy charge on customer bills. Duke Energy notes that the new solar initiatives are worth approximately $6 billion. These new projects are part of the utilities overarching efforts to embrace renewable power. The utility has faced criticism in the past for lagging behind others in this regard. Solar technology has improved significantly…

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Renewable energy to continue to thrive thanks to economic benefits

The economics of renewable energy may ensure its continued success Solar and wind energy are facing an uncertain future in the United States, but economics may ensure that these two forms of clean power continue to thrive. There are many challenges facing solar and wind power, but one of the greatest of these challenges has to do with potential changes to federal energy policies. President-elect Donald Trump has decried both solar and wind power in the past. Trump intends to make changes to the country’s energy policies, reducing restrictions on…

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Duke Energy seeks to increase solar energy capacity

Utility aims to show more support for solar power Duke Energy, one of North Carolina’s leading energy utilities, is looking to increase its solar capacity. The utility expects to see a growth in the consumption of energy over the next 15 years and intends to provide customers with access to solar power in order to accommodate growing demand for electricity. While demand for solar energy specifically is still relatively low, the utility wants to increase its solar capacity in order to comply with new government policies and emission regulations. Demand…

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New solar power facility launched at Walt Disney World

The solar panels have been designed in the shape of Mickey Mouse ears. Duke Energy, the largest electric power holding company in the United States, has launched a new solar power facility at the Walt Disney World Resort in an effort to expand renewable energy in central Florida. What makes this particular solar facility so unique is that it has been designed in the shape of Disney’s iconic Mickey Mouse ears, which is fitting since the facility will be helping to provide power to the world-famous resort. The 5 MW…

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Duke Energy to use waste to energy to run four power stations

The electric power holding company will use swine and poultry waste as a power source. Duke Energy, the largest electric power holding company in the United States has announced that it will be using the methane produced by a waste to energy process from a planned facility in North Carolina to generate renewable electricity at four of the company’s power stations. The energy from waste facility, which will be built and owned by Carbon Cycle Energy, will use swine and poultry waste to create the gas. Approximately 125,000 megawatt hours…

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The fight for solar energy heats up in North Carolina

Utilities are fighting to maintain their monopoly in North Carolina The solar energy sector in North Carolina has become embroiled in a fight that may determine its future in the state, as well as in other parts of the country. In North Carolina, utilities are fighting to desperately retain their hold on the monopolies they have established in the state. This is not good for the solar energy space, however, as these monopolies have limited access to solar power among consumers and businesses alike. Duke Energy continues to fight against…

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Lawmakers seek to expand access to solar energy in North Carolina

Utilities are attempting to restrict the accessibility of solar power Throughout the United States, lobbyists supporting traditional utilities have been pressuring lawmakers and energy regulators to restrict individual and corporate access to solar power. This has slowed the adoption of solar energy to a certain degree, preventing consumers and businesses alike to embrace clean power more aggressively. This has been the case in North Carolina, where Duke Energy, the state’s largest utility, has prevented the use of third-party solar energy programs. Third-party companies represent a potential threat to traditional utilities…

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Combustion technology helps convert animal waste to energy

Two alternative energy companies have partnered with Smithfield Foods to produce renewable energy from pig manure. According to a recent press release, Roeslein Alternative Energy, St. Louis and Georgia-based ABUTEC (an acronym for Advanced Burner Technologies), have teamed up with Smithfield Foods Missouri for a waste to energy project that will involve converting the excessive amount of manure, which is produced from the nearly 2 million pigs that are housed there, into renewable energy. This will be achieved by trapping the biogas released from Smithfield’s manure lagoons and storing it…

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Duke Energy invests in solar energy company REC Solar

Duke Energy to acquire a majority stake in REC Solar with $225 million investment Duke Energy, one of the largest utilities in the United States, has announced that it is acquiring a majority stake in REC Solar, a solar energy developer. The company will be investing some $225 million into commercial solar energy projects that have been developed by REC Solar. The funding is expected to help REC Solar introduce new pricing models for its solar power services to the commercial market, wherein solar energy is becoming a very attractive…

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Google takes top ranking in renewable energy report from Greenpeace

Google Renewable Energy Top Ranking

Greenpeace issues renewable energy report highlighting technology companies Greenpeace, a sometimes notorious environmentalist organization, has released its sixth “Cool IT Leaderboard” report, which ranks some of the world’s largest companies based on their environmental friendliness and their adoption of renewable energy. In past reports, companies that have failed to attain high rankings have been harshly criticized by the organization. This criticism often comes with a significant amount of attention from the general public, which is often enough to encourage companies to take action on the issue of renewable energy. Google and…

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Renewable energy could make utilities obsolete in the future

Renewable Energy US

Utilities may lose against the capabilities of renewable energy The world is becoming increasingly involved in renewable energy, so much so that traditional utilities companies may not be necessary in the future. The concept of renewable energy is quite simple: Electrical power that can be produced through the use of sustainable resources, such as sunlight, wind, or hydrogen. Renewable energy allows consumes an opportunity to produce the electrical power they need without having to rely on a utility. Traditional energy production involves the use of finite resources, which associated a…

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New wind energy storage facility activated in Texas

Texas Wind Energy

Wind energy storage facility is the largest of its kind in the country Wind energy continues to pick up momentum in the U.S. and the progress that this form of alternative energy is being marked by the activation of the country’s largest wind energy storage facility. The facility is located in Texas and is operated by Duke Energy. The facility is linked to the Notrees Windpower system, which has taken root in the western reaches of Texas. Equipped with innovative technology and energy management procedures, the new facility is expected…

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Chrysler to begin testing electric vehicles

Electric Vehicles

After years of fighting for recovery, Chrysler begins showing signs of recovery Three years ago, American automaker Chrysler was faced with financial ruin due to the economic crisis that started in 2008. In 2009, the company received a large bailout from the federal government, coming in at $14 billion. Since the bailout, the automaker has been working to reclaim its former glory. To this end, Chrysler teamed with European car manufacturer Fiat. The partnership paid off, allowing Chrysler to establish itself as an influential company within the U.S. once again.…

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