New 3D-printed electric car set to launch in Europe in 2019

Electric Car - 3D Shape

XEV develops new electric vehicle that has been 3D-printed A new kind of electric car will be coming to Europe in 2019. XEV, a Chinese automaker, has unveiled its LSEV model, which is a 3D-printed vehicle powered by electricity. The automaker believes that the new electric car will be ready for sale in Asia and Europe in April of next year. Notably, the vehicle is expected to be relatively inexpensive when compared to its counterparts. The LSEV has a tentative price tag of approximately $10,000. LSEV is meant to operate…

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Morgan’s new three-wheel electric car is green in more ways than one

The fully electric Morgan EV3 isn’t like other electric vehicles. Earlier this week, the Morgan Motor Company – a British automaker known for its vintage-style three-wheeler cars – showed off the pre-production form of its fully-electric three-wheel electric car, the Morgan EV3, for the first time, at the Geneva Motor Show in Switzerland. For an electric vehicle, the car is not only unique because of its vintage, yet futuristic appearance, but also because it has a chassis made from ash wood, which will make it one of the more sustainably…

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Aston Martin to co-develop electric car with LeEco

The two companies will produce an electric vehicle by 2018. British luxury automaker, Aston Martin, famously known for its cars developed for the James Bond movies, recently announced that it has parented with Beijing-based Chinese consumer electronics company, LeEco to manufacture the RapidE electric car. The car, which will be Aston Martin’s first electric vehicle (EV), is set to be made in Gaydon England and will come to market in 2018. The partnership is an example of growing ties between the automotive and technology industries. According to a Reuters article,…

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Chinese company invests in driverless solar powered cars

China Vanke has just tested a self-driving patrol car. The Chinese real estate development company and largest property developer in China, China Vanke, is working on developing driverless solar powered cars and other robots. According to the company, which recently announced that its autonomous patrol car has finished testing, it is developing these projects to address problems of labor shortages in China. The car is electrically powered by solar panels and can seat up to six people. According to a news report from Reuters, the driverless car is equipped with…

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Explore the Battery Electric Vehicles (BEV) – Market Analysis, Competitive Landscape and Forecasts to

MarketResearchReports.Biz has announced addition of new report “Battery Electric Vehicles (BEV) – Market Analysis, Competitive Landscape and Forecasts to 2020″ to its database. GlobalData’s latest research Battery Electric Vehicles (BEV) Market Analysis, Competitive Landscape and Forecasts to 2020 provides an in-depth analysis of the Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV), at global and national levels. The global BEV market is currently at an introductory stage, but is witnessing deployment in various countries such as the US, the UK, Ireland, France, Germany, China and Japan. But growth is still slow. Therefore, proper government…

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Porsche has unveiled a new electric car concept

The German sports car maker recently showed off its first fully electric concept car at the Frankfurt auto show. Called the Mission E, Porsche’s four-door electric car concept has a range of over 500 kilometers (310 miles) on one charge and can recharge to about 80% of its capacity in as little as 15 minutes. The electric vehicle (EV) concept from Porsche is notably faster at recharging its battery than Tesla’s Model S, which needs approximately 30 minutes to reach the same percentage of charge to about a 270 kilometer…

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California changes rebate system to support electric vehicles

State wants low-income people to have more access to clean vehicles California is making a change to the way it supports the adoption of electric vehicles. Over the past few years, rebates and tax credits have been offered by the state in order to make clean vehicles more attractive. These financial incentives have proven to be quite effective, as they have helped promote clean transportation among a wide spectrum of consumers. Now, the state is looking to show more support for low-income individuals that are interested in electric vehicles. Low-income…

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Aston Martin to take on electric vehicles

Aston Martin will be developing an electric version of its popular Rapide model Prestigious British automaker Aston Martin has announced that it will be developing an electric vehicle in the coming years. The vehicle will be a new iteration of its popular Rapide model, which has won praise for its performance capabilities in the past. The automaker plans to develop an electric Rapide within the next three years, commercializing this vehicle in the company’s favored markets. It will be the first Aston Martin vehicle to be completely powered by electricity.…

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Electric car with dual motor and all-wheel-drive unveiled by Tesla

Tesla Motors is making its Model S sedan safer and faster. The luxury electric car manufacturer has recently announced its new Tesla P85D, an all-wheel-drive (AWD) electric vehicle that will have two motors, one powering the rear wheels and one powering the front wheels. The new model will be able to compete better with other high-end sedans. In front of an audience of over 1,000 people, the company’s CEO Elon Musk announced last week Tesla’s new electric vehicle model. Musk explained that although AWD gas-powered cars tend to be less…

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Everything You Wanted to Know About Electric Cars But Were Afraid To Ask

Hybrid and electric cars and vehicles remain a popular topic when it comes to alternative fuel news. Governments around the world want to make them mainstream to save the environment but there are still many questions surrounding them. Some of these questions may seem a little silly, leading you to worry about asking them, but here is a list of all you want and need to know. What Exactly Is a Hybrid Car? Electric cars are obvious but what exactly are hybrid cars? These are those that run on a…

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Electric cars are very popular in car sharing networks

Zipcar Electric Cars

  Car sharing networks may not take over the world, but they are preferred method of transportation for many younger drivers who may feel car ownership is optional. Electric cars are becoming more common in these networks thanks to low costs for power as apposed to gasoline-powered vehicles. Zipcar and electric cars Zipcar was recently purchased by Avis for double the stock asking price. The total deal was worth almost half a billion dollars. This company is the most notable in car sharing services. The youngest drivers, also known as…

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Nissan Leaf gets tied to attractive cash back deal

Electric Vehicles - Nissan Leaf Battery Electric Car

Nissan Leaf now offering cash back deal Clean transportation is quickly becoming all the rage among consumers. Many people are becoming more conscious of their impact on the environment and are looking for ways to mitigate this impact. Electric vehicles have become a popular solution, especially as automakers begin producing more affordable models that boast of attractive financial kick backs. Nissan has announced that it will be providing a new cash back deal on the Nissan Leaf during the holiday season. Cash back available for lease deals only The cash…

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Discovery may help improve electric vehicles

Electric Vehicles Support

Researchers discover problem with lithium-ion batteries for electric vehicles Electric vehicles are gaining traction among consumers, but these vehicles have seen sluggish adoption over the years due to concerns regarding efficiency, cost, and performance. The auto industry is heavily invested in clean transportation, with a focus on electric vehicles powered by lithium-ion batteries and hydrogen fuel cells. Automakers are not the only ones interested in helping solve some of the problems that exist with electric vehicles and a team of researchers from the Ohio State University may have identified previously…

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Chevy Spark revealed by Chevrolet

Chevy Spark Electric Vehicle

Automaker unveils new Chevy Spark electric vehicle Chevrolet has revealed the Chevy Spark electric vehicle this week. The new model is billed as an improvement on the Chevy Volt, which has recently begun seeing a swell of support from consumers throughout the countries. Chevrolet is expected to push the Spark heavily in the coming months, as it is backed by a major federal tax incentive that makes it one of the most affordable electric vehicles that will be on the market. Automakers continue to invest in alternative energy Automakers from…

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General Motors throws more support behind electric vehicles

General Motors Electric Vehicles

General Motors aims to bring 500,000 electric vehicles to the road by 2017 Electric vehicles are becoming more popular in the U.S., where automakers have seen a swell in the demand for clean transportation coming from environmentally and economically conscious consumers. General Motors is one of the country’s car manufacturers that is working to have supply match demand and has announced plans to bring as many as 500,000 new electric vehicles to U.S. roads by 2017. The company’s plans do not focus solely on vehicles that use electricity and nothing…

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CODA Automotive looks to boost sales of electric vehicles with new deal

electric vehicles

CODA Automotive launches new sales campaign for electric vehicles Electric vehicles are beginning to attract a great deal of attention. Much of this attention is coming from consumers who are taking note of the ambitious deals and discounts that are being offered by makers of electric vehicles. One such offer comes from CODA Automotive, a manufacturer of electric vehicles. The company has launched a new campaign to boost the sales of its vehicles and is targeting the problems presented by a lackluster infrastructure as a selling point. Lack of infrastructure…

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