EU and China are looking to lead the world with green investments

Green Investments - Green with Money

EU and China intend to establish new international order The European Union and China will work together to use clean power and technology to create and lead a new international order. Both the EU and China have become major proponents of the Paris Agreement, which calls upon countries to reduce their emissions by embracing clean technologies and new energy sources. The initiative has helped spark an increase in green investments throughout the world. China has been especially aggressive in this regard, with the EU following suit. Both intend to establish…

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Croatia increases its renewable energy incentives

Renewable Energy - National Park in Croatia

Country aims to raise its clean power capacity with higher incentives Croatia has announced that it will be increasing incentives designed to promote the adoption of renewable energy. These incentives have been provided by the government for some time. They have helped make Croatia an attractive home for renewable energy projects. Several companies have come to the country to take advantage of these incentives, thus making Croatia’s clean power economy much stronger. By increasing incentives, Croatia hopes to further bolster its renewable energy capacity. New tariffs and quotas will be…

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EU lawmakers want more aggressive renewable energy targets

EU Flag - Renewable Energy European Union and Europe

Lawmakers have come together to call for higher clean power targets Members of the European Parliament have come together to agree on more aggressive renewable energy targets. Politicians met earlier this week to discuss some 1,300 amendments to the European Commission’s initial clean power proposal. The European Union, as a whole, has been working to embrace renewable energy and reduce emissions for some time. Last year, member states were given legal directives to generate no less than 20% of their electricity from renewable sources by 2020. Many lawmakers now want…

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Hydrogenics joins HyBalance project to support hydrogen fuel production and technology

HyBalance project aims to support the advancement of fuel cell technology Hydrogenics, a leading developer of hybrid hydrogen fuel production technology, has announced that it has been selected to join a European consortium of companies to participate in a $15 million power-to-gas project called HyBalance. The consortium includes several companies, including Air Liquide, that have had a role to play in power-to-gas projects in the past. The aim of the HyBalance program is to support the advancement of fuel cell technology, as well as hydrogen production solutions. HyBalance aims to…

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Coca-Cola saves energy with green building technology

The Coca-Cola headquarters in Brussels improved its energy efficiency with Umisol window film. Coca-Cola has improved its energy efficient practices by installing a green building technology known as Umisol window film, an infrared blocking filter that offer effective energy efficient thermal insulation throughout the winter and solar control properties during the summer, which helps to improve indoor comfort and saves energy. Umisol window film improves the energy performance of existing buildings. The windows in the Coca-Cola HQ in Brussels were not replaced. Instead, they were double glazed with the film.…

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Fuel cell vehicles may face a tough road ahead

Clean vehicles are gaining momentum, but lack the infrastructure support they need to succeed Fuel cell vehicles may have a difficult time finding success in many parts of the world. These vehicles have managed to gain significant attention in recent years as many prominent automakers have announced plans to develop and sell these vehicles in the near future. The issue, however, is that much of the world lacks the infrastructure needed to support these vehicles, as they run primarily on hydrogen fuel. Without this infrastructure, fuel cell vehicles may not…

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Trade agreement could have a major impact on solar energy in Asia and Europe

EU and China make trade agreement concerning solar energy With trade disputes between the European Union and China coming to an end, the two have launched a new trade agreement that may have a dramatic impact on the solar energy market. The trade disputes were linked to Chinese companies inundating the European market with low-cost photovoltaic modules and other such technologies. This did help reduce the over cost associated with solar energy, but also pushed some European manufacturers into bankruptcy because of their inability to produce low-cost solar technologies as…

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EU moves ahead with hydrogen fuel initiative

European Union - Hydrogen Fuel

Second phase of ambitious hydrogen fuel partnership comes to fruition The European Union is preparing to enter into the second phase of an ambitious public-private partnership concerning clean transportation and the use of hydrogen fuel therein. The partnership is widely known as the Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Joint Technology Initiative. The goal of this partnership is to bring together both public and private entities and task them with tackling the various issues associated with clean transportation. As the name suggests, the partnership has a primary focus on hydrogen fuel and…

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Alternative energy news: EU passes emissions trading measure

Hydrogen Fuel Success

Emissions trading makes alternative energy news thanks to ambitious emissions trading measure Emissions trading has made alternative energy news headlines this week as the European Parliament passes a vote approving a plan to reduce the number of unsold carbon credits that are part of the European Union’s Emissions Trading System. The EU has become a somewhat active carbon trading region, backed heavily by the governing body’s interest in renewable energy and the mitigation of the effects of climate change. The new measure is meant to generate more activity among companies…

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Renewable energy making strong progress in the EU

Europe - Hydrogen Fuel Cells

EU gains momentum in its renewable energy goals The European Union has ambitious goals when it comes to emissions reduction and the use of renewable energy. The governing body considers climate change to be a serious danger to civilization and has been working to address several other issues concerning energy security and availability, as well as address the health concerns linked to harmful emissions produced through the use of fossil-fuels. The European Union had expected to meet its ambitious, yet modest goals by 2020, but new statistics from Eurostat, a…

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Renewable energy could be the answer to energy security in the EU

EU energy security renewable energy

EU shows concerns regarding energy security, may turn to renewable energy for solution It is becoming more common for energy to be considered a matter of security around the world, especially as most of the world continues to hold a strong reliance on fossil-fuels. In Europe, energy security is becoming a major issue, due to concerns regarding the region’s heavy dependence on Russian gas imports. Russian politics have begun to exploit this dependence, leading the European Union to take more considerations in the realm of renewable energy. Biogas may soon be…

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Germany seeks partnerships for sake of renewable energy

Renewable Energy Partnership Germany and France

Renewable energy could see major progress due to European partnerships When it comes to renewable energy, there are few countries that can compete with the progress that has been made in Germany. While the country’s staunch support of renewable energy has earned it a great deal of praise, this focus has also singled it out for criticism. Others in the European Union have criticized Germany for its seemingly solitary nature on the matter of renewable energy due to the country’s lack of outreach to others for help with its energy…

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European Energy Exchange sees negative energy prices throughout region

european energy exchange negative energy prices

European Energy Exchange reports on falling energy prices Europe has been a strong adopter of alternative energy. Several European countries have shown a great deal of support for various forms of alternative energy, backed by the aid of the European Union and, in part, by the United Nations. This intense focus appears to be paying off, according to the European Energy Exchange, the leading energy exchange of Central Europe. The organization notes that Europe’s adoption of alternative energy is helping drive down the cost of electricity. Energy prices fall with…

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European Union continues fight for alternative energy

Alternative Energy Targets EU

Alternative energy continues to be key for EU emissions reduction targets The European Union has been showing aggression toward the adoption of alternative energy recently. The governing body has  lofty goals where emission reduction and energy efficiency are concerned, but has had trouble finding traction with its various alternative energy plans. Despite complications, the European Union has still managed to make significant progress in its goal to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 20% by 2020. The EU has seen such promising progress that it is now considering increasing its emissions…

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Hydrogen fuel infrastructure to get a kickstart through new initiative

Fuel Cell Industry US Gaining Momentum

TEN-T initiative wins EU approval HyER, a European association working to promote hydrogen fuel and fuel cell technology, has won approval from the European Union for its TEN-T initiative. The initiative aims to establish a hydrogen fuel corridor, which will link several European countries through a hydrogen fuel infrastructure. The initiative will also launch a study of the proposed hydrogen corridor in order to determine the viability of hydrogen fuel in transportation and the performance of hydrogen-powered vehicles. Hydrogen fuel infrastructure an important subject for the region Europe is currently…

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Wind energy to bring 500,000 jobs to Europe by 2020

Wind Energy Systems - Wind Turbines

A new report from the European Wind Energy Association (EWEA) Wind power has certainly been gaining more attention throughout Europe, despite concerns regarding efficiency and viability. Many European countries are beginning to adopt and make use of wind turbines and some have become home to the larges wind farms in the world. The EWEA believes that the European Union is just beginning to scratch the surface of wind energy. According to the report, the wind power industry will create more than 500,000 new jobs throughout Europe by 2020.  These jobs…

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