Hydrogen powered cars abundant by 2015

Hydrogen powered cars 2015

Consumers will be seeing hydrogen powered cars soon In just a few years, car manufacturers like Hyundai, Toyota, and Honda are set to make cars run on hydrogen fuel cells, otherwise known as FCEV (fuel cell electric vehicle), commonplace in the automotive industry. Moving to the mainstream The Asian Pacific region has been long pushing for and developing cars run on fuel cells powered by hydrogen. Despite heavy investments and the popularity of the idea with the public, car manufacturers have yet to successfully commercialize hydrogen-fueled vehicles. There are some…

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Kia shows more support for hydrogen powered cars

Hydrogen fuel powered cars by Kia

Kia to produce hydrogen-powered cars South Korean automaker Kia has become the latest company in the auto industry to embrace hydrogen fuel. The automaker has released a statement detailing its commitment to clean transportation. In the statement, the automaker reveals that it has been working on developing a wide range of alternative energy powertrains for its future vehicles, with a strong focus on hydrogen fuel cells. Kia will also be working to develop hybrid and electric cars that will be released in the future. Automaker has history with electric powertrains…

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Washington Auto Show serves as foundation for talks between the auto industry and U.S. government

Washington Auto Show

On January 26th, automakers from all over the world gathered in the U.S. for the annual Washington Auto Show. The expansive conference will be held through February 5th and aims to show off some of the most exciting developments coming from the auto industry. This year had a decidedly environmentally friendly feel to it, as most major automakers took the opportunity to show off their hydrogen-powered vehicles and other emissions-free cars. The conference was not only about showing these new products to consumers, however, it was also a place for…

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GM and BMW team to develop new hydrogen fuel cell technologies

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Industry

General Motors and BMW are joining forces to develop new hydrogen fuel cell technology in the coming years. The auto industry, as a whole, has been working to advance hydrogen as a fuel for several years now. BMW, in particular, has been a major force behind the advancement of hydrogen energy with its work on the so called Hydrogen Highway initiative in Europe. GM has been trying to mimic other automakers in the U.S. by promoting hydrogen power and building hydrogen fuel stations along the East Coast. Together, GM and…

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California updates status of several alternative energy projects

California Hydrogen Fuel News

California is often considered the cradle of alternative energy. The state was one of the first to adopt renewable fuel and draft legislations concerning its use. Today, the state is home to more electric and fuel cell vehicles than any other in the nation. It is also home to the most extensive hydrogen fuel infrastructure in the country, with two major fueling stations being added to its portfolio by the end of this year. Now, the state has released information regarding the myriad alternative energy operations it has been conducting.…

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Mercedes-Benz continues to show the viability of fuel cell vehicles by putting one to work at a German airport

Flughafen Stuttgart airport in Germany

Mercedes-Benz has been eager to show off the performance of their B-Class F-CELL hydrogen-powered vehicles lately. Following the success of their hydrogen-based world tour, which pitted their alternative energy vehicles against some of the most challenging terrain on the planet, the automaker has been loaning their vehicles to several organizations to use. Now, the F-CELL’s latest role will be that of a guide for planes at the Flughafen Stuttgart GmbH airport in Germany. The vehicle will be used to demonstrate the viability and overall performance of hydrogen fuel cells. The…

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SunHydro teams with the Automotive Oil Change Association to build hydrogen fueling stations


SunHydro, manufacturers of fuel cells and developers of their associated technologies, announced today that they will be pulling back from their plans to establish a line of hydrogen fueling stations along the U.S. East Coast. The company, along with subsidiary Proton Energy, announced plans for a hydrogen highway in the region back in 2010. The task has proven difficult, however, as both companies were somewhat reliant on government aid to accomplish their goal. After the government decided to cut funding of hydrogen fuel, SunHydro had to come up with a…

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China: Winning the hydrogen race

China Hydrogen Fuel Production

Support for hydrogen fuel may be waning in the U.S. but that is not the case in China. China is quickly establishing itself as a leader in the race toward alternative fuels. Spurred on by severe pollution issues and a mounting energy crisis, the government has taken steps in ensuring that making the transition away from fossil-fuels is a priority. Eco-friendly technology has become fundamental to the economic and development plans for the country. Recently, the Chinese government instituted a plan which calls for 11% of the nation’s energy coming…

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The end of the tour is just the beginning for the eye catching Mercedes F-Cell B-Class

Merceds Benz - Hydrogen Fuel Vehicles

The Mercedes-Benz hydrogen powered world tour is nearing its end. Mercedes has already three of the F-CELL B-Class vehicles through Europe, America and Australia. The manufacturer is hoping that the tour will prove the viability of hydrogen powered vehicles and show that fuel cells are ready for commercial consumption. Now the fleet is moving into Asia after completing the Australian leg of their journey. The F-Cell B-Class cars arrived in China in time for the Auto Shanghai show, where Mercedes showed off their hydrogen technologies to crowds. After departing, the fleet…

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South Africa coming in as a heavy contender in hydrogen world market

South Africa may become the world’s leading producer of hydrogen powered vehicles, according to Professor Vladimir Linkov of the University of the Western Cape. Speaking at the launch conference of the Mapungubwe Institute for Strategic Reflection, Linkov said that the hydrogen economy presents a opportunity for massive economic growth. As the demand for alternative fuels grows, countries investing in the development of hydrogen fuel cells are likely to experience the same opportunity. “There is a clear technological path ahead,” says Linkov. “The world could be consuming South African fuel cell…

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Mercedes and Linde Group Hydrogen World Tour

Mercedes-Benz launched their hydrogen powered world tour back in January and their 3 B-Class vehicles arrived in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, this week. The F-Cell World Drive is the manufacturer’s way of proving that hydrogen fuel cells are commercially viable for mass produced vehicles. The car will make stops at several automobile conventions on their way across the nation. As hydrogen refueling stations are a sparse commodity in the U.S., the Linde group, leading suppliers of industrial gases, are tagging along to ensure the tour keeps moving. Linde has supplied a…

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Cella Energy uses micro-beads for hydrogen storage

Cella Energy, an Oxford-based hydrogen fuel cell production company, has announced their partnership with an unnamed automobile manufacturer to develop its first commercial products based on its hydrogen storage technology. Cella gained significant momentum for the project after winning £40,000 of funding from Shell’s Springboard low-carbon technology competition. Cella has developed a new method that makes use of nano-materials as a form of hydrogen storage. The nano-materials are called micro-bead and are capable of holding hydrogen at extremely low pressures and are nearly 30 times smaller than a grain of…

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Students granted a sneak peak into the future

Engineering students at the University of Missouri-Kansas are getting a sneak peek of Toyota’s new hydrogen fuel cell concept cars. Students are abuzz with excitement as they get the chance to see the future of what they may be designing one day. Toyota’s new concept cars are said to be the next step in hybrid vehicles, utilizing a new brand of hydrogen fuel cell for power. The Toyota Fuel Cell Advanced Hybrid Vehicle is similar to the already popular Prius, but uses no gasoline. Instead, electrical power is generated by…

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What is hydrogen fuel cell and why is it better

Hydrogen Based Economy

Hydrogen fuel is an alternative energy source that is now being explored to be a source of fuel for passenger vehicles. Researches and studies have confirmed that hydrogen fuel cells can be used to provide power for electric motors as well as burned in ICEs or internal combustion engines. There are two natural elements that are combined to make water and one of them is hydrogen. Hydrogen is an element that carries energy and it can be a compact energy source for batteries and fuel cells.   There are several…

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California students recognized for astonishing work

A team of student engineers from the University of California’s Bourns College of Engineering received national acclaim Wednesday for their research in developing clean and affordable hydrogen fuel cells. This is the third award the team has received over the course of a year. The students came in 2nd place against a competitive field of 54 other teams from around the world in the Department of Energy contest that challenges students to find real-world application for hydrogen power. The team won with their design for a residential fueling system for…

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The now and future of hydrogen highways

Hydrogen Highways

One of the most daunting challenges facing hydrogen fuel cells today is infrastructure. The lack of abundant filling station around the world severely inhibits the marketability of fuel cell powered vehicles and is preventing them from being used on a massive scale. In an effort to establish an infrastructure and move hydrogen fuel cells into the mainstream, a number of proposals have been made to develop hydrogen highways – a series of filling station along roads that will service hydrogen powered cars. While hydrogen fuel has long been hailed as…

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