GM shows off its new vehicle equipped with an innovative fuel cell system

New fuel cell system is being used in the Colorado ZH2 General Motors recently celebrated the 50th anniversary of the world’s first fuel cell vehicle. The company produced this vehicle in 1966. Called the Electrovan, the car represented the first time a hydrogen fuel cell was equipped to a consumer vehicle. Since then, General Motors has accumulated more than 3 million miles worth of testing on fuel cell transportation. The automaker’s Chevrolet division has continued experimenting with hydrogen fuel cells and recently showcased its new Colorado ZH2 at the SEMA…

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Apple wins patent for new fuel cell system

Apple may be developing a fuel cell system for mobile devices Technology giant Apple has been awarded its second patent for a fuel cell system. The patent was awarded by the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Apple has been working to develop a new fuel cell system that can be used to charge mobile devices. Fuel cells have long been used for industrial purposes, but these energy systems can generate electricity for a multitude of purposes. Apple believes that a fuel cell system could be quite useful as a…

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Hyundai to unveil new fuel cell system at 2018 Winter Olympics

Automaker has developed a new fuel cell system that will be used in an innovative vehicle South Korean automaker Hyundai has revealed that it will be launching its next generation fuel cell system in 2018. This new fuel cell system will be used to power a new vehicle, which will be ready to showcase in time for the Winter Olympic, which is being held in South Korea. According to Hyundai, the system will be used in an entirely new vehicle, which will appear to be a hybrid sports utility vehicle…

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AFC Energy reaches milestone on new fuel cell system ahead of schedule

Company has successfully reached one of its 2016 milestones AFC Energy, a leading developer of fuel cell systems, has passed one of its 2016 strategic milestones well ahead of schedule. The company has announced that the design and basic engineering for its new 10 kilowatt fuel cell systems has been finalized. This represents the fourth milestone that the company has set for itself this year, and the first to be completed ahead of schedule. Reaching this milestone will give AFC Energy more momentum in its efforts to commercialize new fuel…

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Apple files patent for new hydrogen fuel cell system

Patent outlines the use of fuel cells to power mobile devices The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has released a new patent application from Apple for a “Fuel Cell System to Power a Portable Computing Device.” The patent outlines using a hydrogen fuel cells to power mobile devices, such as smartphones and laptops. Using these energy systems in such a way is not a new idea, as Intelligent Energy, a leading developer of fuel cells, recently unveiled its own fuel cell battery, which was designed to power a prototype iPhone.…

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New molecule could help solve problems with hydrogen fuel infrastructure

Scientists discover new molecule that could have a major impact on the way hydrogen is delivered to vehicles Scientists from Australia and Taiwan have discovered a new molecule that could help them better understanding how to fuel vehicles equipped with hydrogen fuel cells. Fueling these vehicles has been one of the major challenges facing clean transportation. Modern fueling techniques are often considered inefficient, making fuel cell vehicles somewhat unattractive. The new molecule could provide some valuable insight into how fueling these vehicles could work in the relatively near future. Chinese…

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New hydrogen fuel cell system launched by Ballard Power Systems

Ballard reveals new hydrogen fuel cell system Ballard Power Systems, a leading developer of hydrogen fuel cells, has announced the launch of a new fuel cell system that is designed specifically for the telecommunications sector. Fuel cells have been growing more common in the telecommunications industry because of their ability to produce reliable electrical power independent of an existing energy grid. The growing demand for mobile technology and its associated services has led many companies to erect new communications towers in remote locations. Without a reliable energy source, these towers…

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Hydrogen fuel cells help keep data center safe in Germany

Frankfurt, Germany - Hydrogen Fuel Cells

Equinix turns to hydrogen fuel cells for fire suppression support Equinix, one of the world’s largest data center organizations, has launched a new test concerning hydrogen fuel cells at one of its data centers located in Frankfurt, Germany. The test is meant to demonstrate the viability of fuel cells as a fire suppression tool, with the company gauging the capability of these systems to protect the data servers located within the facility. Fuel cells are most often used to provide electrical power, but they have also been used in the…

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Acal Energy launches innovative new hydrogen fuel cell

ACAL Energy Flowcath - Hydrogen Fuel Cell

Acal Energy makes further progress on the hydrogen fuel front Acal Energy, a leading developer of hydrogen fuel cells, has launched a new fuel cell system that it believes will make hydrogen-powered vehicles significantly more attractive. Hydrogen transportation has been gaining strong traction all over the world, but hydrogen-powered vehicles have yet to win the hearts of many consumers. These vehicles often face criticism when it comes to the issues of affordability and efficiency. As such, fuel cell developers and automakers have been working to find solutions to these issues…

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Hydrogen fuel cells may benefit through new industry partnership

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Technology - Partnership

Hy9 and Altergy team to develop new system for hydrogen fuel cells Hy9, a developer of hydrogen purifiers and hydrogen generation systems, has announced its partnership with Altergy, a developer of PEM fuel cells. Together, the two companies will work to develop and market a new integrated fuel processor for Altergy’s Freedom Power fuel cell system. This will allow the system to perform in a more efficient manner, appealing to t he various industries that have shown interest in hydrogen fuel cells but have remained reserved with their support due…

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University of Connecticut installs UTC Power fuel cell system

Hydrogen Fuel - Connecticut

Stationary fuel cell system provided by UTC Power The University of Connecticut has been increasing its adoption of alternative energy in recent years. Like its home state, the university has taken an acute interest in hydrogen fuel cells. As such, it has begun experimenting with fuel cells and hydrogen as a source of power for various purposes. The university’s interest in hydrogen fuel cells, and alternative energy in general, is backed by a strong desire to reduce the carbon emissions that it produces. In an effort to tackle the problem…

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UTC Power provides News Corporation with powerful fuel cell system

headquarters of News Corporation

Stationary fuel cell system to power News Corp. UTC Power, a leading manufacturer of hydrogen fuel cells, has announced that its PureCell stationary fuel cell energy system has been selected as one of the major power sources for the headquarters of News Corporation, one of the largest media organizations in the world. The PureCell system was installed this week at the Avenue of the Americas building in New York City and has begun providing News Corp. with electricity. UTC Power believes that this is a significant step in the advancement…

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Ballard Power sees success in South Korea with innovative fuel cell system

Alternative Fuel News

Ballard Power, a manufacturer of hydrogen fuel cells, has announced that their South Korean waste-to-energy system is a success. The company installed an extensive network of fuel cells in the nation at the beginning of this year. The energy system harvests hydrogen gas that is produced by processing municipal solid waste. The hydrogen is then pumped into fuel cells, which turn the gas into electricity. The system has been connected to the South Korean energy grid and has been producing large amounts of electricity for several months now. The fuel…

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Making coal a clean energy with the help of fuel cells

Coal Plants

Coal plants are rarely, if ever, associated with clean energy. An intiative from the Department of Energy, however, may change that fact. Earlier this month, The DOE awarded a $3 million contract to FuelCell Energy, a hydrogen technology company based in Connecticut. The contract entails a three-year project that would put the company’s Direct Fuel Cells to use. These fuel cells operate by capturing and separating carbon dioxide from emissions caused by firing coal. FuelCell Energy has released information on the initial results of the project. According to the company,…

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California converts a sewage processing facility into a hydrogen fuel station

Orange County Sanitation District

California continues to make use of eco-friendly technology in the daily operations of the state. The Orange County Sanitation District is currently undergoing a rather interesting transformation. The facility once used to store and process human waste is being converted into a hydrogen fueling station in preparation of the coming of hydrogen-powered vehicles. The facility has been equipped with a fuel cell system that generates hydrogen from waste gas, which is then converted into electricity. The initiative is part of a 3-year project which will display the value and viability…

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Researchers develop new fuel cell catalyst, stumble upon chemical that is more efficient than hydrogen

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Researchers at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory at the Washington State University have developed a new catalyst to be used with fuel cells. The potential of fuel cells has long been stifled by their high expense. This is due to the large amount of platinum used in every fuel cell system. Scientists have been seeking an alternative to the platinum catalysts, but few projects have been successful. Scientists at Pacific Northwest may have found a solution. Made from zinc oxide and zirconium oxide, the new catalyst is meant for fuel…

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