Hydrogen research receives more support from the DOE

Hydrogen Research - DOE Support

Agency is issuing more funding for promising hydrogen projects The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) has announced up to $3.5 million in funding for hydrogen research and development. The federal agency is looking to support projects that focus on using nuclear energy to produce hydrogen fuel. Such projects could optimize thermal and electrical energy production in the country and give nuclear power a way to help boost the expansion of fuel cell technology. The funding from the DOE is being issued through the agency’s Fuel Cell Technologies Office. Nuclear power…

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Researchers develop new device that could make hydrogen production more efficient

Hydrogen Production - solar energy, water, Image of sunlight below water

New device harnesses sunlight to generate hydrogen A team of researchers from McGill University in Montreal, Canada, and the University of Michigan have developed a new, stable artificial photosynthesis device that could make hydrogen production significantly more efficient. The device makes use of a method called direct water splitting. Unlike conventional hydrogen production methods, the new device will only make use of water and sunlight. Researchers believe that the new device will help make hydrogen less expensive and more attractive to several sectors. Researchers believe that the new device could…

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DOE calls for more information on hydrogen fuel infrastructure development

Federal agency requires more information to better understand infrastructure development efforts The U.S. Department of Energy has issued a request for information concerning the development of a comprehensive hydrogen fuel infrastructure. The agency’s Fuel Cell Technologies Office hopes to acquire information from those developing such an infrastructure. Through the request for information, the Fuel Cell Technologies Office and the Department of Energy hope to gain a better understanding of what must be done to accelerate the deployment of hydrogen fuel stations and hydrogen production solutions. Demand for hydrogen fuel is…

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Hydrogen fuel cell fleet goes into service for FedEx

New fuel cell vehicles are being put to use at Memphis International Airport A fleet of fuel cell vehicles have been put into service at the Memphis International Airport, a major delivery hub for Federal Express. FedEx will be operating these fuel cell vehicles for a two-year demonstration project. The vehicles will fill a support role, delivering cargo and providing other services at the discretion of FedEx. The project that these vehicles are associated with is being funded by the Department of Energy’s Fuel Cell Technologies Office, as well as…

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New hydrogen fuel training program launched in the US

Training program aims to equip first responders with the tools they need to handle emergency situations The United States Department of Energy’s Fuel Cell Technologies Office has announced the launch of a new safety training resource program that is available online. The new program is designed for emergency responders that may have to deal with incidents involving hydrogen fuel in the future. The program has been developed by the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory and the California Fuel Cell Partnership. The two organizations have extensive experience with hydrogen fuel and fuel…

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New funding opportunities coming to the hydrogen fuel cell space

Government agencies aim to introduce more funding for the advancement of fuel cell technologies The United States Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE) has produced a Notice of Intent regarding funding opportunities for the hydrogen fuel cell sector. The Notice of Intent was posted on behalf of the Fuel Cell Technologies Office, which promotes the use of fuel cells in various sectors and supports the advancement of this technology. Fuel cells have been gaining momentum in the United States, especially when it comes to the transportation sector. These…

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New fellowship program seeks to focus on hydrogen fuel cells

Fellowship program focused on fuel cell technology launched The Department of Energy’s Fuel Cell Technologies Office has announced that it is offering research opportunities through the Energy Efficiency and Technology Policy Fellowship Program. The fellowship program is meant to provide scientists, engineers, and researchers with an opportunity to participate in innovative fuel cell projects that are being backed by the Department of Energy. The federal agency has taken an interest in hydrogen fuel and fuel cell technology recently and has been providing financial support for projects that aim to improve…

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DOE seeks feedback concerning hydrogen fuel infrastructure efforts

Agency looks for information from stakeholders The U.S. Department of Energy has issued a request for information concerning the introduction of hydrogen-powered vehicles and the establishment of a hydrogen fuel infrastructure. The request for information was issued through the agency’s Fuel Cell Technologies Office, which has been working to support fuel cell technology and its adoption throughout the U.S. for some time. Those investing in the concept of hydrogen transportation have been encouraged to submit feedback to the federal agency. Infrastructure remains a problematic issue One of the greatest challenges…

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Hydrogen fuel wins more support from NREL

NREL - Hydrogen Fuel Support

Laboratory throws more support behind hydrogen fuel and transportation The U.S. National Renewable Energy Laboratory has been working to increase its support of hydrogen fuel in recent months. The organization, backed by the Department of Energy, has a strong interest in all forms of alternative energy, but has shown particular interest in using hydrogen fuel for the sake of transportation. Recently, the organization has received four hydrogen-powered vehicles from Toyota, which will be used in various tests to determine the best path toward embracing hydrogen transportation. Organization eager to test…

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Department of Energy reaches out for aid on hydrogen fuel infrastructure

DOE - Wind Energy Support

Hydrogen fuel infrastructure continues to be significant problem Hydrogen transportation is no longer considered to be a fantasy. The majority of the auto industry is currently involved in the development of hydrogen-powered vehicles, with many automakers having plans to launch such vehicles by 2017, if not sooner. Hyundai has begun mass production on its own hydrogen-powered vehicles, beating many of its competitors to the punch. While hydrogen fuel and transportation may no longer be considered incompatible, a problem still exists concerning the infrastructure needed to make these vehicles a success.…

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US seeks information concerning hydrogen fuel cells

U.S. DOE Seeks Information about Hydrogen Fuel Cells

US DOE calls for more knowledge on hydrogen fuel cells The U.S. Department of Energy has had a turbulent past with hydrogen fuel cells. The agency, once lead by Secretary Steven Chu, had considered fuel cells to be an overly complex problem that had little to offer the country’s renewable energy endeavors. The stance of the agency has changed over the past two years as fuel cells have become more efficient and affordable, leading the Department of Energy to provide more support for this often misunderstood form of renewable power.…

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