General Motors and US Army continue work on fuel cells

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Partnership - GM and U.S. Army

GM delivers new fuel cell vehicle to the Army Automaker General Motors has delivered its new fuel cell vehicle, the Chevrolet Colorado ZH2, to the United States Army. The new vehicle will be used as part of a demonstration on the capabilities of fuel cells and how they can be used to power vehicles. One of the aspects of fuel cells that have caught the Army’s interest is that they can be operated silently. This makes them particularly useful for special operations where making noise is not ideal. Automakers continue…

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NREL and GM team to make hydrogen fuel cells less expensive

High cost of fuel cells will be the focus of partnership between NREL and GM The U.S. National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) has partnered with General Motors in order to address the issue of the high cost of fuel cell vehicles. Hydrogen fuel cells have become quite popular in the auto industry, being used as an energy system for a new generation of zero emission vehicles. The problem, however, is that fuel cells are quite expensive. These energy systems make use of platinum, which comprises their catalysts and allows them…

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GM reaches milestone with fleet of hydrogen fuel vehicles

Fuel cell vehicle fleet passes 3 million mile mark General Motors has announced that its fleet of fuel cell vehicles has passed the 3 million miles traveled mark. The fuel cell vehicle fleet represents the automaker’s interests in clean transportation. General Motors has become a relatively strong supporter of hydrogen fuel cells in recent years, noting that these energy systems could lead to the production of vehicles that produce no emissions and cut down on fuel consumption. Like other automakers interested in fuel cells, GM has been working to showcase…

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GM and Honda reveal plans concerning hydrogen fuel cells

Partnership between automakers may have a major impact on fuel cells and transportation Last year, prominent automakers Honda and General Motors entered into a partnership concerning hydrogen fuel cells and their use in transportation. Both companies have a strong interest in clean transportation, with Honda boasting of its own hydrogen-powered vehicle operating in California and General Motors working to improve fuel cell technology for vehicles. The partnership between these two companies have been shrouded in mystery, to some degree, with both companies simply suggesting that they would work together to…

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Hydrogen fuel cell vehicle reaches major milestone

GM hydrogen fuel cell vehicle makes significant progress American automaker General Motors has announced that its hydrogen fuel research vehicle has reaches major milestone this week. The vehicle, called the Equinox, is meant to demonstrate the capabilities of fuel cells in the transportation sector. General Motors has been using the Equinox to gather information on the performance of fuel cells and whether these energy systems can be used as a viable replacement for conventional engines. The research vehicle is not alone in the field, of course, as several other automakers…

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New partnership could shed light on capabilities of hydrogen fuel cells

GM teams with military group to examine hydrogen fuel cell technology Leading automaker General Motors has announced that it has entered into a new research and development agreement with the U.S. Army Tank Automotive Research, Development, and Engineering Center. The partnership is focused on hydrogen fuel cell technology and aims to test the fuel cells that General Motors plans to use in their new vehicles within the next five years. The automaker has a strong interest in hydrogen fuel, partly due to the emissions regulations that have been instituted in…

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Honda announces new plans for hydrogen fuel endeavors

Hydrogen Fuel News

Honda continues focus on hydrogen fuel and transportation Japanese automaker Honda has been working to develop a hydrogen-powered vehicle for some time now. The company has a strong interest in hydrogen fuel and how it can be used in transportation. Part of this interest is backed by increasing pressure coming from the world’s governments concerning carbon emissions. These governments have been introducing regulations that are forcing automakers to produce more environmentally friendly vehicles. Honda is only one among many automakers that have turned to hydrogen fuel to comply with such…

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Army may be involved in GM and Honda hydrogen fuel partnership

Hydrogen Fuel Partnership - GM, Honda and U.S. Army

Hydrogen fuel initiative may have the support of the US Army General Motors and Honda recently announced a new joint venture meant to promote progress in the field of hydrogen fuel cells and their use in transportation. Through this partnership, the two automakers plan to develop innovative fuel cell technologies over the next five years. The automakers will not only be working with one another, however, as their partnership also incorporates other stakeholders that have yet to be identified. There are rumors circulating that suggest the U.S. Army may be…

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GM and Honda team for the sake of hydrogen fuel

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicles - GM and Honda

New partnership could help resolve challenges facing hydrogen fuel Hydrogen fuel continues to gain ground in the field of transportation, but there are still several challenges that exist that could derail any progress made on this front. Many of these challenges are being confronted by the auto industry, but automakers are quickly coming to the realization that they cannot overcome these issues alone. While some automakers have managed to form partnerships with government bodies, a growing number of these companies are beginning to turn to one another for the sake…

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