Iceland to begin hydrogen fuel production at geothermal power plant

Hydrogen Fuel Production - Geothermal Power Plant in Iceland

ON Power has announced it will start its experimental production of hydrogen. The Icelandic geothermal power utility is set to start hydrogen fuel production later this month near its Hellisheidi geothermal power plant in Southwest Iceland, which is located close to the country`s capital, Reykjavik. The hydrogen station is part of a bigger European research project. Along with two other Icelandic companies – Orkan and Icelandic New Energy – ON Power is participating in a European hydrogen research project. As part of its participation, it has purchased an electrolyte, which…

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Oahu hydrogen fuel station opens for businesses

Oahu hydrogen fuel station - Refueling car - gas station

Hawaii’s first publicly accessible hydrogen refueling station becomes operational. The Oahu hydrogen fuel station is the first of its kind in Hawaii and was developed and opened by Servco Pacific. The new station, which reportedly took less than a year to complete, will help to support the use of hydrogen fuel vehicles in Hawaii. Servco will start to lease the Toyota Mirai later this month. Having already found success in establishing a presence in California, Toyota wants to bring its hydrogen fuel cell vehicles to other promising clean transportation markets,…

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Canada opens first retail hydrogen refueling station in BC

Hydrogen refueling station - Shell Gas Station in Canada

Vancouver becomes first city in the nation to provide a hydrogen fuel station to consumers. HTEC (Hydrogen Technology & Energy Corporation) and Shell have partnered and opened the very first retail hydrogen refueling station in Canada, according to an HTCE press release. The station is located at a Shell refueling station in Vancouver, British Columbia (BC). This is the first of many stations to be built in BC. The now open hydrogen refueling station is the first in a six-station network HTEC intends to build in BC’s Greater Vancouver and…

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Hyundai and Audi team up for hydrogen car technology

Hydrogen Car Technology - Partnership - Business

The two auto manufacturers will partner to develop hydrogen fuel cell vehicles. Hyundai and Audi believe that collaborating will accelerate the development of hydrogen car technology and lower the cost of fuel cell vehicles. This could make hydrogen-powered electric vehicles a feasible alternative to battery-electric vehicles in the not too distant future. The companies will gain access to each other’s intellectual property. Initially, the partnership will allow for the cross-licensing of patents as well as access to parts that are deemed non-competitive. Among these include new parts that have been…

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Clean cars to again receive rebates in Texas

Clean Cars - Highway in Texas

Texas brings back rebates to support clean transportation Texas has once again begun to offer rebates for those interested in purchasing clean cars. The rebates have been absent for nearly three years, which has slowed the growth of clean transportation in the state to some degree. Now, vehicles that make use of alternative fuels will be eligible for up to $5,000 in rebates. The state is hoping that the rebates will help accelerate the adoption of clean vehicles. Battery and fuel cell vehicles also receive federal subsidies Vehicles that operate…

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Fuel cell vehicles are gaining momentum, according to new report

Fuel Cell Vehicles Gaining Momentum according to report - Highway at Night

Report shows that some 6,000 hydrogen-powered cars will have been sold by year’s end More than 6,000 fuel cell vehicles could be sold throughout the world by the end of this year, according to the new report “Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicles: A Global Analysis.” The report shows that some 5,500 vehicles equipped with hydrogen fuel cells have already been sold. Approximately 2,400 of these vehicles were sold in the first three quarters of this year alone.  Naqi Jaffery, the leady author of the report, suggests that “at least 10 brands…

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Hyundai has big plans for its new fuel cell vehicle

Fuel Cell Vehicles - Hyundai Car Driving on Road

Automaker plans to launch a new fuel cell vehicle by 2018 South Korean automaker Hyundai has plans to launch a new fuel cell vehicle in the near future. The company already offers such a vehicle in the form of its ix35, a utility vehicle equipped with a hydrogen fuel cell. The ix35 has been relatively successful, which has encouraged Hyundai to develop and launch a new fuel cell vehicle that it claims will be more efficient than its predecessor. The new fuel cell vehicle is expected to be launched in…

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Hyundai unveils new FE Concept equipped with a hydrogen fuel cell

FE Concept - Hyundai Logo

FE Concept is yet another step forward in Hyundai’s clean transportation efforts South Korean automaker Hyundai has unveiled a new concept car that is equipped with hydrogen fuel cell technology. Called the FE Concept, the new vehicle is yet another step in Hyundai’s efforts to improve upon previous models of fuel cell vehicles. The FE Concept is equipped with more advanced technology than previous models, which may help Hyundai better demonstrate the capabilities of fuel cell vehicles and draw yet more attention to hydrogen fuel cells and how they can…

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Market for fuel cell vehicles set to reach new heights in the coming years

Fuel cell vehicles may see more success in the near future The market for fuel cell vehicles is expected to grow significantly in the coming years, according to a new report from Global Market Insights, a market research company. The report predicts that the fuel cell vehicle market will reach $18 billion by 2023. Global Market Insights suggests that the growth of the market will largely be due to increasing concerns about air pollution and governments supporting clean transportation more aggressively. Fuel cell vehicles are still in short supply, however,…

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South Chungcheong becomes production hub for fuel cell vehicles

Province declared hub of production hub for parts to be used in electric vehicles The South Korean province of South Chungcheong has been declared the country’s hub for the production of fuel cell vehicle parts. The province has successfully passed a government feasibility assessment, which has established it as a major production entity that will provide strong support for clean vehicles in the future. New facilities will be built to accommodate the demand for components needed to build fuel cell vehicles. These facilities are expected to provide the province with…

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Norway and South Korea could team to support hydrogen fuel cars

Norwegian Ambassador calls for greater cooperation between South Korea and Norway Norway is looking to form a closer relationship with South Korea in order to support hydrogen fuel cars. Norwegian Ambassador Jan Grevstad has called for greater cooperation between the two countries in order to support clean transportation. Grevstad notes that both countries have a great deal of expertise in the energy, maritime, and oil industries and this has created new opportunities for businesses in both countries. Moreover, both South Korea and Norway are focusing more heavily on renewable energy,…

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Local governments are embracing hydrogen fuel cars

City of Long Beach and Sacramento County purchase new vehicles from Toyota Two of California’s public fleets will be making use of new hydrogen fuel cars from Toyota. One is operated by the City of Long Beach,  with four others being operated by Sacramento County. The latter plans to add another six fuel cell cars to its fleet in the coming years. Each of these vehicles cost the state approximately $41,000, with a $15,000 credit being provided by the California Air Resources Board. Toyota is also providing as much as…

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Quebec aims to embrace hydrogen fuel cells to promote clean transportation

Province wants more people to purchase clean vehicles as part of its energy strategy Quebec, Canada, is preparing itself to embrace clean transportation more aggressively. The Quebec government has begun to push for the adoption of clean vehicles, which is part of its overarching energy strategy. The strategy was introduced earlier this year. Quebec intends to cut the use of fossil-fuels by 40% by 2030. Notably, hydrogen fuel cells may play a significant role in the province’s push for clean transportation. These energy systems have become quite important in the…

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India aims to promote hydrogen fuel cells in the transportation space

New report establishes roadmap for adoption of clean vehicles The Indian government has released a new draft report that highlights the country’s efforts to embrace clean transportation, particularly where hydrogen fuel cells are concerned. The government intends to embrace fuel cell vehicles in the coming years in order to make transportation more environmentally friendly and open up new economic opportunities. The report calls for those in various industries to help commercialize fuel cell technology so that it can establish a stronger foothold in the country’s growing market. Government to invest…

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Former Tesla co-founder believes hydrogen fuel cells are nothing more than a scam

Battle between batteries and fuel cells is heating up With clean transportation gaining momentum, the tension surrounding batteries and hydrogen fuel cells is beginning to increase. Many automakers have begun to show support for fuel cells, but others, including Tesla Motors, believe that batteries are the best solution for the clean transportation space. Tesla, in particular, has been rather outspoken concerning its support of battery technology and its lack of faith in hydrogen fuel cells. Even former members of the company believe that fuel cells may be nothing more than…

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New car-share company aims to expose consumers to hydrogen fuel cells

BeeZero to open in Germany, offering access to fuel cell vehicles The very first car-sharing company offering access to fuel cell vehicles is about to open in Germany. Currently, very few people have fuel vehicles of their own, despite their interest in clean transportation. Automakers have been working to promote the adoption of these vehicles, but they are simply too expensive for many consumers. As such, car-sharing company BeeZero will fill the demand for clean vehicles by allowing consumers to drive cars equipped with hydrogen fuel cells. 50 ix35 vehicles…

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