First PtG energy storage facility in North America is now operational

PtG Energy Storage - Enbridge gas meters

North America’s first major energy storage facility using hydrogen is open in Canada. The announcement regarding the opening of the PtG energy storage plant was made by Enbridge Gas Distribution Inc. and Hydrogenics Corporation. The two Canada-based companies jointly own and operate the facility, which is located in Markham, Ontario, Canada. The facility is expected to lower costs for Ontario consumers. Both Asia and Europe have already deployed power-to-gas (PtG) energy storage projects, but this is the first large scale PtG energy storage project of its kind in North America.…

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Hydrogenics to bolster hydrogen fuel production in Thailand

Company has been chosen to help build new hydrogen production and storage system Hydrogenics, a leading developer of hybrid hydrogen fuel production technology, has been awarded a role in helping develop Southeast Asia’s first renewable hydrogen fuel storage system and power plant. The project is being headed by Pharam 2 Civil Engineering and is backed by the Electricity Generation Authority of Thailand. This project will seek to generate hydrogen through the use of renewable energy. This hydrogen will then be used to generate electrical power through fuel cells. Hydrogenics to…

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Hydrogenics and SinoHytec to bring new fuel cell systems to China

Partnership will deliver new hydrogen fuel cells to northern China Hydrogenics, a leading develop of hydrogen technologies, has signed a partnership with SinoHytec, a Chinese company focused on fuel cells and clean energy. Together, the two companies will work to deliver new fuel cell systems to the northern regions of China, where the demand for clean energy is on the rise. The partnership between the two companies is valued at $13.5 million. Both companies will work to develop new fuel cell systems and their primary focus may be on the…

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Hydrogenics joins HyBalance project to support hydrogen fuel production and technology

HyBalance project aims to support the advancement of fuel cell technology Hydrogenics, a leading developer of hybrid hydrogen fuel production technology, has announced that it has been selected to join a European consortium of companies to participate in a $15 million power-to-gas project called HyBalance. The consortium includes several companies, including Air Liquide, that have had a role to play in power-to-gas projects in the past. The aim of the HyBalance program is to support the advancement of fuel cell technology, as well as hydrogen production solutions. HyBalance aims to…

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Hydrogenics to deliver hydrogen fuel cells to forklift developer

Fuel cell developer receives order for fuel cells from forklift developer in the US Hydrogenics, a leading developer of hydrogen fuel production and fuel cell technology, has announced that it has received some $2 million in orders from a developer of hydrogen-powered forklifts in the United States. The company’s technology will be used to power these materials handling vehicles, which will be delivered to large logistics centers throughout North America. The fuel cells from Hydrogenics are expected to be shipped in the first quarter of 2016, with more orders likely…

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New Flyer receives grant for hydrogen fuel cell bus

New Flyer receives $2.1 million grant from the California Energy Commission New Flyer Industries, a manufacturer of heavy-duty buses, has announced that it has been approved for a $2.1 million grant from the California Energy Commission. The grant will help fund a demonstration project that involves the company’s Xcelsior transit bus, which will be powered by a hydrogen fuel cell developed by Hydrogenics. The project may draw more favorable attention to fuel cells and how they can be used in the public transportation space. Project aims to highlight the benefits…

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Hydrogenics to deliver hydrogen fuel cells to Alstom Transport

Hydrogenics and Alstom Transport sign 10 year agreement Hydrogenics, a developer of hydrogen fuel cells and hydrogen production technologies, has announced that it has signed an exclusive supply agreement with Alstom Transport, a leading transportation organization based in Europe. Per the agreement, Hydrogenics will provide Alstom with hydrogen fuel cells, which will be used to power new transportation solutions that are to go into service in France and elsewhere. These fuel cells will be delivered in near future and Hydrogenics will provide 10 years worth of maintenance and services for…

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Hydrogenics wins two contracts for hydrogen fuel stations

Hydrogenics to provide hydrogen services to new stations in California and the United Kingdom Hydrogenics, a developer of hydrogen fuel cells and hydrogen production systems, has announced that it has won two contracts to supply technology and service to two new hydrogen fuel stations. One of these stations is located in California, with the other being based in the United Kingdom. These stations will serve to bolster the emerging hydrogen infrastructure in these two markets, preparing them for the eventual launch of fuel cell vehicles. New station in California will…

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Hydrogenics to help bolster UK hydrogen fuel infrastructure

New contracts have been awarded to Hydrogenics Hydrogenics, a leading developer of hydrogen fuel cells, has announced that it has been awarded two contracts from the United Kingdom government. These contracts task Hydrogenics with providing its technology to new hydrogen fuel stations being developed throughout the country. The United Kingdom has been working to bolster its hydrogen infrastructure in preparation for hydrogen-powered vehicles being released in the coming years. New stations are being built throughout the country with the aid of the government and several organizations, including those within the…

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Alternative energy news: Germany opens new hybrid wind energy system

New Tubrines - Wind Energy in Alaska

Alternative energy news made in Germany with launch of new energy facility Germany has established itself as a major advocate for renewable energy. The country has made waves throughout the world of alternative energy news through its staunch support of solar power. In recent months, however, the country has begun pulling away from solar and attributing more focus to wind energy. Germany is keen to see the majority of its electrical power come from renewable sources and has been making strong progress in this endeavor for several years. Germany opens…

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E.ON injects hydrogen fuel into Germany natural gas grid

Natural gas station

E.ON completes successful hydrogen fuel demonstration E.ON, the world’s largest investor owned electric utility based in Europe, has completed a new power-to-gas demonstration in Falkenhagen, Germany. The demonstration was meant to show that hydrogen fuel could be injected into the existing natural gas grid of the German state. This demonstration is part of an overarching project that is represented by a power-to-gas facility. At this facility, hydrogen fuel is produced in order to be fed into the Falkenhagen natural gas infrastructure. Facility uses Hydrogenics technology to produce fuel The facility…

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CTE launches test of hydrogen fuel bus

hydrogen fuel cell bus

CTE aims to show off viability of hydrogen fuel Georgia’s Center for Transportation and the Environment (CTE) has launched its new hydrogen-powered bus project this week, featuring a vehicle developed by Proterra. The bus makes use of hydrogen fuel cells developed by Hydrogenics, a leading producer of fuel cell energy systems. The project is meant to test the viability of hydrogen fuel in the realm of public transportation. Hydrogen has been growing increasingly common in public transit outside of the U.S. and has often won acclaim as a cost effective…

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Hydrogen fuel to be used for energy storage in Germany

Germany Hydrogen Fuel Infrastructure Plans

Hydrogenics backs hydrogen fuel storage system in Hamburg Hydrogenics, a leading developer of proton exchange membrane (PEM) hydrogen fuel cells and electrolyzer technology, has been awarded a contract to establish a new energy storage system in Hamburg, Germany. The company’s electrolyzer will be used to generate hydrogen fuel, which will serve as an energy storage method for other forms of renewable power. E.ON, a leading provider of energy services, will be participating in this endeavor alongside its longtime partner Hydrogenics. Hydrogen could be used as an efficient storage medium Hydrogen…

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Hawaii and US military make alternative energy news

Alternative Energy News US Military Hawaii

  Hawaii’s second largest employer – the US military – is behind the push for more alternative fuels and green advances in the state. The Department of Defense (DOD) has spent $6.5 billion in the year 2011in Hawaii alone and backs up the state’s green goals, making big alternative energy news. Investing in the future The Pentagon is set to spend billions to back up green initiatives, and military presence in HI means spending some of that money there. The military is a boon for the Hawaiian economy and the…

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Hydrogenics system successfully arrives in Germany

Hydrogenics Germany hydrogen fuel

Hydroegnics delivers power-to-gas system on time Hydrogenics, a leading developer of hydrogen fuel cells, has announced that it has successfully delivered a 2 megawatt power-to-gas energy storage system to E.ON, Germany’s largest energy utility. In June 2012, Hydrogenics received an order for this storage system from E.ON, which would be used with a new energy system that is being built in Falkenhagen, Germany. The system developed by Hydrogenics will not only be used to store energy; it will also be used to produce gas that can be used in numerous…

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Hydrogenics to participate in Don Quichote project

Hydrogenics Hydrogen Fuel Cell Project

Hydrogenics announces inclusion in Europe’s Don Quichote project Hydrogenics, a leading developer of hydrogen fuel cells and hydrogen production systems, has announced that it has been chosen for a energy storage research and development project in Europe. The company has been making headlines in recent months due to its extensive work in the fuel cell industry and the major deals it has been a part of in recent weeks. The research and development in Europe is called “Don Quichote” and is backed by the European Commission’s Fuel Cell and Hydrogen…

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