Wind energy reaches a new record in India

Wind Energy - Wind Turbine on hill

India has achieved a new milestone with its wind energy projects India has reached a new milestone with its wind energy production. During the 2016-2017 fiscal year, the country generated 5,400 megawatts of wind power, surpassing its goal of generating 4,000 megawatts of wind energy. Renewable energy has been experiencing healthy growth in India. The country is home to approximately 50,100 megawatts of installed clean energy capacity. More than 55% of this capacity comes from wind power projects. Despite the growth of clean power, only 16% of the country’s electricity…

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Suzlon reaches major milestone in India’s wind energy market

Wind Energy - Turbines in Field

Suzlon has established a leading role in the wind energy space Suzlon Energy, a prominent wind energy company, has announced that it has reached a major new milestone in India. The company has established a very strong presence in the country, bolstering India’s wind energy capacity by a significant margin. Now, Suzlon controls a major share of India’s wind capacity and renewable energy market. The company operates some of the largest wind farms in India and has plans to continue expanding wind capacity in the coming years. Company now operates…

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India achieves major accomplishment with its renewable energy capacity

Renewable Energy - Indian Flag on Country Outline

India surpasses the 50 GW mark in renewable energy capacity India has reached another major milestone in its renewable energy sector. The Ministry of New & Renewable Energy has announced that the country’s operational grid-connected clean power capacity surpassed 50 gigawatts. More than half of this capacity comes from wind power, with solar energy coming in second. Hydropower, bioenergy, and waste-to-energy solutions make up the remainder of the country’s renewable energy capacity. While solar falls significantly behind wind in terms of capacity, India is considered one of the world’s fastest…

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Solar energy is becoming more affordable globally

New solar projects highlight the continued decline in solar energy costs The cost of solar energy continues to fall throughout the world. In recent months, several solar projects have begun to take form in many countries. A bid to build a 500 megawatt solar power system was recently placed in China, with the bid being $0.46 per watt of capacity. Last week, a similar bid was placed for a solar project in Abu Dhabi, coming in at $0.023 per kilowatt-hour. According to Masdar Clean Energy, this represents one of the…

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Renewable energy space may not be affected by Trump presidency

Renewable Energy News - Donald Trump

The global renewable energy sector may continue to thrive even without support from the US The global renewable energy community has expressed concern over the changing political landscape in the United States. Donald Trump has become the President of the United States and he has vowed to revitalize the coal and oil industries. At the same time, renewable energy may lose some support from the federal government, as incoming federal officials intend to show more support for fossil-fuels and limit environmental regulations in the coming years. Despite this, however, renewable…

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India set to launch a new online solar energy training program

Solar Energy - India Sunset

New program aims to help train individuals to be solar technicians Solar energy is growing quickly in India and the government has plans to ensure that the sector has as much support as it needs to thrive. The government has announced that it will be launching a new online training program designed to help people become professional solar technicians. The Solar Energy Corporation of India has been tapped to implement this online program. Those with an Internet connection can enroll in online courses for just $8.79. Those completing the online…

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NTPC aims to break into India’s growing wind energy market

India Alternative Wind Energy

Country’s largest energy producer seeks to build a new wind project India’s largest energy company, NTPC Limited, is preparing to enter into the wind energy market. Wind power has become one of the fastest renewable energy sectors in the country, presenting companies with new opportunities as India seeks to become more environmentally friendly. NTPC has announced plans to build its first wind energy project, following months of breaking into the quickly growing solar sector. The company hopes to find similar success in the wind energy market that it has seen…

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India’s solar energy industry is emerging as a world leader

India continues to support the growth of its thriving solar energy industry With 2016 coming to a close, India has emerged as a prominent player in the solar energy industry. The country has shown strong support for solar power over the past year, with government incentives encouraging developers to bring their projects to India. Currently, India currently has 10 gigawatts of installed solar capacity, which is a thousand-fold increase over the capacity that was available in the country in 2010, when India launched the National Solar Mission. Installed solar capacity…

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AsiaWEA forms to support the expansion of wind energy in the Asia-Pacific region

Wind Energy - Wind Project

New organization aims to support wind power in several countries A new wind energy association has been launched in Asia. Called AsiaWEA, the new organization will support the development of government policies as well as the research and development of both onshore and offshore wind energy systems. The organization is new accepting applications from businesses and agencies interested in clean power, with active membership slated to begin in January of 2017. Members will be accepted to quarterly meetings and seminars and AsiaWEA plans to host the first Asian Wind Energy…

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Solar energy is becoming less expensive than coal and wind

New highlights the major accomplishment the solar sector has achieved The solar energy space has accomplished something that was previously thought impossible. According to data from Bloomberg New Energy Finance, solar power is now the world’s least expensive form of energy. In the past, solar power has managed to find major success in various parts of the world, particularly the Middle East, where sunlight is abundant. The data from Bloomberg shows that solar power is now less expensive than wind and coal, making it a very attractive form of electrical…

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India continues to reach new milestones with its solar energy market

Solar energy market in India makes more progress thanks to new solar farm In India, plans to build the world’s largest solar energy system are underway. The new solar farm is being built in Kamuthi, Tamil Nadu, and will have a maximum capacity of 648 megawatts. The solar farm will cover 10 square kilometers, making it one of the largest solar projects to be built. By comparison, the currently largest solar energy system is the Topaz Solar Farm, which was built in California with a maximum capacity of 550 megawatts….

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Scientists develop promising new solar energy device

New solar device could be the future of urban power Indian scientists have developed a new solar device that is capable of generating electricity. The team from the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) calls the new device a “solar tree.” This device is claimed to be more efficient at generating electricity than conventional solar energy systems. The new device is comprised of several metal “branches,” which are connected to a large central pole. The branches are affixed with solar panels and these panels can be moved to face…

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CSIR scientists develop new solar tree

Solar tree will help save space but not sacrifice anything in terms of energy production A group of scientists from the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) in India have developed a new solar energy system that will help save space on expansive photovoltaic fields. Solar power has become quite popular in India, but solar farms require a great deal of space in order to be considered viable. Small solar farms do not typically produce enough electricity to be considered valuable die to the limited space they have access…

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Wind energy reaches a new milestone in India

Indian wind energy sector continues to see strong growth Wind energy generation has reached a record high in India. In Tamil Nadu, consumption of wind power has grown significantly since May 15 of this year. This is when the so called “wind season” began. During this time, wind currents were particularly strong, allowing wind energy systems to produce more electrical power than during other seasons. Tamil Nadu’s wind farms have been able help satisfy the demand for electricity coming from consumers throughout the state. Wind farms help satisfy the demand…

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GE to invest in India’s wind energy market

Mytrah Energy acquires investment from GE Energy Financial Services GE Energy Financial Services has announced that it will be investing $31 million in a wind energy project coming from Mytrah Energy, a leading wind developer that has attracted a great deal of financial support. To date, Mytrah Energy has raised approximately $350 million in financing from several groups, including the Asian Development Bank. The new wind energy project has a maximum capacity of 200 megawatts and is being developed in Andhra Pradesh in India. Company aims to have 1,000 MW…

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Wind energy capacity in India continues to skyrocket

The wind energy market in India will see strong growth through 2017 India’s wind energy capacity is set to see strong growth through 2017. Several Indian states are becoming host to innovative and ambitious wind projects and these states will contribute heavily to the country’s growing wind capacity. The Suzlon Group believes that India will become a more attractive wind energy market in the very near future. The market is expected to grow by 30% between now and the end of 2017. 4,300 MW of new capacity to be installed…

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