Shell to increase renewable energy investments to $1 billion a year

Renewable Energy - Shell Gas Pump

Shell is beginning to move away from oil as public faith in fossil-fuels vanishes Royal Dutch Shell has plans to increase its renewable energy spending to $1 billion annually. Ben van Beurden, CEO of Shell, notes that the faith in the oil industry is disappearing. This is putting greater pressure on the company to move away from its traditional focus on oil and begin showing more support for clean power. Notably, Shell has also expressed support for countries to impose rules to place prices on carbon emissions. According to Shell,…

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Shell and Toyota partner to build new hydrogen fuel stations in California

Hydrogen Fuel Stations - Partnership

Shell and Toyota will work to develop a larger hydrogen infrastructure Shell, one of the largest oil and gas companies in the world, has formed a partnership with Japanese automaker Toyota in order to build new hydrogen fuel stations in California. The partnership represents another small step in Shell’s ongoing efforts to focus on fuels other than oil and gas. Hydrogen is quickly gaining momentum in the transportation space and some believe that this fuel has the potential to displace traditional petroleum at some point in the future. California has…

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Large companies come together to launch the Hydrogen Council

Hydrogen Council - Companies Come Together

Hydrogen Council seeks to help expand the use of hydrogen fuel cells Several leading automotive, energy, and engineering firms have come together to established the “Hydrogen Council.” The council was announced alongside the World Economic Forum’s Davos Summit and aims to establish hydrogen fuel as a tool that can be used to ease the transition away from fossil-fuels toward cleaner forms of power. BMW, Shell, Total, and Toyota are among the companies that have involved themselves in the new Hydrogen Council. Companies expected to accelerate their investments in the hydrogen…

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Companies team up to expand hydrogen fuel infrastructure in Germany

New partnership seeks to build 400 hydrogen fuel stations in Germany An industrial partnership is looking to expand the availability of hydrogen fuel in Germany. Air Liquide, Linde, OMV, Shell, and Total have come together to launch a new joint venture called H2 MOBILITY Deutschland GmbH. The venture aims to install some 400 hydrogen fuel stations throughout Germany by 2023. The country is quickly becoming an attractive market for fuel cell vehicles, which consume hydrogen rather than conventional gas. First stage of the partnership will involve the development of some…

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UK’s first public hydrogen fuel station opens

ITM Power brings the UK’s first public hydrogen station to life in South Yorkshire ITM Power, a leading developer of hydrogen fuel cells, has opened the United Kingdom’s first public hydrogen fuel station. The station is located in South Yorkshire and will provide public access to hydrogen for those that have fuel cell vehicles. While these vehicles are still somewhat rare in the UK, many consumers are expected to purchase these vehicles as the country’s infrastructure continues to expand. New fueling stations are needed for these vehicles to become successful….

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ITM Power to develop new hydrogen fuel stations in the UK

ITM Power and Shell partner to develop hydrogen fuel infrastructure ITM Power, a leading developer of hydrogen fuel cells, has entered into a strategic partnership with Shell in order to provide hydrogen fuel to three Shell retailers in the United Kingdom. The three hydrogen fuel stations that ITM Power will help develop will be the first to be integrated into forecourts in the UK. The fueling stations will further expand the country’s growing hydrogen infrastructure, which has begun to receive more support in recent years. Funding helps back the endeavor…

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Shell receives green light for arctic drilling

Royal Dutch Shell was granted two final permits to begin its exploration for oil in the Arctic. Last Wednesday, the multinational oil and gas company, Royal Dutch Shell, received conditional approval to begin arctic drilling this summer in Alaska. The two permits were granted by the Obama administration’s Bureau of Safety and Environment Enforcement, and will allow the oil and gas giant to commence its exploratory drilling project in the Chukchi Sea, which is about 140 miles from the Alaska coast. The conditions of the approval will place certain restrictions…

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Shell receives approval to continue arctic drilling

The U.S. government has given the oil and gas giant approval to commence drilling in the Chukchi Sea. Much to the chagrin of many environmentalists and environmental groups, the U.S. government gave Shell the go-ahead to resume its arctic drilling plans, and the oil and gas company will soon begin its oil exploration efforts off Alaska’s North Slope in the Chukchi Sea with its 25-vessel fleet, of which the Polar Pioneer oil rig is the biggest vessel. Shell was forced to abandon its oil exploration efforts in the arctic back…

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Linde to supply hydrogen fuel for the Shell Eco-marathon

Linde will be the exclusive supplier of hydrogen for the Shell event Shell is hosting its fifth annual Eco-marathon, where teams of students from various universities demonstrate the potential of hydrogen fuel cells in the transportation sector. Shell expects that 54 teams will compete in the event this year, showcasing their fuel cells and how these energy systems can be used in vehicles. Linde, a leading producer of chemical gases, will be the exclusive provider of hydrogen fuel for this year’s event. Company continues to play a major role in…

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Students build vehicle powered by hydrogen fuel

University of Illinois Hydrogen Fuel

Hydrogen fuel continues to take transportation by storm Clean transportation is gaining more attention, which is helping highlight the potential benefits of clean vehicles and how they compare to conventional vehicles. Hydrogen fuel has become one of the most widely accepted forms of power in the realm of clean energy. Indeed, most of the world’s major automakers have come to embrace hydrogen fuel as the future of the auto industry. Hydrogen-powered vehicles, however, have been subject to staunch criticisms concerning their performance and efficiency. A group of students from the…

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Shell sees bright future ahead for solar energy

Shell Solar Energy

Solar energy may have the potential to change the world Solar energy has managed to win over many consumers, companies, and governments around the world. Because of the abundance of sunlight much of the world experiences, as well as the fact that the sun will continue to exist well into the future, solar energy has become one of the most ideal forms of renewable power. The prospects of solar energy are such that even companies that have traditionally been focused exclusively on fossil-fuels are beginning to show support. This is…

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Shell opens new hydrogen fuel station in Newport Beach

Hydrogen Fuel Station

  Shell continues to expand hydrogen fuel infrastructure in California California has long been a state with a strong focus on alternative energy, as well as one of the most attractive markets for the auto industry. As the auto industry begins to focus more on clean transportation through the development of hydrogen-powered vehicles, California is seeing a greater need for a comprehensive hydrogen fuel infrastructure. Shell, one of the world’s largest oil and gas companies, is taking the need for a hydrogen fuel infrastructure in California seriously and has been…

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Hydrogen fuel offered for free by Shell

hydrogen refueling station

Shell opens new station that provides hydrogen fuel at no cost Petroleum giant Shell has opened a new fuel station in Newport Beach, California. While the company’s opening of a fuel station is not often accompanied with any sort of fanfare, this station is decidedly different from the rest. The new fuel station in Newport Beach makes hydrogen fuel available to consumers at no charge. This marks the first time any company as offered hydrogen fuel for vehicles for free. Of course, only a handful of drivers will be able…

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Hydrogen-powered vehicle from Aston University is made out of cardboard and plywood

Clean Transportation

Students come together to build innovating hydrogen-powered vehicle A team of students from the United Kingdom’s Aston University has won this year’s Shell Eco-Design Award. The team received the award for their innovative design of a hydrogen-powered vehicle. The vehicle in question makes use of a hydrogen fuel cell, which powers the vehicles various functions, and boasts of impressive fuel efficiency. Perhaps the most striking aspect of the hydrogen-powered vehicle is the fact that it is made of cardboard and plywood. Vehicle wins team a spot in the Shell Eco-Marathon…

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California to revive stagnant West Coast Hydrogen Highway initiative

California Hydrogen Fuel Market

Mere weeks after California announced the successful operation of its ambitious West Coast Electric Highway, an initiative that installed electric charging stations along the I-5 toward Oregon, the state is now embarking on an initiative to revive its West Coast Hydrogen Highway. At its height, the initiative aimed to install a serious of hydrogen fuel stations on major highways throughout the state. The plan hit roadblocks during the Schwarzenegger administration when the state Legislature determined that the stations must receive a fifth of their energy from renewable sources. This requirement…

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Hydrogen fuels the Shell Eco-marathon Americas 2011

Groups of students from all over the country have been spending the past several months preparing for the Shell Eco-marathon Americas 2011. The marathon is an event sponsored by Shell, designed to expand the boundaries of fuel efficiency by pitting teams of ambitious students against one another. Operating on the belief that competition fuels innovation, Shell is hoping that students will take alternative fuels to new heights. More than 70 teams of students representing 18 high schools and 31 universities throughout the U.S., Canada and Mexico, will be competing in…

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