Company makes progress on its new hydrogen fuel cell stack

FCO Power continues to make progress on its fuel cell stack that will be used for residential power FCO Power, a developer of fuel cell technology, has announced that it has made progress on the development of its next generation solid oxide fuel cells. These fuel cells are relatively large and stationary, but produce large quantities of electrical power. Because of this, solid oxide fuel cells have been used in several industrial sectors, but these energy systems are beginning to see more attention for their potential uses in the residential…

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GE makes a breakthrough in clean technology

Clean technology continues to be a significant focus for General Electric General Electric’s new fuel cell design could change the way the world looks at these energy systems. The company has been showing a great deal of interest in fuel cells recently, especially in regards to how they can be used in transportation. GE has been experimenting with various fuel cell designs for several years and may have made a significant breakthrough that could drastically improve the energy production and lower the cost of this technology. Fuel cells are becoming…

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Study highlights bright future for solid oxide fuel cells

Global market for fuel cells shows strong growth Wintergeen Research has published a new study concerning the global market for solid oxide fuel cells. These fuel cells have seen significant use in several industries over the past several years. As stationary energy units, they are designed to produce more electrical power than their portable counterparts. These fuel cells also produce a significant amount of heat, which can be used for a variety of purposes. Beyond industry, solid oxide fuel cells have also begun to make progress in the residential sector,…

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CFCL to offer fuel cells for free in the UK

CFCL - UK Fuel Cells

Ceramic Fuel Cells Limited launches ambitious new campaign Ceramic Fuel Cells Limited (CFCL), a developer of solid oxide fuel cells, has announced an ambitious new campaign to help promote the adoption of fuel cell energy systems. Hydrogen fuel cells are typically the most popular type of fuel cell that consumers are aware of, but fuel cells come in a variety of forms that cater to different purposes. Solid oxide fuel cells, for instance, are usually larger fuel cell systems that are widely used throughout the industrial sector. These same fuel…

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Solid oxide fuel cells highlighted in new report

Research - solid oxide fuel cells

Report details market performance of solid oxide fuel cells has released a new report concerning the global market for solid oxide fuel cells. Solid oxide fuel cells are a variant of hydrogen fuel cells that are becoming very popular in a wide range of industries. Unlike other fuel cells, these variants are capable of producing massive amounts of electrical power and heat, making them ideal for industrial companies. The report was conducted by Global Industry Analysts, which examined data coming from many of the world’s largest markets. Solid oxide…

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eBay adopts fuel cells for mega-data centers

ebay alternative energy uses for fuel cells

eBay powers data centers through hydrogen fuel cells Online retail giant eBay is looking to build its next generation of mega-data centers in Utah, Arizona, and Nevada. These states offer promising tax incentives and low latency for consumers that will be connected to the company’s network to make purchases. While these states may present eBay with several benefits, one problem remains: Powering these mega-data centers effectively. The data centers being built by eBay are expected to consume a large amount of electricity and the retailer is keen to ensure that…

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Harvard researchers develop SOFC that can produce electricity without hydrogen

Fuel Cells

SOFC capable of generating electricity even when hydrogen fuel runs out Engineers and materials scientists from Harvard University have developed a solid-oxide fuel cell (SOFC) that can continue generating electricity even when it has exhausted its supply of hydrogen fuel. Such an accomplishment could hold major implications for the world of clean energy. Fuel cells have become a popular energy system around the world, but are often criticized concerning their efficiency and performance. A fuel cell that is capable of generating and storing electricity for prolonged periods of time, even…

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University of Maryland researchers develop new solid oxide fuel cells

University of Maryland

A team of researchers from the University of Maryland have developed a new solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) which they claim is more effective than the more conventional models of fuel cells currently available. SOFC’s have been quite popular as a stationary fuel cell unit. Stationary units are most often used in residential settings, but may soon come to the auto industry with this new development from the University of Maryland. Apart from cost, fuel cells face other challenges that keep them from being used by companies. Operating temperature is…

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