Simple solar energy technology could change the world

Solar energy technology - SunSaluter - Image from YouTube

The SunSaluter solar panel has gone open source. The solar energy technology behind the simple solar panel efficiency device known as the SunSaluter has been made open source so that anyone can build it. Now that it is no longer patented, the device can bring renewable energy to those who need it the most. The SunSaluter also produces clean drinking water. Developed by Chinese-Canadian software/mechanical engineer Eden Full Goh, the SunSaluter rotates and follows the sun throughout the day and boosts efficiency by 30%. Additionally, it produces four liters of…

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Researchers build new cheap and sustainable biogenic solar cell

Biogenic Solar Cell - Solar Panels under cloudy skies

A solar cell that uses bacteria can convert light to energy. Researchers from the University of British Columbia (UBC) have discovered a new way to build cheap solar cells that are also sustainable. Called biogenic solar cells, they use bacteria that converts light to energy, even under cloudy skies. The bacteria-powered solar cell works equally efficient in both bright and dim light. This innovative biogenic solar cell generated a current more powerful than any previously recorded from this type of device. Its ability to convert light to energy, even in…

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Global solar energy capacity to surpass nuclear capacity by end of year

Solar Energy - Planet Eart and Sun

Report highlights the rapid growth of the solar energy sector The world’s solar energy capacity may soon surpass global nuclear energy capacity, according to a new report from GTM Research. Solar power has been attracting strong support throughout the world in recent years. Several countries have embraced this form of clean energy in order to become environmentally friendly. They have also done so to take advantage of various economic prospects that are offered by new solar energy projects. This is all happening as many countries begin to move away from…

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New tariffs could be trouble for the solar energy sector

Solar Energy Costs - New Tarrif

Senators come together in order to fight new tariffs Several senators have come together to express concern regarding potential trade penalties targeting imported solar energy technology. The International Trade Commission is set to determine what tariffs should be levied on solar imports later this year. The federal agency intends for the tariffs to help embolden the domestic solar energy market. Currently, many companies in the United States must compete against foreign companies that offer inexpensive solar panels and other technologies. These foreign companies have been bringing their solar products to…

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Solar energy can be used to produce clean water

Solar Energy - Clean Water

Research team can convert seawater into drinking water using sunlight Researchers from Rice University have developed a new way to desalinate seawater using the power of solar energy. The new method could potentially be used to provide communities throughout the world with potable water. The conventional method of extracting drinkable liquid from seawater involves distillation, which is an energy intensive and somewhat inefficient process. By using solar energy to produce potable water, researchers believe this method could eventually be replaced. New system is comprised of commercially viable materials The new…

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Report highlights the promising future of distributed solar energy and storage

distributed solar energy - Report

Distributed solar energy is becoming more popular throughout the world A new report from Navigant Research predicts that the global market for the deployment of distributed solar energy and storage systems will expand in the coming years. The demand for solar power is on the rise throughout the world. As more consumers and businesses seek to make use of this form of clean power, the demand for energy storage solutions is on the rise as well. In the coming years, this global market is expected to see aggressive growth, creating…

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Tesla activates its large solar energy project in Hawaii

Solar Energy - Sunrise in Hawaii

Tesla has completed installation on its new solar project Tesla has activated its new large-scale solar energy system, which has been built on the Hawaiian island of Kauai. This week, the company announced that it had successfully completed installing the systems needed to power the 13 megawatt project. The project, at peak performance, is expected to generate 52 megwatt-hours of electrical power, further increasing the rapidly growing solar energy capacity that is being built in Hawaii. Electricity provided by new solar energy project is less expensive than oil The Kauai…

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Tesla shows off its new solar energy solution

Tesla continues to break into the solar energy market with new glass tiles Acclaimed automaker Tesla has very ambitious plans for clean transportation, but this may pale in comparison to the company’s new efforts in the solar energy market. The company has unveiled a new range of textured glass tiles. What sets these glass tiles apart from others is that they are affixed with solar cells. Moreover, these solar cells are almost indistinguishable from their conventional counterparts. This makes gives them a type of “camouflage” quality, which could make them…

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New project using solar power to bring food to desert in Tunisia

The Tunisian government has approved a project that aims to grow food in the Sahara. Growing food in the desert isn’t easy, which is a problem for Tunisia, considering 75% of the country is covered in desert. However, a new cutting-edge agriculture project that is funded by the Norwegian Foreign Ministry, is working on building a $30 million facility, which will use solar power and desalination technology to grow food in the Sahara Desert. The Sahara Forest Project aims to grow 10 hectares of food in the desert. The Sahara…

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MIT researchers develop new material that may improve the solar energy space

New material can be used to store heat produced by solar energy systems and the sun itself Researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have developed a new material that can store heat generate by solar energy systems. With solar power becoming more popular, researchers throughout the world have been working to find ways to make this form of energy more efficient and add value to solar power systems that will take form in the future. The new material could be used to ensure that heat generated by solar…

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Science breakthrough could result in cheaper solar power

Molecules that contain iron could capture energy from sunlight. Swedish researchers from Lund University have discovered a new method for capturing energy from sunlight that involves the use of molecules that contain iron, and their discovery may lead to cheaper and more eco-friendly solar power applications. The researchers have produced an iron-based dye capable of transforming sunlight into electrons. Researchers from Lund University’s Chemistry Department collaborated with Uppsala University, and successfully produced an iron-based dye that can convert light into electrons with almost 100 percent efficiency. According to a press…

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Umbrellas used as solar battery charger

American University Students bring solar-powered umbrella to campus. While umbrellas have traditionally been used as protection against rain and from the sun, now, a special type of umbrella found at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, can be used as a solar battery charger for mobile phones. The power of the sun collected from the top of the umbrellas is delivered to a battery charging station. The umbrellas gather energy from the sun via solar collectors, which line the ribs on the tops of the large umbrellas. According…

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New solar panel concept inspired by Japanese paper-cutting art

The new concept could maximize the efficiency of solar cells. Researchers at the University of Michigan have created a new type of solar panel that looks somewhat like a lattice with the ability to stretch like an accordion, which enables it to capture more energy from the sun by tilting along the sun’s trajectory. The inspiration for the design came from Japanese paper-cutting art known as Kirigami. These solar cells can capture energy that is otherwise lost by traditional PV panels. One of the main problems with conventional solar arrays…

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Solar energy generation improved by new method

American researchers have found a way to increase low-energy infrared protons to enable them to produce power inside PV cells. A recently published study revealed that researchers from the University of California Riverside (UCR), have discovered a new and innovative approach to solar energy that could significantly boost the quantity of light that is available to traditional solar panels; a method that could take infrared light, which is currently inaccessible, and transform it into visible light. The new technique could make current solar panels up to 30% more efficient. The…

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Solar energy sector to reach $803 million by 2020 in the US

Study highlights the growth of solar power in the United States GTM Research has released a new study, which was produced with the aid of SoliChamba Consulting, that predicts the growth of the photovoltaic sector in the United States. The country has become quite fond of solar energy, which is becoming a larger focus for utilities throughout the U.S. as an alternative to fossil-fuels. Solar projects are becoming more common and the value of the photovoltaic sector is on the rise, which is expected to have a significant economic impact.…

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Tesla Motors unveils solar power storage system

A collection of batteries for homes and businesses was unveiled by Elon Musk. Tesla Motors, the well-known manufacturer of luxury electric vehicles, has revealed that it is venturing into the solar power storage market and is working toward meeting the challenge of how to use solar energy when the sun is not shining via a suite of solar battery backup systems designed for utilities, businesses, and homeowners. The Tesla Powerwall consumer battery was derived from the batteries Tesla uses in is Model S EVs. A spokesperson from Tesla, Khobi Brooklyn,…

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