Tesla is sending its renewable energy solutions to aid Puerto Rico

Tesla Motors - Renewable Energy

Tesla sends solar panels and battery systems to Puerto Rico Puerto Rico is still struggling to recover from the devastating impact of Hurricane Maria and automaker Tesla is looking to help in this endeavor. The company has begun sending hundreds of its Powerwall battery systems to Puerto Rico. These battery systems will be used to ensure residents have the electrical power they desperately need. Tesla is also sending solar panels alongside its Powerwall systems. These solar panels will be generating the electricity that will be stored by the batteries. Island…

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Tesla begins production of its new solar cells

Solar Cells - Collection of solar tiles

Tesla facility in New York has begun manufacturing new solar products Tesla Motors has begun production of its new solar cells in Buffalo, New York. These new solar cells will be used in the company’s roof tiles. These roof tiles are designed to generate electricity from the sun, providing power to homeowners. While Tesla has, traditionally, been involved in clean transportation, the company has embraced a strong interest in solar energy. Recently, Tesla acquired its sister company, SolarCity, in order to establish a foothold in the solar market. Establishing a…

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Tesla Model 3 could spark a new era for electric vehicles

Electric Vehicles - Tesla Model S charging

Tesla prepares to launch its new electric vehicles Automaker Tesla Motors is approaching the launch of its Model 3 vehicle, which is the latest of the company’s famed electric cars. Few of these vehicles have been delivered to customers, but Tesla intends to ramp up production in order to meet growing demand for electric vehicles. Currently, Tesla is seeing some 1,800 reservations for the Model 3. This highlights a significant increase in demand, showing that consumers are quite interested in electric vehicles. Clean vehicles may not require government subsidies in…

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Entirety of US could be powered by solar energy, according to Elon Musk

Solar Energy System - PV Farm

A small part of the country could use solar panels to generate all of the country’s electricity Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla Motors and chairman of SolarCity, believes that the entirety of the United States can be powered by a 100 mile by 100 mile track of land equipped with solar energy systems. Musk outlined this vision during a meeting with the National Governors Association. According to Musk, the land needed for this endeavor can be found in Nevada, Texas, or Utah. These three states have extensive tracks of open…

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Tesla offers more information about its new solar energy roof tiles

Solar Energy - Solar Panels on Roof

Tesla provides data concerning its innovative solar roof tiles Tesla has released information about its new solar roof tile products, which are now available for homeowners that want to embrace solar energy. One of the major highlights of these new roof tiles is that Tesla’s solar roofs will be less expensive than regular roofs, even before energy production is considered. According to the company, homeowners can expect to pay $21.85 per square foot of solar tiles being installed. Homeowners may be able to make use of solar energy in an…

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Solar energy is breaking power generation records in California

Solar Energy - California Coast

Solar energy continues to make progress in California A recent report from the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) shows that on March 11 of this year, utility-scale solar energy accounted for 40% of electricity generated in California. The EIA estimates that when residential and commercial solar energy production is factored in, solar may have provided more than 50% of the state’s electricity generated on March 11. Solar energy production had an impact on the price of wholesale electricity, driving down rates by a significant degree. Clean energy is helping reduce…

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Tesla activates its large solar energy project in Hawaii

Solar Energy - Sunrise in Hawaii

Tesla has completed installation on its new solar project Tesla has activated its new large-scale solar energy system, which has been built on the Hawaiian island of Kauai. This week, the company announced that it had successfully completed installing the systems needed to power the 13 megawatt project. The project, at peak performance, is expected to generate 52 megwatt-hours of electrical power, further increasing the rapidly growing solar energy capacity that is being built in Hawaii. Electricity provided by new solar energy project is less expensive than oil The Kauai…

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Tesla and Panasonic to develop more solar energy products next year

Solar Energy Partnership

Tesla forms a new deal with Panasonic Tesla Motors has announced that it will be working more closely with Panasonic in the solar energy space. Together, the companies will begin work on manufacturing photovoltaic cells and modules. Plans to do so were first outlined two months ago, when the companies signed a non-binding letter of intent. Per the letter of intent, the companies aim to use their new photovoltaic cells to provide power for Tesla’s energy storage solutions, the Powerwall and Powerpack. New facility to be built in Buffalo, New…

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Tesla and SolarCity convert island of Ta’u into a massive solar energy system

Ta’u can now be entirely powered by solar energy Tesla is already making major progress in the solar energy sector following its successful acquisition of developer SolarCity. The company’s new subsidiary, SolarCity, has announced that it has converted the entire island of Ta’u, which is located in American Samoa, into a solar energy generation hub. SolarCity has established a  massive microgrid on the island, which receives all of its power from the solar panels that have also been installed on the island. Island has become home to one of the…

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Tesla successfully acquires major solar energy developer SolarCity

Tesla has finalized its deal to acquire SolarCity Tesla Motors has successfully finalized its acquisition of SolarCity, a leading solar energy developer. Elon Musk, who chairs both Tesla and SolarCity, has been attracting attention to this deal for some time, claiming that it will be a major step forward for the solar energy sector in the United States. Shareholders approved of the deal by an overwhelming margin. The deal is valued at approximately $2 billion and it will allow Tesla to integrate SolarCity’s technology into its operations. Moreover, SolarCity will…

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Solar roof may be the future of residential solar energy

Elon Musk outlines concept for a solar roof system Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla Motors and chairman of SolarCity, has a new plan to bolster solar energy usage among homeowners. The technology icon and pioneer wants to turn rooftops into solar power generators. While this may not seem like a new idea, Musk intends to do away with solar panels installed on actual rooftops and convert these into full-scale energy production systems. Musk believes that homeowners will have to replace their roofs at some point, which creates a promising opportunity…

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Tesla aims to set foot in the solar energy market with SolarCity acquisition

Tesla offers $2.6 billion to acquire SolarCity Tesla Motors has revealed more details about its plans to acquire SolarCity. The two companies aim to join together as soon as possible, which could have major implications on the clean transportation space and the availability of solar energy. Tesla believes that the acquisition of SolarCity will enable the company to develop fully integrated residential, commercial, and grid-scale solar energy products. Tesla plans to purchase SolarCity for approximately $2.6 billion. Acquisition deal is part of Tesla’s “master plan” In June of this year,…

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Elon Musk outlines the next master plan for Tesla Motors

Tesla has launched a new master plan in order to propel clean transportation Elon Musk, one of the co-founders of Tesla Motors, has announced the second part of the automaker’s ambitious “master plan.” The initial master plan was introduced 10 years ago. This plan involved developing clean vehicles at various price ranges. It also sought to incorporate solar energy into Tesla’s ever expanding presence in the clean transportation space. Now, the new plan aims to take these endeavors to take the first master plan to a new level. Musk has…

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Tesla continues to make its way into the solar energy market

Tesla applies for six new trademarks for solar products Tesla Motors recently unveiled plans to acquire SolarCity, one of the leading solar developers in the United States. The plan involves folding SolarCity’s solar operations into Tesla’s overarching business. This is meant to ensure that Tesla customers have access to solar energy, which can be used to power their electric vehicles. While the acquisition deal has not yet been finalized, Tesla has already applied for new trademarks in order to sell solar products. Solar products may soon be offered directly through…

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Tesla aims to acquire SolarCity to promote solar energy systems

Tesla Motors has made an offer on SolarCity Elon Musk is setting to bring Tesla Motors and SolarCity closer together. Tesla Motors has made a $2.8 billion stock-to-stock offer for SolarCity, which is one of the largest and most successful solar energy providers in the United States. Elon Musk is one of the founders of SolarCity and is currently serving as a chairman for the company. Musk is also one of the founders of Tesla Motors and believes that both companies should share a closer relationship. SolarCity could give electric…

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Jeremy Clarkson comes out in support of hydrogen fuel cells

Clarkson has faith in fuel cell technology The auto industry is becoming more involved in clean transportation, but only a small number of automakers are focused on developing vehicles equipped with hydrogen fuel cell technology. Of these, Toyota, Honda, and Hyundai are the three that have made the most progress. Fuel cell vehicles are slowly growing in popularity, but they have managed to capture the attention of Jeremy Clarkson, former host of the popular car show Top Gear. Clarkson is somewhat notorious for his controversial views, particularly those of the…

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