Swiss companies aim to build a nationwide hydrogen community

Hydrogen Community - Switzerland - Swiss flag - Swiss map

Companies team to develop a hydrogen infrastructure Seven Swiss companies have come together to form an association focused on creating a national hydrogen community. Migros, Migrol, Agrola, Fenaco, and several large retailers have also announced plans to embrace fuel cell vehicles by 2023. The companies have shown interest in these vehicles because of their efficiency and the fact they can be fueled in a matter of moments. Moreover, fuel cell vehicles produce no harmful emissions, which aligns well with the environmental goals that these companies have. Companies aim to bring…

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Countries may need to accelerate their renewable energy plans to fight climate change

Climate Change - Renewable Energy Needed

Countries must accelerate their environmental sustainability efforts in order to thwart climate change The transition toward renewable energy must be accelerated in order to combat the effects of climate change, according to a new report from the World Economic Forum. The report is part of the organization’s Energy Transition Index 2018, which highlights the efforts that 114 countries are making to embrace clean power. The report ranks these countries based on their efforts and how large of a role renewable energy plays in their fight against climate change. Report shows…

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Ballard joins the global Hydrogen Council

Ballard Power Joins Hydrogen Council - Forming of Business Partnership

Ballard will be joining internationally-recognized advisory group Ballard Power Systems, a leading developer of fuel cell technology, has announced that it has been officially invited to join the Hydrogen Council. The organization is an internationally-recognized advisory group. The Hydrogen Council is meant to provide long-term insight on the capabilities of fuel cells and how they can be used in the future. The organization was officially launched earlier this year at the World Economic Forum 2017 in Switzerland. Organization aims to promote the use of fuel cells and hydrogen-based technologies As…

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Switzerland to phase out nuclear power in favor of renewable energy

Renewable Energy - Switzerland Flag

Swiss voters show favor for renewable energy over nuclear power Switzerland voters have approved a new plan for the government to move away from nuclear power in form of renewable energy. The Swiss government is keen to replace aging nuclear reactors with new energy solutions in order to ensure that the country has a reliable source of sustainable electricity. Some 58% of Swiss voters approved the plan over the past weekend, which now requires the government to take action on phasing out nuclear power. Plan calls for nuclear power plants…

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Researchers develop solar cells to power pacemakers

Solar Cells to Power Pacemakers - Image of Pacemaker

Research team has developed a system of solar cells designed to provide energy to medical implants When many people think of “solar energy,” they often envision solar panels installed on rooftops or large solar farms. Rarely, however, do people think that solar power can be used for more than just providing electricity to a home or business. A team of researchers from the Bern University Hospital and the University of Bern are working to change this. The team has developed a new solar device that can be used to power…

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Scientists seek out new sources of geothermal energy

Researchers are looking for new ways to make use of geothermal energy that could benefit cities Cities may become new sources of geothermal energy in the future. Scientists from Germany and Switzerland have developed a way to measure the groundwater temperature that may lurk beneath the surface of many large cities. Urban environments typically have higher temperatures than what can be found in rural areas. This has to do with how structures trap heat, as well as other factors, and could hint at the potential for cities to be valuable…

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Scientists combine solar energy and hydrogen fuel cells to create “hydricity”

Scientists are experimenting with hydricity, a new term for an increasingly common concept Scientists from Purdue University in the U.S. and the Federal Polytechnic School of Lausanne in Switzerland have begun experimenting with something called “hydricity.” This is a new term for something that is becoming relatively common: The combination of solar energy with hydrogen fuel cells. Specifically, this refers to the use of thermal solar power, which has been growing more popular throughout the world, especially in countries that have become heavily invested in clean energy. Concentrated solar energy…

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Hyundai delivers 50 more of its hydrogen fuel cell vehicles to Europe

Automaker brings more of its ix35 fuel cell vehicles to European countries South Korean automaker Hyundai has delivered more of its hydrogen fuel cell vehicle, the ix35, to Europe, where the vehicles will be used to demonstrate the capabilities of fuel cells in the transportation space. Hyundai has delivered the largest shipment of these vehicles to date, bringing 50 to Europe in October. These vehicles are being delivered to several European countries, where some will be used by government agencies to determine the potential of fuel cell vehicles. Hyundai has…

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Switzerland should continue geothermal energy exploration, says recent study

Drilling for geothermal power is seen as an important future strategy for the European country. Although there has been recent seismic activity linked to drilling from geothermal energy exploration, a new study from the Center for Technology Assessment TA-SWISS concluded that energy produced from this renewable source is friendly to the environment, cost-effective and reliable, despite the certain risks that are involved. Geothermal projects were recently halted in Basel and St. Gallen due to unusual seismic activity. The exploratory projects in these Swiss regions stopped after seismic activity, which was…

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New solar device produces hydrogen fuel efficiently

Researchers develop new hydrogen production device using perovskites rather than silicon An often overlooked class of materials is beginning to have a major impact on the solar energy world and may be a valuable tool in hydrogen fuel production. Researchers from the Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne in Switzerland have built a new photovoltaic device using perovskites, materials that have been found to be more efficient and less expensive than silicon. The photovoltaic device uses the power of sunlight in order to generate hydrogen fuel. Device is able to use…

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Geothermal energy gains more attention in Switzerland

ETH Zurich - Geothermal Energy

Swiss university sets sights on geothermal energy ETH Zurich, a leading technology university in Switzerland, has been awarded more than $10.4 million in funding that will help support its efforts in the field of geothermal energy. The university has been a leading authority on geothermal energy for some time and has been devoted to the exploration of Switzerland’s geothermal potential. Though the country is located well beyond the infamous Ring of Fire — a well known geologic hotspot — geological events are common throughout Switzerland. Funds to be used to…

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Hydrogen powered street sweeper moves to next leg of its journey

Bern Switzerland - Hydrogen powered street sweeper

*image from Widipedia Hydrogen powered street sweeper now operating in Bern, Switzerland A hydrogen powered street sweeper has been working the streets of Basel and St. Gallen in Switzerland for several months as part of a trial that is meant to determine the vehicles efficiency and performance. The trial aims to show whether hydrogen powered public service vehicles can be considered viable for operations in large and mid-sized cities. Thus far, the trial has proven somewhat successful, with the hydrogen-powered street sweeper showing that it can tackle nearly any obstacle…

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European Energy Exchange report highlights the price of electricity

Renewable Energy - Energy Cost

European Energy Exchange sheds some light on the issue of energy prices The European Energy Exchange has released a report showing the results of the peak-load and base-load day-ahead energy prices in Germany and Austria for the month of September. The report shows that the price of electricity in both countries continue to be lower than that in Switzerland and France. Germany is experiencing a great deal of price difference, in terms of energy, than France is seeing, largely due to the countries adoption of clean energy systems. Germany boasts of more…

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Switzerland to receive second generation hydrogen buses from Mercedes-Benz

Hydrogen Fuel Bus

New buses to be operated by PostAuto in Brugg The second generation f Mercedes-Benz Citaro FuelCELL Hybrid hydrogen-powered buses are on their way to Switzerland. The country will serve as host to these vehicles, which will be used in public transportation. PostAuto, one of Switzerland’s largest public transportation companies, will be operating the buses in and around the municipality of Brugg. The second generation hydrogen buses are considered to be more effective than their predecessors, equipped with more powerful and efficient hydrogen fuel cells and hybrid technologies. Fuel cells continue…

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Toyota to launch hydrogen-powered world tour in March of this year

Toyota is embarking on a tour of the world with its new hydrogen-powered concept car, the FCV-R. The tour will launch next month in Europe, where the FCV-R will stop at a number of locations to show of the prowess and viability of hydrogen fuel cells as a source of energy. The FCV-R made its world debut at the Tokyo Motor Show late last year, but Toyota was shy with details on the vehicle’s technology and capabilities. The company’s clandestine attitude now seems to be well founded, as it will…

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