New partnership could accelerate advances in hydrogen fuel production

HyperSolar teams with University of Iowa to further research and development initiatives HyperSolar, a developer of hydrogen production systems, has announced that it has entered into a one-year partnership with the University of Iowa. Through this partnership, HyperSolar hopes to accelerate its research and development initiatives in order to attain its goal of producing commercial volumes of hydrogen fuel. The company uses hybrid technology in order to produce hydrogen, leveraging solar energy to power the electrolysis process and break water down into its component parts. University has a long history…

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DOE issues $2 million to further production of innovative solar energy technology

Cognera Solar has received funding from the DOE for its ambitious technology The United States Department of Energy has awarded $2 million in grants to Cogenra Solar, a company specializing in solar energy and its associated technologies. The grants were awarded through the SunShot initiative, which aims to make solar power cost competitive with other forms of energy. The grants may help Cognera Solar make progress on its development of Dense Cell Interconnect technology, which has shown extreme promise in terms of energy production from sunlight. Cognera Solar technology can…

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Research team develops new hydrogen fuel production technology

South Korean researchers develop new technology that can produce hydrogen fuel A team of researchers from the Seoul National University have developed new technology to mass produce hydrogen fuel. According to the South Korean Ministry of Science, ICT, and Future Planning, this technology could mark the beginning of a new generation of renewable energy. The technology is meant to produce hydrogen using little more than water and sunlight in a process that mimics photosynthesis. If this technology can be commercialized, it may have major implications for clean energy throughout the…

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Mantra wins patent for its ambitious clean technology

Patent awarded to Mantra for its Mixed-Reactant Fuel Cell technology Mantra Venture Group has announced that it has been granted a patent by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. The patent has to do with the organization’s Mixed-Reactant Fuel Cell technology (MRFC), which is unconventional when compared to modern fuel cell technology. The MRFC promises to simply fuel cell technology and make it more cost effective, which could lead to a new era for fuel cells and their use as primary energy systems. MRFC unlocks the way for less expensive,…

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Researchers replace hydrogen fuel with ammonia

Research team finds a way to power fuel cells with ammonia rather than with hydrogen Fuel cells are becoming popular in the auto industry, but the fact that these energy systems run on hydrogen is somewhat problematic. Conventional hydrogen production and storage solutions are either energy intensive or expensive in nature, making fuel cells somewhat unattractive to consumers. A team of researchers from ISIS Neutron Source have found a way to resolve the problems associated with hydrogen by, quite simply, replacing it with ammonia. New catalyst could have a major…

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Google Glass may be powered by solar energy

Glass may derive electrical power from sunlight Google’s ambitious augmented reality glasses, called Glass, has yet to receive an official release date, but information concerning the new features of these glasses is beginning to emerge. Google has high hopes for its AR glasses, believing that the product will help people see and interact with the world around them in a different way by blurring the boundaries that separate the digital and physical worlds. Like other high-tech gadgets, however, Glass will consume a significant amount of electrical power in order to…

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Researchers develop new catalyst for hydrogen fuel cells

Research team creates cobalt fuel cell catalyst A team of researchers from the Argonne National Laboratory have discovered a new way to produce hydrogen gas from water. The team suggests that this new hydrogen production method may be much less expensive than more conventional production methods. Reducing the cost of hydrogen fuel production has become a major priority for those interested in renewable energy. Current production methods are somewhat expensive and notoriously inefficient, making fuel cells quite unpopular in a wide range of industries. Cobalt may be an appropriate alternative…

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New materials could be a boon for hydrogen fuel cells

New family of materials could lead to benefits for hydrogen fuel cells Researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have discovered a new family of materials that could provide enhanced performance of a reaction known as oxygen evolution. This reaction is key in effective energy storage and delivery and a better understanding of this reaction could lead to major benefits in fuel cell energy systems and lithium-air batteries. The materials discovered by researchers are called double perovskites. Pervoskites are abundant Perovskites are a variant of a mineral that is…

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New catalyst research could lead to more affordable fuel cells

Arizona State University - clean transportation program

Catalysts continue to make fuel cells unattractive due to cost of materials Hydrogen fuel cells are promising energy systems, but have been confronted with several significant problems that have inhibited their adoption. The chief among these problems is affordability. Fuel cells are often expensive energy systems because of their use of costly materials, such as platinum. Platinum is used to create the catalysts that make fuel cells function properly. The use of platinum, and other expensive materials, spikes the cost of fuel cell manufacture. In turn, this affects the cost…

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Clean technology gaining ground in U.S.

Hydrogen fuel Iceland

Cleantech Group releases new report on clean technology patents The Cleantech Group, a market research firm that focuses on clean technology, has published the latest edition of its Clean Energy Patent Growth Index. The report aims to provide insight on the trends that are influencing the clean technology sector, covering the periods between 2002 and the present. The report notes that approximately 694 clean technology patents have been granted in the U.S. in 2012, up from the 154 patents that were awarded in 2011. Clean technology continues to gain momentum…

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Water-powered vehicle demonstrated in Pakistan

Hydrogen Fuel production

Engineer shows off his latest creation in Islamabad The world of transportation is experiencing a paradigm shift. While focus remains heavily on fossil-fuel, alternatives are beginning to garner more attention. This is largely due to rising oil prices, the potential scarcity of oil, and the growing political tensions surrounding this particular fuel. Hydrogen has emerged as one of the most promising forms of fuel for the future auto industry, but other sources of power are also growing in prominence. Pakistani engineer Waqar Ahmad has successfully shown that oil and hydrogen…

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Nanotechnology may hold the key to hydrogen’s future

Clean Energy News

Work to solve hydrogen’s problems begins directing focus to nanotechnology Hydrogen fuel is growing in popularity all over the world but its progress is still being held back by problems concerning efficient storage and infrastructure. Researchers from various institutions have been working to address these issues and many have been met with mixed results. Those that have conducted experiments in the field of nanotechnology suggest that the technology could hold the key to solving the issues inhibiting the progress of hydrogen fuel. Nanotechnology may be able to address the various…

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ITM Power teams with GMI Renewable Energy to create new energy system

Renewable Energy - Green Business

ITM Power and GMI Energy introduce hybrid energy system that can produce hydrogen fuel ITM Power, a leading developer of hydrogen fuel cells, has announced that it has signed an agreement with GMI Renewable Energy, a developer of advanced alternative energy system. Through the agreement, ITM will be able to offer an integrated alternative energy and hydrogen production system. The system will be used for back-up power, as a power source for industrial processes, and as a fuel source for forklifts and other materials handling equipment. This hybrid energy system…

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UNED researchers find a way to make affordable fuel cells

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Industry

Researchers introduce method to create fuel cell components A team of researchers from the National University of Distance Education (UNED) in Madrid, Spain, have developed a new technique to create a fuel cell component that allows fuel cells to surpass the 2017 energy standards from the U.S. Department of Energy. Researchers note that the technique can be used with any kind of fuel cell and can be used to economically manufacture the energy systems. The technique is used to create and improve a fuel cell component known as a membrane-electrode…

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Edison Battery brought to life by Stanford University researchers

Edison battery

Century-old technology could have a place in the world of alternative energy Scientists from Stanford University have taken an interest in a technology that is over a century old. The technology is a rechargeable nickel-iron battery that was first developed by Thomas Edison in the early 1900s. Nicknamed the Edison Battery, the rechargeable energy system had been widely used for decades until the mid-1970s. Nickel-iron batteries have fallen out of favor almost universally, with only a small number of manufacturing companies left who make the energy systems. Stanford researchers believe…

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Lithium-ion batteries from Rice University can be painted on nearly any surface

paint lithium-ion batteries-Rice University

Scientists find a way to paint lithium-ion batteries Researchers from the Rice University in Texas have developed a new kind of lithium-ion battery that can be affixed to nearly any surface. Lithium-ion batteries are a popular energy system throughout the world, being used to power various electronic devices as well as vehicles. The batteries themselves are nothing new, having been around for decades. Rice researchers claim that their version of the famous batteries is something the world has never seen before. New approach could revolutionize the development of batteries Rice…

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