New concept car could highlight the future of fuel cell vehicles from Toyota

Fuel Cell Vehicles - Toyota Car

Automaker will be showing off its new concept car Toyota is preparing to unveil a new concept care equipped with a hydrogen fuel cell system. The system will make use of advanced technology that Toyota has been working on for the past few years. The automaker hopes that the new vehicle will have 50% more driving range than its current fuel cell car, the Mirai. The new concept car may highlight Toyota’s future interests with how hydrogen fuel can be used to power a new generation of fuel cell vehicles.…

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Toyota to deliver trucks powered by hydrogen fuel cells to Seven-Eleven Japan

Hydrogen Fuel Cells - Seven-Eleven Store

New trucks designed by Toyota will be equipped with hydrogen fuel cells Japanese automaker has announced that it has formed a new partnership with convenience store chain Seven-Eleven Japan. Through this partnership, Toyota will be providing the retailer with fuel cell trucks. The trucks will be used to transport products from Seven-Eleven delivery centers to the company’s stores. The partnership is part of an effort to show further support for clean transportation, particularly where hydrogen fuel cells are concerned. Companies plan to begin testing new trucks in 2019 Toyota will…

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Toyota seeks to establish a hydrogen society

Hydrogen Society - Toyota Manufacturing Plant

Automaker has plans to help build a hydrogen society Japanese automaker Toyota is poised to take hydrogen fuel more seriously in the coming years. The Toyota Mobility Foundation has announced plans to launch a project focused on developing a hydrogen society. Through this project, the organization aims to develop hydrogen-powered communities. Such communities would use fuel cells to generate the electricity they need. These communities would also be populated with vehicles equipped with fuel cells, which produce no harmful emissions. New project aims to reduce the cost of fuel cells…

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Toyota launches new hydrogen fuel supply chain project in Japan

Hydrogen Fuel - Image of Toyota Vehicle

Automaker announces the launch of its new hydrogen fuel project Japanese automaker Toyota has announced the beginning of its Low-carbon Hydrogen Technology Demonstration Project. The project has been formed by Toyota and several of its partners and aims to implement and evaluate an efficient hydrogen fuel supply chain. This supply chain would be reliant on renewable energy and would provide hydrogen fuel for various purposes in Japan. The project is also meant to highlight the capabilities of fuel cell technology and how it can be used to power a wide…

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Toyota develops new catalyst for fuel cell vehicles

Toyota Fuel Cell Vehicle - Image of Toyota Mirai

Automaker has made a major breakthrough in fuel cell technology Toyota has developed a new catalyst that could go a long way in making fuel cell vehicles more attractive, affordable, and efficient. The Japanese automaker has been investing heavily in hydrogen fuel cells in an effort to produce new, cleaner vehicles. Equipped with these fuel cells, the new vehicles produce no harmful emissions but perform on par with their conventional counterparts. The new catalyst designed by Toyota is meant to help address some of the challenges facing fuel cell vehicles…

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Shell and Toyota partner to build new hydrogen fuel stations in California

Hydrogen Fuel Stations - Partnership

Shell and Toyota will work to develop a larger hydrogen infrastructure Shell, one of the largest oil and gas companies in the world, has formed a partnership with Japanese automaker Toyota in order to build new hydrogen fuel stations in California. The partnership represents another small step in Shell’s ongoing efforts to focus on fuels other than oil and gas. Hydrogen is quickly gaining momentum in the transportation space and some believe that this fuel has the potential to displace traditional petroleum at some point in the future. California has…

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Toyota begins showing off the new Prius Prime

Automaker has a new, very promising vehicle Toyota is expressing a great deal of enthusiasm for its new Prius Prime, which is an updated version of its popular Prius vehicle. The automaker has begun to show very strong support for clean technology and how this technology can be used in transportation. For many years, Toyota’s Prius, as well as its other vehicles, have served as indicators for future products from the company. The Prius Prime may follow this trend, especially when it comes to building larger vehicles making use of…

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Toyota installs hydrogen fuel cells at new energy management facility

Toyota begins using fuel cells to power new facility in Toyota City Japanese automaker Toyota has installed stationary hydrogen fuel cells at a new energy management facility located in Toyota City, Aichi Prefecture. The automaker is making progress with its Plant Zero CO2 Emission Challenge, which was announced in 2015. Through this initiative, Toyota plans to ensure that the new energy management facility is completely reliant on renewable energy. The facility will not generate power through conventional methods, instead focusing on clean technologies, such as hydrogen fuel cells. Hydrogen fuel…

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Toyota to use hydrogen fuel cells to reduce emissions at Kyushu facility

Fuel cells to be installed at Kyushu facility  in the coming months Toyota will be reducing the emissions produced at its Miyata Plant in Kyushu, Japan, and the company plans to use hydrogen to accomplish this endeavor. Recently, wind and solar power have begun being used to generate hydrogen in the Fukushima Prefecture. Toyota believes that this hydrogen holds a great deal of potential in terms of energy generation. The use of hydrogen fuel will allow Toyota to reduce the emissions produced by the Kyushu facility. Hydrogen-powered forklifts will help…

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Toyota aims to produce hydrogen fuel using wind energy

Toyota launches new hydrogen production project in Japan Japanese automaker Toyota has announced that it has partnered with the cities of Yokohama and Kawasaki, as well as the prefectural Kanagawa government, for a hydrogen production project. The project aims to further expand Japan’s growing hydrogen fuel infrastructure and address one of the major criticisms currently facing fuel cell vehicles. These vehicles have yet to become popular in Japan due to lacking infrastructure, but Toyota, as well as other organizations, intend to change this in the coming years. Wind energy will…

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Toyota to use hydrogen fuel cells for power at its Mirai production facility

Toyota is placing more faith in fuel cell technology Japanese automaker Toyota is expected to begin testing the capabilities of hydrogen fuel cells as energy systems for its production facilities. The automaker has come to hold fuel cells in high regard and has begun using the energy systems to power a new generation of vehicles that do not produce any harmful emissions. Fuel cells can be used for much more than transportation, however, and these energy systems have been used in various industries to provide electrical power. Hydrogen used by…

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Toyota to deliver hydrogen fuel stations to California

Automaker will be delivering mobile hydrogen stations that may make fuel cell vehicles more attractive Japanese automaker Toyota has announced that it will be delivering temporary hydrogen fuel stations to California, where its new vehicle, the Mirai, is being sold. Dealers offering the Mirai will receive these temporary hydrogen stations. Many of these dealers have reported that interest in the Mirai is quite high, but the lack of a hydrogen infrastructure has prevented consumers from having their Mirai’s delivered. Without a hydrogen infrastructure in place, fuel cell vehicles have limited…

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Audi may soon reveal plans for a hydrogen fuel cell vehicle

Audi has high hopes for fuel cells and could be revealing a new fuel cell vehicle in the near future Officials at German automaker Audi have confirmed that the company is on the verge of showing off its new vehicle that is equipped with a hydrogen fuel cell. The company has explained that the fuel cell vehicle will be more dynamic and more efficient than other vehicles that it has offered. One of the attractive features of the fuel cell vehicle will be its high range, as fuel cells are…

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Toyota launches campaign to promote hydrogen fuel vehicle

Toyota taps into nostalgia to promote its new fuel cell vehicle Toyota has launched a new marketing campaign for its fuel cell vehicle, called the Mirai. The vehicle is equipped with a hydrogen fuel cell, something that people have called a “future technology.” These energy systems have, in fact, existed for more than a century, with the first fuel cells, though crude, being developed in 1838. Over the years, fuel cells have found a place in various industrial sectors, but now they have become prominent among automakers because they can…

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New hydrogen fuel cell vehicles coming to London

Toyota is bringing 12 of its fuel cell vehicles to the United Kingdom Japanese automaker Toyota is bringing 12 of its new fuel cell vehicles to the United Kingdom. The Mirai, which was released in Japan in December of last year, is equipped with a hydrogen fuel cell, which produces electrical power through the consumption of hydrogen. The vehicle does not produce any harmful emissions, making it an environmentally friendly alternative to its more conventional counterparts. Fuel cell vehicles can also be fueled more quickly than battery electrics, which often…

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Toyota has ambitious plans for hydrogen fuel cells

Automaker aims to sell more than 30,000 fuel cell vehicles by 2020 Japanese automaker Toyota plans to sell some 30,000 fuel cell vehicles throughout the world by 2020. The company also has ambitious plans for the future of its production vehicles, planning to eventually phase out its gasoline models over the coming decades. Toyota sees significant promise in fuel cell vehicles, partly because they produce no harmful emissions, but also because they are not lacking in performance when compared to more traditional vehicles that the automaker has made. Toyota is…

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