Nebraska surpasses 1 GW of wind energy capacity

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State has reached a new milestone with wind energy Nebraska has reached a new wind energy milestone, surpassing 1 gigawatt of installed capacity. According to the American Wind Energy Association, Nebraska is the 18th state to reach the 1 gigawatt mark in terms of wind capacity. A recent report from the organization shows that the state receives approximately 10% of its electricity from wind energy. Moreover, Nebraska generated more wind power than any other state last year. Nebraska now has a wind capacity of 1,300 MW The state currently has…

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Wind energy agreement made by Microsoft

The deal is with Texas wind power and is designed to last for the next two decades. Microsoft Corp. has just entered into its latest agreement in an effort to improve its carbon neutrality by signing a wind energy deal that would have the technology giant purchase power from a new wind farm in Texas. The company is a massive consumer of electricity considering the nature of its business. For that reason, it will now be purchasing power from a wind energy farm in Texas, marking the first time that…

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Wind energy gets a boost in Texas

Transmission lines to ferry wind energy to urban parts of Texas Texas has become somewhat renowned throughout the U.S. for its wind energy potential. The state is home to vast expanses of open land that is ideal for wind energy systems, and many of the country’s wind projects have found a home in the state over the past several years. Now, the state is weeks away from activating some 3,600 miles of transmission lines that will bring the electrical power from wind energy systems in the western part of the…

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Wind energy takes a big step forward in Iowa

Regulatory approval granted to ambitious wind energy project The Iowa Utilities Board has granted approval for a plan to boost the state’s wind energy capacity by 1.05 gigawatts by 2015. The organization has approved a plan that comes from MidAmerican Energy, one of the largest energy companies in the U.S. Winning this approval paves the way for the company to launch its $1.9 billion wind energy endeavor, which involves the establishment of several new wind farms throughout the state of Iowa. First wind farm to begin construction in September The…

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Atlantic Wind Connection moves forward with energy transmission plans

Atlantic Wind Connection

Atlantic Wind Connection continues work on offshore energy transmission line An ambitious energy transmission project is moving forward in the U.S. The project is meant to transfer energy from offshore wind farms off the eastern coast of the country, and funnel this energy back to the mainland. The endeavor is backed by several prominent investors, including Google, that believe that a comprehensive energy transmission line is necessary for alternative energy to be considered more viable for the country. The investors backing the project are part of a consortium called the…

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EnBW wind energy project wins funding

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European Investment Bank approves loan to EnBW The European Investment Bank has announced the approval of a $663 million loan for a new wind energy project in Germany. The project comes from EnBW, an innovative alternative energy company with a keen focus on wind power. The company has dubbed the project EnBW Baltic 2 because it is the second offshore wind farm that will be built in the Baltic Sea. EnBW claims that this will be the largest wind energy project in the world, once it is completed. Germany continues…

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British Columbia offshore wind energy project taps Siemens

Offshore Wind Energy

Offshore wind energy gaining some steam in Canada The U.S. and Europe are not the only ones interested in offshore wind energy. Canada has been showing more interest in wind energy in recent years, with offshore being a particularly favorable option. Most of the country’s recent offshore wind energy endeavors have been focused in Lake Ontario and Wolfe Island Shoals. There are two projects underway between these two locations, both of which have met with delays due to government moratoriums. British Columbia is home to an ambitious offshore wind energy…

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General Electric developing new wind turbines blades made out of fabric

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General Electric seeks to address issues concerning wind energy costs General Electric has been seeing a great deal of activity in the wind energy sector lately. Wind energy has become a strong focus for the technology company, especially as emerging markets around the world begin to take interest in alternative energy. Though alternative energy is becoming more viable for these countries, many are still wary of breaking away from fossil-fuels because of the high cost associated with sustainable forms of power. General Electric has been working on a solution that…

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General Electric sees promise in Brazilian wind energy sector

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General Electric foresees rapid expansion of Brazilian wind energy Brazil may be home to the fastest growing wind energy market in the world. General Electric, which has several ambitious wind energy projects taking root in the country, has announced that it expects to see some $1 billion in turbine sales in Brazil over the next decade. There are numerous other energy companies that have flocked to the country to take advantage of the quickly growing wind energy sector, but General Electric is expected to be a dominating force therein for…

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RUSTEC project aims to bring wind energy to Russia

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RUSTEC heavily inspired by Desertec project Russia may become home to an ambitious wind energy initiative if the International Finance Organization can finalize plans concerning such an endeavor. The organization is currently working on a project called RUSTEC, which is heavily inspired by a similar project that aims to turn the world’s deserts into solar energy farms. This project is called Desertec and has, for the past three years, been laboring to make deals with the countries of the world that have high levels of exposure to solar radiation. Unlike…

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