Daimler seeks to use hydrogen fuel cells to power data centers

Hydrogen Fuel Cells - Daimler - Mercedes Logo

New partnership will study how fuel cell systems can be used to power data centers German automaker Daimler has announced new plans to research hydrogen fuel cells. The company has partnered with Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Power Innovations, and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory to study how fuel cells can be used to power data centers. The new project aims to develop prototype continuous power solutions that will serve as backup energy systems for data centers. Hydrogen fuel cells have been used for such purposes for the past several years. Fuel…

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Microsoft to purchase wind energy from a GE wind farm in Ireland

Microsoft Renewable Energy - Wind Energy

Microsoft enters into long term power purchase agreement with GE Microsoft has signed an agreement with General Electric that will see the technology company purchasing all new wind energy capacity from GE’s newest wind farm in Ireland. Called the Tullahennel Wind Farm, the project is located in County Kerry. The wind energy system has a maximum capacity of 37 megawatts. Microsoft will be purchasing all of this electricity for the next 15 years. This represents one of the largest clean energy purchases that Microsoft has made in recent years. Agreement…

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Bloom Energy to deliver fuel cells to Equinix is landmark deal

Power from Fuel Cells - Image of Data Center

Equinix will be using fuel cells to power some of its data centers Bloom Energy, a leading developer of hydrogen fuel cells, has announced that it has secured one of the largest fuel cell deployment deals in its history. The company, along with its partner PowerSecure, have been working together to bring some 50 megawatts of fuel cell capacity to the market since last year. Now, the companies will be providing some of this capacity to Equinix, which will use the fuel cells to power some of its data centers.…

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Regulators approve new wind energy system in Oregon

Wind energy - Wind Turbines Renewable Energy

New wind energy system to help power Apple data center has been approved Regulators in Oregon have granted approval for a new wind energy project that will be used to power one of Apple’s data centers. The project will make use of some of the largest wind turbines that have ever been deployed in the Pacific Northwest region. Avangrid Renewables, the company developing the new wind energy system, notes that approval for use of wind turbines capable of generating 3.6 megawatts of electrical power has been granted. By comparison, other…

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Paris Agreement gathers support from technology companies

Paris Agreement -Technology Companies - Computer Tech

Tech companies have come together to support the Paris Agreement Many of the world’s largest technology companies have come together to declare their continued support of the Paris Agreement. Several companies, including Apple, Amazon, Google, Lyft, and Spotify, have launched a coalition dubbed “We Are Still In.” The coalition is meant to show strong support for the Paris Agreement, which the United States recently removed itself from. The decision to withdraw from the Paris Agreement was something that has been champion by President Donald Trump since before the election in…

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Apple will be powering its Oregon data center with wind energy

Wind Energy - Close View of Wind Turbine

Company plans to purchase wind energy in order to power Oregon data center Apple has announced that one of its data centers in Oregon will derive electricity from a new wind energy system that will be built in the near future. The company plans to receive all of its electricity from renewable sources in the coming years, and wind power will play a major role in this endeavor. Apple is currently one of the world’s largest investors in clean power, and is currently making major changes to the way it…

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Apple to focus on renewable energy to fight climate change

Climate Change - Apple

Report highlights Apple’s continued efforts to become environmentally friendly Apple has released its 2017 Environmental Responsibility Report, showcasing the moves that the company has made to become more sustainable. The report has established an ambitious goal for the company: To end the use of costly materials in the development of new products. Lisa Jackson, Apple’s vice president of environment, policy, and social initiatives notes that the company intends to put an end to its mining operations. Apple will also focus more heavily on renewable energy in order to reduce its…

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Solar energy industry employs more than Apple, Google, and Facebook combined

Solar Energy Industry - Jobs

The solar energy industry is experiencing unprecedented growth The use of solar power throughout the world has accelerated over the past few years. This has led to impressive growth in the solar energy industry. The past nine years has seen a 30-fold increase in photovoltaic sales and now the industry employs a staggering amount of people. According to a new report from GTM Research, the annual global demand for photovoltaic products grew by more than 50% last year. This has contributed to a decline in cost of these products, making…

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Apple to focus on renewable energy in Japan

Renewable Energy - Japanese Flag

Ibiden commits to providing Apple manufacturing with renewable energy Ibiden, a Japanese electronics company, has announced that it will help Apple embrace clean power in Japan. The company has become the first in the country to pledge that it will power all of Apple’s Japanese manufacturing efforts with renewable energy. This marks a significant step forward in Apple’s continued efforts to make use of clean energy in order to become more environmentally friendly and reduce its reliance on fossil-fuels. Apples moves to based its manufacturing in Japan on renewable energy…

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Hydrogen fuel cells are gaining strength in the US

Many companies are beginning to embrace hydrogen fuel cells Several large organizations in the United States are leading the way in the transition toward renewable energy. Hydrogen fuel cells have caught the attention of these organizations, which hope to use these energy systems for a variety of purposes. Notably, many fuel cells are being used to power materials handling vehicles, such as forklifts. These fuel cell forklifts are becoming increasingly common, replacing older forklifts that are powered using lead-acid batteries. Fuel cells generate clean electricity without producing emissions Fuel cells…

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Apple wins patent for new fuel cell system

Apple may be developing a fuel cell system for mobile devices Technology giant Apple has been awarded its second patent for a fuel cell system. The patent was awarded by the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Apple has been working to develop a new fuel cell system that can be used to charge mobile devices. Fuel cells have long been used for industrial purposes, but these energy systems can generate electricity for a multitude of purposes. Apple believes that a fuel cell system could be quite useful as a…

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Apple wins approval to sell solar energy to consumers

Federal Energy Regulatory Commission grants Apple approval to sell electricity directly to consumers Apple has received approval to sell electricity directly to consumers. This electricity will be generated by a solar energy system located in California. The system generates approximately 130 megawatts of electrical power. According to Apple, the solar farm can generate enough energy to power 60,000 average homes. Apple has been seeking approval to sell electricity to consumers for a relatively short time. This approval was granted by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. Apple may not use the…

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Apple seeks to sell excess electricity from its solar energy systems

Company has plans to sell excess energy directly to customers Apple has plans to sell surplus energy that is generated by its new headquarters in California. The company joins several others in such an initiative, with its headquarters being equipped with solar panels that aid in efforts to become more environmentally friendly. Apple has long held an interest in clean energy, going so far as to power its primary data center with hydrogen fuel cells and solar energy systems. Solar energy systems will generate power that could be sold through…

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Toyota to use hydrogen fuel cells for power at its Mirai production facility

Toyota is placing more faith in fuel cell technology Japanese automaker Toyota is expected to begin testing the capabilities of hydrogen fuel cells as energy systems for its production facilities. The automaker has come to hold fuel cells in high regard and has begun using the energy systems to power a new generation of vehicles that do not produce any harmful emissions. Fuel cells can be used for much more than transportation, however, and these energy systems have been used in various industries to provide electrical power. Hydrogen used by…

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World’s smallest hydrogen fuel cell developed by myFC

Swedish company creates a small fuel cell charger for mobile devices Sweden’s myFC, a developer of hydrogen fuel cell technology, has successfully developed the world’s smallest fuel cell system, which is designed to power mobile devices. The fuel cell system is called “JAQ” and is meant to serve as a way for consumers to charge their mobile devices without having to consume electricity from the existing energy grid. JAQ is also quite inexpensive, with consumers able to pre-order the system for a two-year payment of $5 a month. Fuel cells…

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Large businesses in the US are embracing solar energy

Study highlights the growing adoption of solar energy among large companies The adoption of solar energy is growing among large companies in the United States. A new study from the Solar Energy Industries Association shows that U.S. businesses are beginning to show favor for solar power. Notably, these companies see a great deal of economic promise in solar power, due to the increasing cost of conventional forms of energy. With solar energy costs falling, more businesses are expected to embrace this form of clean power in the coming years. Cost…

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