A new clean car is being developed by Honda

Clean Car - Honda Dealer - Civic

Honda is working with China’s CATL to develop a new clean car Japanese automaker Honda has begun working on a new global partnership that could have serious implications for the clean transportation market. The company is reportedly working with CATL, the largest battery manufacturer in China to establish a new program. This program would involve the development of a new clean car that is based on Honda’s existing Fit model. The vehicle would be equipped with a battery system with a range of approximately 186 miles. Automaker has a lofty…

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Renewable energy now employs more than 10 million globally

Renewable Energy - Global - hand holding world

Report shows that there are more than 10 million clean power jobs There are now more than 10 million people employed in the global renewable energy sector, according to a new report from the International Renewable Energy Agency. Approximately 500,000 new jobs were created within this sector in 2017. This accounted for a 5.3% increase in clean power jobs overall. The trend is expected to continue well into the future as more countries begin to embrace clean power as a way to replace fossil-fuels and cut down on emissions. China…

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New 3D-printed electric car set to launch in Europe in 2019

Electric Car - 3D Shape

XEV develops new electric vehicle that has been 3D-printed A new kind of electric car will be coming to Europe in 2019. XEV, a Chinese automaker, has unveiled its LSEV model, which is a 3D-printed vehicle powered by electricity. The automaker believes that the new electric car will be ready for sale in Asia and Europe in April of next year. Notably, the vehicle is expected to be relatively inexpensive when compared to its counterparts. The LSEV has a tentative price tag of approximately $10,000. LSEV is meant to operate…

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Wind energy is gaining more prominence in Denmark

Wind Turbine in Denmark - Wind Energy Projects

Company plans to sell country’s last oil business Denmark is moving ahead with its ambitious wind energy plans. The country’s largest company, A.P. Moller-Maersk, has announced that it will be selling off Denmark’s last oil firm. The company will be selling the oil company to France’s Total in a $7.45 billion deal. The deal is expected to be closed at the end of next year. Denmark will then move aggressively to install new wind turbines in order to continue its move toward a more sustainable future. Denmark continues to lead…

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Nearly 5,000 hydrogen fuel stations to be operational globally by 2032

Hydrogen Fuel Stations - Image of man pumping fuel

Report shows that efforts to build new hydrogen fuel stations are gaining momentum Information Trends has released a new report that predicts that there will be nearly 5,000 hydrogen fuel stations in operation throughout the world by 2032. Many automakers have plans to begin ramping up the production of fuel cell vehicles in the coming years and these vehicles will need the support of a comprehensive infrastructure in order to find support. Currently, very few hydrogen fuel stations are available to the public, which has limited the clean transportation plans…

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AsiaWEA forms to support the expansion of wind energy in the Asia-Pacific region

Wind Energy - Wind Project

New organization aims to support wind power in several countries A new wind energy association has been launched in Asia. Called AsiaWEA, the new organization will support the development of government policies as well as the research and development of both onshore and offshore wind energy systems. The organization is new accepting applications from businesses and agencies interested in clean power, with active membership slated to begin in January of 2017. Members will be accepted to quarterly meetings and seminars and AsiaWEA plans to host the first Asian Wind Energy…

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FuelCell Energy sees major opportunities for hydrogen fuel cells in Asian markets

Company is performing well in South Korea FuelCell Energy, a leading developer of hydrogen fuel cells, has provided an update concerning its performance in the Asian market. Asia has become a very attractive market for clean technology, especially where fuel cells are concerned. Several countries are beginning to turn to these energy systems in order to break their reliance on fossil-fuels. In South Korea, in particular, hydrogen fuel cells have begun to attract significant support, providing FuelCell Energy with promising new opportunities. New power plant in Seoul will generate 20…

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Solar energy could power nearly 100 million homes by 2020

Off-grid solar market could reach $3.1 billion by 2020 As many as 100 million homes throughout the world are set to be powered by solar energy by 2020, according to a new report from Bloomberg New Energy Finance. The report shows that the off-grid solar market, which primarily serves the residential sector, has grown by $700 million. Just 10 years ago, this market was nearly non-existent. By 2020, this market is expected to reach $3.1 billion as more homeowners begin using solar power systems. Demand for reliable access to electrical…

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Study calls for reform to energy subsidies

Energy subsidies may be outdated and could be much more costly than previously thought A new study from the International Monetary Fund suggests that the cost of fossil-fuels is much higher than many believe. The study has found that the post-tax subsidy for energy, which also represents the environmental and health costs associated with traditional forms of power, will be $5.3 trillion in 2015. This is approximately 6% of the global gross domestic product and this is more than twice as high as the original predictions from the International Monetary…

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Report predicts market growth for the hydrogen fuel cell industry

The global fuel cell market is expected to see strong growth through 2017 RNCOS, a market research firm, has released a new report concerning hydrogen fuel cells. The report predicts that the global fuel cell industry is on track to continue seeing strong growth through 2017. According to RNCOS, the fuel cell industry has been growing quickly over the past few years, largely due to the growing popularity of fuel cells in the transportation sector. These energy systems also continue to gain traction in the industrial space and are becoming…

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New record in global solar energy capacity set in 2013

Report shows that solar installations have reached new heights in 2013 The Worldwatch Institute has released its latest Vital Signs Online report, which highlights progress made in the solar energy field. Solar power has been seeing strong growth and adoption throughout the world for some time. Much of this growth has been powered by the need for cleaner energy, but also because of the potential economic benefits of solar power systems. In 2013, solar energy installations and power generation reached new highs. Worldwide solar capacity has reached 39 GW, with…

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India continues work on large-scale solar energy project

Solar power may help India move away from fossil-fuels more quickly India’s Ministry of Heavy Industries and Public Enterprises has announced that it has signed a Memorandum of Understanding concerning the construction of what is being called the country’s “ultra-mega solar power project.” India has adopted a strong interest in solar energy as the cost of oil continues to increase. Clean power is expected to help the country establish some economic stability as it begins to transition away from fossil-fuels. Solar power has also gained India’s support as the country…

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Areva and Gamesa team on offshore wind energy venture

Companies come together to form a joint venture that is focused on wind power Areva, a nuclear energy company based in France, has joined with Gamesa, a Spanish wind turbine manufacturer, for a new joint venture. Through this joint venture, the two companies intend to play a much larger role in the renewable energy sector. The two companies will focus on offshore wind power, which has been gaining popularity in recent years throughout Europe. The United Kingdom is currently considered the strongest advocate of offshore wind energy in the world.…

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China sets new goal for solar energy

China continues to make progress on the solar energy front China has made significant progress in its pursuit of renewable energy over the past several years. The country is one of the largest consumers of fossil-fuels in the world and the emissions produced by these fuels are beginning to have an impact on the health of its citizens. Indeed, the emissions produced by the country’s fossil-fuel energy systems can flood some of its larger cities in a proverbial sea of smog, making it nearly impossible for people to see their…

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Hydrogen fuel makes progress in Asian market

Companies work together to promote hydrogen fuel cells throughout Asia FuelCell Energy, a leading developer of hydrogen fuel cells, has announced a series of updates concerning its operations with its South Korean Partner, POSCO Energy. The two companies have been working to bolster the interest in hydrogen fuel cells throughout the Asian market. Fuel cells have been growing more popular in countries like China and Japan, where telecommunications companies are using these energy systems to power their expansion initiatives and provide back-up energy for network antennas located in remote regions.…

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Global Wind Energy Council releases forecast of the worldwide wind energy market

Report - Renewable Energy Supported by Country

Five-year forecast report highlights growth in Asia, Latin America, and African markets. The Global Wind Energy Council has released a five-year industry forecast concerning wind energy and its projected progress throughout the world. The report details various factors that contribute to worldwide market growth and the possible capacity for the wind energy industry. The report suggests that the world’s total global wind energy capacity will reach roughly 500 gigawatts of electricity by the end of 2016.This growth is partly due to the increasing popularity of alternative energy with the world’s…

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