GM accelerates plan to bring clean cars to China

Clean Cars - Image of Green Car

Automaker will be launching 10 new cars in China General Motors has begun accelerating it’s deployment of electric cars in China. The automaker has plans to launch 10 clean cars in China beginning in 2021, according to Matt Tsien, head of operations for GM China. This plan could ensure that GM becomes the leading company in the Chinese clean transportation market, which has been growing quickly in recent years. Clean transportation quotas may have accelerated GM’s plans GM may have been encouraged to accelerate the launch of new clean cars…

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Clean cars to again receive rebates in Texas

Clean Cars - Highway in Texas

Texas brings back rebates to support clean transportation Texas has once again begun to offer rebates for those interested in purchasing clean cars. The rebates have been absent for nearly three years, which has slowed the growth of clean transportation in the state to some degree. Now, vehicles that make use of alternative fuels will be eligible for up to $5,000 in rebates. The state is hoping that the rebates will help accelerate the adoption of clean vehicles. Battery and fuel cell vehicles also receive federal subsidies Vehicles that operate…

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A new clean car is being developed by Honda

Clean Car - Honda Dealer - Civic

Honda is working with China’s CATL to develop a new clean car Japanese automaker Honda has begun working on a new global partnership that could have serious implications for the clean transportation market. The company is reportedly working with CATL, the largest battery manufacturer in China to establish a new program. This program would involve the development of a new clean car that is based on Honda’s existing Fit model. The vehicle would be equipped with a battery system with a range of approximately 186 miles. Automaker has a lofty…

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Audi makes progress with its synthetic fuel for clean vehicles

Clean Vehicles - Audi logo on car

Audi is making a significant amount of clean fuel Audi is making progress with its e-fuels strategy. The automaker’s initiative involves producing clean fuels that produce no harmful emissions when used to power clean vehicles. Audi has achieved part of this goal with the development of synthetic gasoline, which is calls “e-benzin.” To accomplish this, Audi teamed with Global Bioenergies. Together, the two companies were able to produce the largest amount of synthetic gasoline ever – approximately 60 liters of fuel. New fuel is compatible with existing infrastructure According to…

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China to extend tax rebates for clean vehicles

Clean Vehicles Tax Rebate in China - Chinese Yaun

Clean cars will continue to receive financial support from the Chinese government China’s finance ministry has announced that it will be extending tax rebates for clean vehicles. This tax rebate was meant to expire at the end of this year, but has been extended until December of 2020. The announcement has been welcomed by automakers, many of whom plan to release new clean vehicles in China within the next year. The tax rebate covers vehicles that are equipped with batteries and hydrogen fuel cells, as well as plug-in hybrids. Government…

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Tesla Motors acquires leading engineering firm to improve manufacturing

Grohmann Engineering to be acquired by Tesla Tesla Motors has announced that it will be acquiring Grohmann Engineering, a firm based in Germany. Through the acquisition deal, the engineering firm will become the leader of Tesla’s new Advanced Automation facility, which will be based in Germany. The facility is dedicated to aiding Tesla in increasing the automation and efficiency of its manufacturing process. Tesla has shown heavy support for automation as it would allow the company to produce its electric vehicles much more quickly and, potentially, at lower cost in…

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Toyota has tamed battery technology

Automaker believes that it has solved the problems associated with battery technology Japanese automaker Toyota has made an ambitious claim. The company suggests that it has “tamed” lithium-ion battery technology. The claim follows years in which Toyota seemingly lost interest in battery technology, opting instead to support hydrogen fuel cells and more conventional solutions. Toyota has a long history with batteries, however, and during the company’s lull in outright support for battery technology, Toyota seems to have made major advances with its batteries. Toyota has made batteries safer and more…

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Fuel cell vehicles set to see a boom in growth in the coming years

Fuel cells are becoming more popular in the transportation space Fuel cell vehicles will become the fastest growing segment within the transportation market by 2050, according to a new report from Information Trends. The report, titled “Global Market for Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicles,” shows that clean cars are becoming more popular among consumers and businesses alike. These vehicles produce no harmful emissions, but are heavily reliant on a hydrogen fuel infrastructure, which has yet to take form. Many countries are working to build a comprehensive infrastructure in order to support…

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Norway may ban gasoline-powered vehicles to promote clean transportation

A ban on conventional vehicles may be coming to Norway by 2025 Norway may soon take an aggressive stance on transportation to ensure the adoption of clean vehicles in the coming years. The country is reportedly considering instituting a ban on all gasoline-powered cars by 2025, preventing these vehicles from being sold after that period. This could open the way for more clean vehicles to come to the country, effectively making Norway a prominent clean transportation market. Norway is home to a prominent market for clean vehicles Currently, Norway holds…

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Connecticut devotes more money to support clean vehicles

New program aims to encourage consumers to purchase clean vehicles The Connecticut Department of Transportation has announced that it will be committing funds to help residents purchase clean vehicles. The state agency is now seeking proposals from organizations that want to bring their clean vehicles to the state. The funding that the agency has allocated will support the purchase of clean fuel vehicles (CFVs) and diesel retrofit technologies (DRTs). This new initiative is meant to augment one launched by the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection, which has made…

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Chinese government launches new clean transportation mandate

Government introduces new mandate in support of clean transportation The Chinese government has issued a new mandate that may help the country win its fight against carbon emissions and embrace clean transportation. China’s largest cities have been fighting air pollution for some time now, but little has been done to mitigate emissions generated in the transportation sector. Only recently has the government begun to address this issue aggressively due to the fact that air pollution is being linked to serious health issues in many parts of the country. 30% of government…

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