GE forms new deal to break into Chile’s wind power

Chile's wind power - Flag of Chile

GE will be bringing new wind turbines to Chile GE Renewable Energy has announced that it has made its first wind power deal in Chile. The deal was made with Arroyo Energy Compania de EnergiasRenovablesLimitada. GE will be responsible for supplying six new 3.6 megawatt wind turbines to the new project. These turbines will be delivered to the south of the country in the coming months and will help Chile bolster its clean power production and further distance itself from fossil-fuels. Wind power may help Chile abandon fossil-fuels Chile has…

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GE develops new offshore wind energy system

Wind Energy - Wind Turbines Spinning in Wind

GE has announced its new Haliade-X turbine GE Renewable Energy, a division of General Electric, has announced plans to build a powerful offshore wind turbine called Haliade-X. The new turbine is meant to be a step forward in wind energy technology. The company has been heavily involved with wind power for several years and has recently taken a greater interest in offshore endeavors. As such, the developing offshore wind turbines has become more of a priority. The Haliade-X turbine could be the first of many more turbines to come that…

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Pakistan’s first renewable energy institute could be built with the help of the US

Renewable Energy - Pakistan and setting sun

US government is prepared to assist Pakistan in developing a new clean power institute The United States government is set to assist Pakistan establish its first renewable energy institute. Pakistan’s Federal Minister of Power Awais Khan Leghari met with U.S. Ambassador David Hale this week to discuss various opportunities concerning this new plan. According to Ambassador Hale, the U.S. government is eager to explore new clean power opportunities and help Pakistan increase its focus on renewable energy. The U.S. National Renewable Energy Laboratory may be offering expertise to aid in…

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Norsk Hydro to purchase wind energy from project in Sweden

Wind Energy in Sweden - Wind turbine farm

Large corporation has agreed to purchase electricity from wind farm Norsk Hydro, a major aluminum producer based in Europe, has agreed to purchase the majority of electricity produced by a new wind energy system in Sweden. The new wind farm is currently under development, receiving financial support from Macquarie, an Australia bank, and General Electric. These two organizations believe that the power purchase agreement formed with Norsk Hydro represents the largest of its kind for a corporate wind energy purchaser. Corporations are beginning to invest heavily in clean power Many…

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Microsoft to purchase wind energy from a GE wind farm in Ireland

Microsoft Renewable Energy - Wind Energy

Microsoft enters into long term power purchase agreement with GE Microsoft has signed an agreement with General Electric that will see the technology company purchasing all new wind energy capacity from GE’s newest wind farm in Ireland. Called the Tullahennel Wind Farm, the project is located in County Kerry. The wind energy system has a maximum capacity of 37 megawatts. Microsoft will be purchasing all of this electricity for the next 15 years. This represents one of the largest clean energy purchases that Microsoft has made in recent years. Agreement…

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GE to help develop new wind energy system in Australia

Wind energy - wind farms - wind power

General Electric enters wind power partnership General Electric (GE) has announced that it will be helping develop a large-scale wind energy project in Australia. The company will be working with the Powering Australian Renewables Fund (PARF) in this endeavor. PARF is currently in a partnership with AGL Energy and the Queensland Investment Corporation to expand Australia’s wind energy capacity. The country has become a prominent wind market, largely due to its efforts to expand its use of clean power. New wind farm will power 260,000 homes With its partners, General…

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General Electric to participate in Vietnam wind energy sector

GE to build new wind farm in Vietnam to expand country’s clean energy capacity General Electric has entered into an agreement with the Vietnamese government to develop a new wind energy system. The new wind farm will help expand the country’s clean energy capacity and enable it to distance itself from fossil-fuels. The agreement follows President Obama’s recent visit to Asia, during which time several commercial agreements were formed between companies in the United States and those in Vietnam. Some of these companies will be working with the Vietnamese government.…

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Spanish bank pulls out of Australian renewable energy market

Banco Santander is selling off its only investment in the Australian renewable energy space Banco Santander, Europe’s largest bank in market value and one of the world’s largest financiers of renewable energy projects, is leaving the Australian clean energy market. The bank has sold its only renewable energy investment in the country, opting to leave Australia due to policy uncertainty coming from the Australian government. The country’s renewable energy market has been shrouded with uncertainty in recent years due to government policies that favor conventional forms of power over environmentally…

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Geothermal energy plants in Turkey help save water

Water usage has been reduced by three geothermal power plants in the country. Three Turkish geothermal energy facilities owned by Kipas Holding have dramatically lowered water usage, decreased CO2 emissions, reduced corrosion and are utilizing the Industrial Internet with assistance from GE’s water treatment technology. Kipas Holding was honored with an award for its notable environmental efforts. General Electric (GE) honored the company with the Return on Environment (ROE) award to recognize the company’s significant reductions in water usage, corrosion and CO2. Kipas Holding has three existing Maren Enerji geothermal…

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GE is one of the largest supporters of renewable energy in the world

GE has invested more than $10 billion in clean energy projects globally General Electric has become one of the most prolific supporters of renewable energy in the world. Through GE Energy Financial Services, General Electric has invested more than $10 billion into the renewable energy sector worldwide. The investments that the company has made have gone a long way in bringing various energy projects to completion and have helped modernize the energy infrastructure in many countries. Moreover, these investments have also produced economic activity and helped reduce emissions in some…

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GE opens new hydrogen fuel cell manufacturing facility

New manufacturing facility is opened in New York, focused on fuel cells General Electric has opened a new fuel cell manufacturing facility in Malta, New York. The facilities purpose is to produce innovative fuel cells using GE’s technology. The company has been investing quite heavily in fuel cell technology in recent years, making breakthroughs in the manufacture of these energy systems and helping improve their capabilities while also lowering their cost. In the coming years, the new manufacturing facility may prove to be a boon to the fuel cell industry…

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Wind energy has a bright future in India

Indian government takes steps to promote the growth of the domestic wind sector The Indian government aims to promote the aggressive investment in the country’s wind energy sector. The government has recently re-introduced financial incentives that are meant to help the wind sector grow. As these incentives become available once again, the government has begun advising wind turbine manufacturers and energy developers to make plans to aggressively bolster their operations. The country plans to install some 10 gigawatts of new wind energy capacity every year. Country plans to install 10…

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GE makes a breakthrough in clean technology

Clean technology continues to be a significant focus for General Electric General Electric’s new fuel cell design could change the way the world looks at these energy systems. The company has been showing a great deal of interest in fuel cells recently, especially in regards to how they can be used in transportation. GE has been experimenting with various fuel cell designs for several years and may have made a significant breakthrough that could drastically improve the energy production and lower the cost of this technology. Fuel cells are becoming…

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GE to invest in three wind energy projects in India

Three wind power projects being built in India attract the support of General Electric General Electric has announced that it will begin investing in three wind energy projects that are currently under construction in India. The country is becoming quite active in terms of wind power, as it continues to seek out alternatives to fossil-fuels that will make it more environmentally friendly and economically stable. General Electric sees a great deal of promise in wind power projects being built in India and intends to ensure that these projects have the…

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GE to build facility in Malta to build and test fuel cells

GE Fuel Cells will be building a new pilot facility in Malta General Electric’s GE Fuel Cells unit has announced that it is building a new pilot factory in Malta, New York. General Electric has been showing a great deal of interest in fuel cells recently, especially as these energy systems become more popular in transportation and industrial sectors. General Electric believes that fuel cells are quite promising as primary energy systems, but current technology may not be sufficient enough to meet the energy needs of several sectors in an…

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GE makes breakthrough in clean technology

General Electric shifts focus on fuel cells General Electric is taking a big step forward with its interest in fuel cell technology. The company has been showing strong support for various forms of clean energy, especially wind power. General Electric is behind some of the most widely used clean technologies in the renewable energy sector today, and now the company is beginning to put a heavier focus on fuel cells. General Electric is preparing to build a new facility that will be responsible for the manufacture of fuel cell energy…

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