Colorado to invest in clean vehicles

Clean Vehicles - Street in Colorado with Colorado Flags

State will use funding from Volkswagen settlement to support clean vehicles Colorado has finalized a plan to cut the amount of pollution that the transportation space produces by bolstering the infrastructure needed to support clean vehicles. The state will be spending some $68 million on building new electric charging and alternative fuel stations. The funding is Colorado’s share of a $2.7 billion settlement that automaker Volkswagen reached with the federal government. The settlement has to do with Volkswagen’s artificially lowering its emissions results, wrongfully presenting its vehicles as more environmentally…

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Audi makes progress with its synthetic fuel for clean vehicles

Clean Vehicles - Audi logo on car

Audi is making a significant amount of clean fuel Audi is making progress with its e-fuels strategy. The automaker’s initiative involves producing clean fuels that produce no harmful emissions when used to power clean vehicles. Audi has achieved part of this goal with the development of synthetic gasoline, which is calls “e-benzin.” To accomplish this, Audi teamed with Global Bioenergies. Together, the two companies were able to produce the largest amount of synthetic gasoline ever – approximately 60 liters of fuel. New fuel is compatible with existing infrastructure According to…

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Clean vehicles may begin to influence property developers

Clean Vehicles - property development

Property developers may soon need to include charging points in their designs for apartment buildings Property developers in prominent markets are being urged to include electric chargers in their designs for new apartment buildings. Automakers are leading the call for developers to do so in an effort to ensure that consumers will be able to charge their electric vehicles at home. Property developers are also being urged to create strategies to retrofit existing properties with charging points. Hyundai is one of the companies that is more outspoken in these urgings,…

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Volkswagen aims to bring new electric vehicles to China

Electric Vehicles - Volkawagen Logo on Car

Automaker has a $11.8 billion plan to bring electric vehicles into the Chinese market German automaker Volkswagen has an ambitious plan when it comes to China’s clean transportation market. The company is looking to bring new electric vehicles to China in order to take advantage of the growing demand for such cars. Volkswagen will be investing more than $11.8 billion in this endeavor over the next seven years. China is currently the world’s leading market for electric vehicles. More of these cars are sold in the country than anywhere else.…

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Mazda is taking its own approach to clean vehicles

Clean Vehicles - Mazda Car

Automaker intends to avoid battery technology and develop its own type of clean vehicles Several automakers are facing a somewhat challenging future due to the growing importance of clean transportation. Such is the case for Japanese automaker Mazda, which has been somewhat solitary in the market since Ford sold its shares in the company nearly a decade ago. Like other small automakers, Mazda is looking for ways to remain competitive in the transportation market and will have to embrace clean vehicles in order to do so. Instead of investing in…

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SimpleFuel builds new appliance to allow drivers to power their fuel cell vehicles at home

Fuel Cell Vehicles - Home Garage and Vechile

SimpleFuel wins prize from Department of Energy SimpleFuel, a collaboration of three separate companies, has been awarded a $1 million prize from the Department of Energy for a new appliance that could make fuel cell vehicles much more attractive to consumers. The appliance is a hydrogen home-fueling station. The purpose of the appliance is to allow those with fuel cell vehicles to generate hydrogen at home rather than force them to travel to a standalone hydrogen station, of which there are few. Home refueling could make fuel cell vehicles more…

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Daimler to compete with Tesla with new electric vehicles

Daimler is set to bring more competition to the clean transportation market German automaker Daimler is set to compete directly with Tesla Motors after announcing ambitious plans to launch numerous electric vehicles in the near future. The automaker has plans to launch as many as nine new electric vehicles by 2024. The company has not yet outlined specific details concerning its plans, but Daimler has a history with clean vehicles. The company’s future clean vehicles will likely be updated versions of its current offerings, if not entirely new models. Tesla…

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New material could help improve electric vehicles in the future

Chemists develop new material that combines qualities of batteries and supercapacitors Chemists from Northwestern University have developed a powerful new material that could have major benefits for electric vehicles. Currently, electric vehicles rely heavily on a complicated system of batteries and supercapacitors that allow them to operate and increases the energy they have access to, allowing them to operate for longer periods of time. The new material developed by chemists combines the quality of supercapacitors and batteries. As such, the material can be used to replace the complex systems used…

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Japan’s support for clean vehicles reaches a major milestone

Japan has more charging stations than gas stations, according to study Nissan has released the results of a new study, which show that Japan has more electric charging stations than normal gas stations. The country has become a very successful and prominent market for clean vehicles. Companies like Nissan have focused their efforts on launching electric vehicles of all kinds within Japan. Many of these vehicles have exceeded expectations in terms of demand and Japan’s infrastructure to support clean vehicles has grown aggressively. More than 40,000 charging stations now support…

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Norway may ban gasoline-powered vehicles to promote clean transportation

A ban on conventional vehicles may be coming to Norway by 2025 Norway may soon take an aggressive stance on transportation to ensure the adoption of clean vehicles in the coming years. The country is reportedly considering instituting a ban on all gasoline-powered cars by 2025, preventing these vehicles from being sold after that period. This could open the way for more clean vehicles to come to the country, effectively making Norway a prominent clean transportation market. Norway is home to a prominent market for clean vehicles Currently, Norway holds…

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The Netherlands may ban traditional vehicles to support clean transportation

European countries are beginning to fight climate change by focusing on the transportation sector Climate change is becoming a very concerning issue for Europe, and some countries are beginning to focus on the transportation space as a way to fight emissions. In Europe, vehicles account for 12% of the harmful emissions that are produced in the region. The Netherlands is considering a ban on the sale of traditional vehicles powered by gasoline or diesel, hoping that the ban would encourage the adoption of clean vehicles that produce no harmful emissions.…

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Morgan’s new three-wheel electric car is green in more ways than one

The fully electric Morgan EV3 isn’t like other electric vehicles. Earlier this week, the Morgan Motor Company – a British automaker known for its vintage-style three-wheeler cars – showed off the pre-production form of its fully-electric three-wheel electric car, the Morgan EV3, for the first time, at the Geneva Motor Show in Switzerland. For an electric vehicle, the car is not only unique because of its vintage, yet futuristic appearance, but also because it has a chassis made from ash wood, which will make it one of the more sustainably…

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Daimler believes that battery electrics will win the clean transportation fight

Batteries may beat out fuel cells in the transportation space German automaker Daimler believes that clean transportation is the way of the future, but conventional electric vehicles, those equipped with lithium-ion batteries, may be the best option for consumers interested in clean vehicles. Daimler CEO Dieter Zetsche believes that electric vehicles are more likely to find success than those equipped with hydrogen fuel cells. While Daimler believes that fuel cell vehicles have a promising future, it may be several years before these vehicles become commercially viable. Battery technology is becoming…

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Toyota finds success in the clean transportation market

Toyota has sold more than 8 million hybrid vehicles Japanese automaker Toyota has announced that it has sold more than 8 million hybrid vehicles throughout the world, making it one of the leading forces in the clean transportation space. Nearly 20 years ago, Toyota introduced its first hybrid concept car, the Prius, which had initially had a difficult time traveling more than 1,600 feet. Toyota’s hybrid technology has evolved quickly, however, and the Prius quickly became a staple of the clean transportation world. Prius had struggled to find traction, but…

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Honda cuts production of natural gas Civic

Honda will no longer be making a CNG Civic Automaker Honda has announced that it will no longer be making a hybrid or compressed natural gas version of its Civic. The company has plans to produce other electric vehicles, as well as those powered by hydrogen fuel, but natural gas will no longer be a part of the Civic’s future. Automakers have been showing some interest in vehicles powered by natural gas, largely because natural gas is a fraction of the price of gasoline. These vehicles have struggled to find…

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Changes to California regulation aim to promote electric vehicles

Zero Emission Vehicle Mandate is being revised in California California is making changes to its Zero Emission Vehicle Mandate. The regulation requires automakers to produce a portion of clean vehicles alongside their regular production vehicles. The mandate has made California a very popular market for electric vehicles and has served to help the state become more environmentally friendly. Some automakers have criticized the regulation, however, due to the high cost of producing electric vehicles and the slow rate at which they slow. Requirements on automakers to produce electric vehicles will…

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